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  1. Should have put that game to bed before half time.
  2. Thats great if he can figure out a way to close a game out and regularly score second goals.
  3. Goals from everywhere except the full backs. Come on Fox and Palmer clean sheets and excellent performances are not good enough.
  4. I dont think it helps he plays alongside Bannan. He had a chance in the first half, face to goal and space infront of him but his first reaction was to look back to see where Bannan was rather than take the ball into the space. Its almonst like he has had all his independent thought taken away and he must pass to Barry.
  5. Outstanding tonight, dont think he put a foot wrong and mopped up when the midfield were dicking about with it.
  6. Just wait for SYP to make a monumental fornicate up policing something else in the county to take the focus away from us. Judging by performances it wont take too long.
  7. We've only just got Fernando back, lets not lose him again.
  8. Next season they will be preventing buses and trams running on matchdays in a gradual way of starving the club of supporters. The season after that Hillsborough area will be evacuated and a military restriction zone within two miles of the stadium.
  9. I'm not sure if this makes me sad but I get a little bit excited when I see statistics visualised like this.
  10. We have had countless opportunities to go top/get in the top 2 or back in the top 6 over the last few seasons when playing Friday or early Saturday and I cant think of many times we actually stepped up and did this. Long trip south, Friday night in front of the cameras and Colin W suggests we wont be doing it this time either.
  11. maybe but when you look at Winnall's record at Scunthorpe, Barnsley and even Derby it suggests that we have players that are proven scorers but play a style that doesnt suit them. It goes back to recruitment i guess and buying players that work for our system .
  12. And yet he scored a goal every 160 minutes for Norwich in the championship last season.
  13. With that in mind we should be looking at playing to his strengths then. What did Carlos/Jos/Bullen and now Monk see that negates this?
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