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  1. Great idea but im not sure the library is the right venue for it.  Although the library is a great building i think something like this should have a modern and inviting appearance. Something like the millenium gallery would be more appropriate with a cafe/bar attached and visible to the passer by as well as those who intend to go there.

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  2. I used to be until my parents saw fit to drag me away from Sheffield aged 9, Stood in the away end at Saltergate for my first Wednesday game in the 80's, think it was only a testimonial but i was so excited.  Im back where i belong now.

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  3. Im undecided on who would win AJ v Fury. I would say Fury because he has proven he can deal with a good punch and is different to anything AJ has faced so far. That said AJ is much smarter after the Ruiz  fights and can box as well as hit.


    AJ needs to pick his shots better when he has a man rattled, he probably blew out after the 3rd yesterday with a flurry of missed shots, similar to his fight against Klitchko and then eased up in the next 2 rounds. 


    I think i woukld feel let down as a boxing fan if the AJ Fury fight didnt happen in this rich time for British heavyweights. We all want to know who will sit at the top when this era os over.

  4. 31 minutes ago, WatfordOwl said:

    Have a look a the pictures Virgin Media customers are getting at the moment lol


     oooh thats not good. I ditched Virgin Tv a few years ago for poor performance and rubbish internet speeds.


    Sky picture is spot on. Looking forward to next fight with Okolie and then the main event.

  5. 3 hours ago, camffiti said:

    I have similar feelings to the OP, towards football as a whole


    The former sport, turned business is being mismanaged by all the governing bodies 







    Nothing is done with the fans / customers in mind 


    The lunatics are running the asylum and they're a bunch of spoilt brats ... Constantly demanding more for doing less


    Other sports deserve the fan devotion that football takes for granted 





    Exactly this, ill never give up hoping it will improve because of the love of the sport and our club. Football needs to take a long hard look at itself and make drastic changes, I thought the current pandemic situation might be the catalyst for this but i dont think it will. Come January clubs will start competing for transfers again and spending money they can't afford on over inflated pay deals.



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