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  1. my wife has a nhs pension, is yours one of the early one's, or one of (was it called 2005) newer type, anyway stick with it, my wife's only just trails behind my mineworkers pension, and the number of 'knowalls' who never been down a pit that can tell me 'my union sold me short' are talking rounduns.

    my wife paid into hers for 40 years, i paid in for 21, and hers only pays a grand a year more than mine, good old joe gormley, scargill, and mick mcgahey.

    1. clud17


      I have about 15 years on the 2005 and then it changed to another scheme. Should be decent when I reach full term but the thought of another 20 years under current conditions is pretty heartbreaking. Superann and lack of being able to get anything similar anywhere else ties me in so I’ll prob stick it out unless something happens. Not sure the RCN have as much balls as scargil et al. 

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