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  1. Truth is the extra thatch he has grown over the summer put the ball in the back of the net today, last season that would have gone straight to the keeper.
  2. Patience, time and a willingness to go to the games other people dont want to go to.
  3. Im glad the Leeds game is on TV, it would be far too dangerous to have home fans in the ground against Leeds so the game would likely have been cancelled.
  4. Imagine how ill you would have to be for this to be an option.
  5. He had agreed to come but when he came back from the bog it was chalked off.
  6. With the squad we have, current fitness levels and pace in the side we should do well with anyone at the helm for these first 5 games. The test will come when we are faced with tougher opposition. if LB comes through that period with enough points then why not give him a chance.
  7. And a new German minesweeper!
  8. If we can keep the wingmen fit then we have a great chance of making the top 2.
  9. Spent most of my walk down Parkside road on the road because of parked cars on the pavement and then it was the same on the way back. Surely that cant be good for my safety. Ive never exited from Penistone road before but it seemed chaotic and slow.
  10. I thought Palmer stopped getting grief when he put in quality performances game after game after the Dutch nob left.
  11. Half empty, unless we get those fancy American style pint pots that fill up from the bottom then it will be half full.
  12. Abdi has abdicated his position as a footballer.
  13. What are the odds we will draw them in both?
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