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  1. Chansiri will put his own twist on this idea. Buy one half get the other half three (times as much)
  2. Im not sure how many people actually watch each game on ifollow but lets consider this. If 4000 people watch the game tomorrow it will pay for one top player for one week! I'm not sure the club should be questioning the morals of the fans.
  3. To be honest that's just a minor point, the ones below it on my list are more significant.
  4. There are a number of reasons i havent bothered: Poor experiences with ifollow before. loss of exitement with football with the way it is run by EFL/Premier league. Irritation with the way the club has been run and the -12 point handicap. No refund for last season yet while the club signs new players on more money a month than I earn in two years as an experienced nurse working my nuts off. Lack of banter and the match day experience. Unable to justify requesting matchdays off to watch a match devoid of atmosphere on TV. Basically im suffering
  5. D Helicopter's get it booked now!
  6. If you have been a fan of Wednesday for long you should know better by now. If you are relatively new to supporting the Wednesday you'd better get used to it.
  7. Promotion party at home to Wycombe in January!
  8. cheers, its fundamental for any research to identify who is behind it.
  9. Who is the research for when you say "we will be grateful"?
  10. We're all recruitment analysists, especially around 30 mins into the game when we are 2-0 down.
  11. I'm going for the tea lady, she's been consistent all season, never weak and bags one every game.
  12. They are all bang average. Those players that may have been top 6 are no longer top 6 players.
  13. 1. SAG find another way to keep themselves relevant while the fans are away 2. Bannan gets depressed with no Fletcher to play FIFA with 3. Someone will nick a golden Elephant and our luck will start to improve.
  14. New EFL rules, we get 2 minutes deducted every half because Chansiri called them liar liar.
  15. Scored a hatrick at my first ever game at Hillsborough, i'll never forget him.
  16. This is fabulous, love his venture into a new style and a great tribute to the BLM movement. Choice of players is spot on for me defo getting this for my Mckee/Wednesday gallery.
  17. You are probably right and Sky sport/BBC will be spaffing all over that. We've not been around the top league for so long I probably wouldnt even care if they did.
  18. If football players wages are not revamped after this then the game is definitely doomed.
  19. no but you have given me an idea for some brunch
  20. loved watching him play with grit and determination but always afraid he would get sent off when playing in the middle, either that or his legs snapped again.
  21. Out of a poor season overall he put in some good performances and would probably be in the top three for player of the season. Not sure if he had a poor offer or just didnt want to play for the club any more but i thought he was worth another contract. Lets hope Matt Penny will step up unless Monk prefers Palmer at Left back.
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