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  1. Tried to book tickets at work today and new security software prevented me going onto login page. I tried on my phone and It kept telling me that my email was not recognised. I get home and use my PC with same details and get on no problem. Has anyone known this before? I need to figure this out if the work IT dept are going to be clamping down on personal use.
  2. I dont know but when Matias moved central and Reach moved over to the left we plugged the gaping hole that was winding Bannan up so much. He was about to rip Matias's head off for not defending the space in front of Lazaar.
  3. Half an hour would be too much, id be bored after 5 minutes with him.
  4. Dam right he's frustrating. Acts like billy big boots when he's scored a couple and thinks he can stroll his way around the pitch with his socks half pulled up. Drives me mad, in fact anyone who slopes around drives me flippingmad. If your wearing the shirt put some bloody effort in ffs.
  5. I know, thats the difference between me having a quick blast on photoshop for owlstalk and some marketing company getting 150k to position it in the middle, have a champagne and amuse bouche reception with a presentation to justify their invoice and explain why such a simple iconic image is perfect for modern social media and global marketing.
  6. As i said above keep it simple, if you want an example have a look at the Packers logo in your profile pic.
  7. The 73-95 owl in a white circle with blue edge would do, no name, no date, no stars, no rose just the owl simple and clean.
  8. I'm not really serious about fans getting refunds, i know its not going to happen. Its a comment made so i can vent my frustration at the performance to a bunch of people who i havent met before. In answer to what they could give the travelling fans if we lost... err they could give everyone a play off final t-shirt to remind them that it wasn't so bad a couple of years ago when we won these kind of games.
  9. These man of the match threads need a no one option.
  10. I know we are not contenders this year but to play 2 of the bottom 5 teams and fail to score a goal is pi55 poor. I think the club should refund the travelling fans after that shower.
  11. Pretty sure Hector has got some horse shoes in his boots too, he seems to create so much more power when pinging the ball about.
  12. Pundits kept banging on about Dawson saving more shots than any keeper in the league. I havent seen the stats but i bet since Westwood and Hutch have returned the organisation and strength has meant that Westwood has faced less shots per game than Dawson did.
  13. What was the excuse for when the ball was on the deck?
  14. With strikers who score 1 in 3 at best we need goals from midfield and also defence. Bannan rarely scores, Hutch rarely scores, Reach has dried up and Boyd doesnt really offer a threat. Bruce needs to figure this out if we are going to get anywhere.
  15. Just a shame that him and Forestieri were on a completely different wavelength.
  16. Cant think much further than March 4th at the moment although the last 10 minutes at Villa Park have eased my mind a bit.
  17. The battle not the war... Id say that since the Steve's arrived they have been frantically digging tunnels in greno, a bit like the viet cong did. They will pop up behind the lines when the timing is right and employ guerrilla tactics to weaken the current regime until a change is on the horizon.
  18. "I know this is a working class city" I like the sound of that too, maybe he can remind the rest of the football world too before it disappears too far up its own arse.
  19. The pricing structure is too simple as it is, i think it should be based on how tall you are, how much you weigh, whether you are wearing a hat or not, if you had toast for breakfast and also if you bought a play of T shirt or not.
  20. Another example of DC living in a bubble. Does he not realise that most of our fan base can only just about afford next years season ticket.
  21. There were two outcomes available to Sam in that position. 1. Blaze it into the kop 2. Score goal of the season pity Sam chose the second.
  22. No contest, everyone played steady or well but Fletch was Excellent. Deserved his goal.
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