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  1. 6 hours ago, Kew Owl said:

    It appears to be UK Sport, which looks like it is some kind of Government quango organisation specifically set up to promote and enhance participation and attendance in all types of sports across the UK


    cheers, its fundamental for any research to identify who is behind it.

  2. 19 hours ago, Daizan10 said:

    Top 6 prem teams will just play each other in a non relegation league in Dubai over and over. 


    You are probably right and Sky sport/BBC will be spaffing all over that. We've not been around the top league for so long I probably wouldnt even care if they did. 

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  3. Out of a poor season overall he put in some good performances and would probably be in the top three for player of the season.


    Not sure if he had a poor offer or just didnt want to play for the club any more but i thought he was worth another contract. Lets hope Matt Penny will step up unless Monk prefers Palmer at Left back.

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