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  1. clud17

    Breaking News

    I was thinking more like Agent Carlos destroying another club but if he can help with FFP by selling some pop and a ride home then yeh why not.
  2. clud17

    Breaking News

    I suspect he may come back but only in an Agent role.
  3. It should read be divided by 0.5
  4. So it goes something like this P/.5 + (- A) x 11 = 0-4 P/.5 + A/.5 x 11 = 2-2 P + A/.5 x 11 = 2-0 P + A x 11 = 4-0
  5. clud17

    25 years ago tonight !

    Gutted was an overstatement. It was my first trip to wembley. Took my dad to his first football match aged 56 Got there right early because i wasn't coming down the M1 and dead excited and then the ultimate failure of losing at the last minute. there was total science between me and dad on the way home, think he tried talking but at that point understood the roller coaster of football in one game.
  6. clud17

    George Hirst

    There is a rumour going round that he is about to start his apprentice at McDonalds next week to give him a bit of extra pocket money to help pay for some new alloys on his Corsa. Granted i started the rumour but im interested to know how far it will spread.
  7. John Terry can be exempt from nomination due to the fact that Gary Hooper made him look like a bellend rather than his own doing.
  8. clud17

    The new/old #SWFC badge

    You should have tried drawing it through a mirror.
  9. clud17

    The new/old #SWFC badge

    Im not too fussed really but found it dead easy to draw our old badge on my books and stuff at school. I wouldn't know where to begin with the new one.
  10. clud17

    New Kit

    November is the new July, you have to be patient.
  11. clud17

    Teenage angst

    He's right about the ground though!
  12. clud17

    Norwich keeper

  13. That was the finest moment of the season when he got his hatrick. Well pleased for the big man.
  14. clud17

    Ash Baker

    Fair play to the lad, apart from his first touch in the game he was solid throughoit. As good a debut i have seen in a long time.
  15. ... and 50,000 Flat caps flying up in the air.