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  1. Bang on, i said this in a previous thread. JJ isn't a team player. I love his runs and great goals but 19 goals in 154 starts is not great and i bet his assist record is below average for a winger.
  2. Sheffield Wednesday for me too, Im proud to be from Sheffield and when we get back to playing in Europe again I want them to know where we are from. Besides SWFC is far better than TWFC I love the idea of playing as The Wednesday for the 150th anniversary year and think the club should make this happen. Likewise i love to hear the ground chant in unison "The Wednesday" Its disappeared from the terraces lately which is a real shame. Imagine if after each goal we all bounced together roaring "The Wednesday, The Wednesday, The Wednesday" for 5 minutes, it would spur the lads on to press for more. Like someone said in another thread lets start singing more songs about us and not them.
  3. Good news to have a full fit squad but i cant help feel that JJ just unbalances the team when he starts a game. Granted he has scored some cracking goals recently but we didn't win many of those games did we? He rarely passes the ball when he gets it as he has only one thing in mind. If you look at the forwards reactions every time he has a wild shot you can see the frustration. If a forward doesn't get crosses to get on the end of then they stop putting in the effort and making the runs. Madine is a great example of this. The difference between him and someone like Marshall/Antonio is that they lift their heads up and have a look who's available thus bringing the team into play. Unless DJ can get a better passing JJ on the filed then he should only be used as an impact sub.
  4. Maybe we should get Danny Batth to do the coin throw. Someone said yesterday he won 70% of the 50/50 balls!
  5. I sit, stand, sit, stand sit stand bounce sit stand jump feckin bounce bounce bounce ( im not a blade) sit stand sit stand sit ....... about 3/4 up the North opposite the dugout.
  6. He might start to post a bit more sense once he's had his 8 am medication given to him. Until then he's going to post more of the same.
  7. Its a more effective way of bouncing!
  8. They have just started a residents parking scheme in that part of Hillsborough, im surprised you didn't spot the new line painting and signs though. I was told by a friend who lives on one of the roads there that the first month they are just warning those who break the new rules and not fining them so it may be worth looking into it.
  9. I watched the re run of the Barcelona match on Friday and even their fans groaned when a pass was misplaced or a move didn't come off.
  10. They are all winnable if we continue to play like we did on Tuesday (and Semedo poll-axes Jordan Rhodes in the first minute)
  11. I believe they are currently experimenting with forces of that kind of nature in the Hadron Collider deep in the Swiss mountains.
  12. I did that against the pigs and it worked a treat. Gets a bit expensive betting against us every game though.
  13. Normally a creature of habit the start of a new era required some radical changes. I washed my home shirt when DJ took over I entered the North from Leppings Lane not Penistone road I drank Guinness not Stones and bought it from a different kiosk I took a pee in a different bog before the game started Im sure if i'd stuck to the same routine we would have lost! Did anyone else change things today? How did you swing the result?
  14. Jones had a cracking game tonight. He was in amongst it and available all the time, he showed a bit of composure on the ball and put in a few good crosses. Is this what megson saw in him or was it an extra effort for the benefit of DJ and his for old club.
  15. He seemed to have a good understanding with Lowe too which bodes well. The pair of them were top scorers at the beginning of the season so with the right service they should know where the net is.
  16. Wednesday till i die.........im not actually sure what happens when we die but if there is a place named heaven where life is perfect in every way then surely it should be Wednesday after i die!
  17. Stick it up on ebay and ill bid for it, i havn't got that one yet.
  18. Personally i cant wait for three o'clock tomorrow so we can move away from the politics and get back to the football. It's been sickening how we have gone from a roaring unit on Sunday to a bitter division by Friday. Bring on the football and for 90 minutes bring back the unity!
  19. So we know who will be manager at the start of next season
  20. 13. Milan appoints Jones and the Owls assume Barcelona-esque passing skills, the ability to find the goal more than a few times per game and we fly into the Championship as runners up to Charlton!
  21. Here's my ten pence worth then I think i sat for a good ten minutes with my gob wide open, despite the recent rumours i didn't really expect Milan would make such a stupid decision. For a man who has been in football for a while i think he has shown a little naivety. In fact i question his integrity with this decision. Megson knew that we all come to Hillsborough and expect the team to honour the shirt we love and to put a shift in for 90 minutes. Anything less than that and we aren't going to be content. We give everything throughout our life for this club and so should they! He installed passion, strength, desire, grit and some testicles into the team. A team which lets face it are average players at best. Megson understands us because he is one of us and his decision to take the team up to the Kop to see it from our view was inspired. Milan's timing is laughable. For a set of fans who have endured a rollercoaster of a ride its time to keep things steady. Megson laid the foundations and was part responsible for a real buzz around the ground. In a few months he has made it great to be a Wednesdayite again and returned the hope of better things. three days after taking four points from the pigs and the return of a cracking atmosphere at Hillsbourough Milan has sent us right back to where we started with uncertainty, dispute and mystery from within the boardroom. Milan was the saviour of our club and that i will never forget, and for a moment i almost thought he was turning in to one of us. Im curious now as he asks us to trust him in his decision, who is he expecting to take the club forward, win the fans over and carry on the feel good factor that Megson installed. Whomever he is he better get results!
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