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  1. I love this concept. I cant tell if he is drawing to the best of his abilities or if he is deliberately drawing badly. Either way its fantastic and he has my money.
  2. Is Van Aken the new Abdi? Hardly seen much of him since he joined the club.
  3. Why is it when i read the name Mr S Blatherwick i hear it in the voice of Edmund Blackadder?
  4. With all these storms about can we harness a bit of lightning and make a frankenstein using the best bits of the three of them? Nuhiu's hight and beard, Matias's teeth and Boyds hair. might still struggle to score regularly but with frighten the feck out of their defence.
  5. SYP would bleat on about it being the most expensive match to police by insisting on 1:1 policing. Tickets would also be £100 as we have to pay for our personal policeman's seat... ...and with all that in place they would still feck it up.
  6. He had a scrap with hot Vimto on the concourse and they were both locked up.
  7. Lees always plays better when he has a good player along side him. We have a solid defence at the moment and its fantastic.
  8. looks bloody awful at around the time we are heading home, rain, snow and some pretty strong winds. If it were this side of the Pennines Id go but its a poor journey at the best of times so i think im going to turn snowflake on this one.
  9. "Palmer who can play right back or midfield"...They missed left back off there. That aside well done lad
  10. Had a few months off away matches after getting a bit pee’d off with the atmospheres and idiots but yesterday was great and restored my faith. Bring on Bolton on Tuesday.
  11. He needs to tell Bannan to keep running once hes passed the ball and not make himself available to pass back to. Most of the players want to pass it through Bannan, if he's forward of those players then it gets us up the field quicker.
  12. Isn't It par for the course being treated like an animal if you follow football?
  13. I've always avoided Leeds away for some reason, probably no need to but cant be bothered with the whole football agro thing that Leeds seem to pride themselves on.
  14. I was born in Sheffield and on a Wednesday, does that count?
  15. I was thinking about making my first trip to Elland Road this year but if its on TV i might bottle it.
  16. we were in the prem and had less years of poo to grind us down back then, probably far more tollerant.
  17. We were robbed of what could have been the most passionate cellebration we have seen at Hillsborough. Either side of the keeper and Sam would have launched himself half way an exploding Kop. Gutted for him that didnt go in, i thought he was excellent last night. On top of that i think he has matured fantastically since his return. I thought he was nailed on to get a card in the first 15 minutes but even after he got kicked about by the pigs he still kept his head.
  18. On the beaches, on the landing grounds, in the fields, in the streets and in the hills.
  19. 1. If you can use owlstalk you can probably use google maps. 2. Find a road near the ground that is within your walking distance. 3. Go to street view and look for any parking restriction signs. 4. Pick a house number and get a post code. 5. Bang it in a sat nav and navigate. I do this for away game parking and it works everytime.
  20. I love it when its a tough decision between 2-3 players, usually means we have been pretty good. Always thought Palmer was an average championship player and a good back up for our main right back. he's changed my opinion over the last month and gets my vote.
  21. Tough decision really, a player of his caliber is what we need to push on to challenge for promotion. Do we take a gamble? well for me he is worth a contract offer of some sort but iut has to be reflective of his recent playing past. Hutch is a good example of having a gamble, he's been instrumental in our recent turnaround and still remains one bad tackle away from a period on the physio table but i would still offer him a contract. i want players that put 100% in every time they play, Lee and Hutch are those kind of players.
  22. I could try asking the IT mob to unblock the ticket office but cant think of a decent enough excuse to justify it.
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