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  1. I was in Russia for the play off match at Hillsborough and couldn't find anywhere showing it. I was on the plane coming home for the second leg and didn't get the result till i landed, nightmare.
  2. Not yet, my football years give me wisdom and my travelling experience tells me theres always an option.
  3. Looking on the positive side, the more people who leave before the final whistle means i get out quicker after the final whistle.
  4. We've just won 8/10 games with the current team. Having the most talented players does not guarantee wins, have a look at the results before Christmas. A confident and settled team on a run of form is something to build on.
  5. Hard to displace the current team with form so good but what a subs bench we can have!
  6. To be honest it was the first time in a while i was quite relaxed in the last 10 mins confident we would see it out.
  7. It would be interesting to see that judgement. The NHS redeployment or termination of contract definitely isn't on the back burner though. I manage a community nursing team and we have active discussions on going with the staff, staff side and the NHS trust HR. We can't wait for April to arrive without planning for the likely loss of some of them especially at a time when recruiting nurses is extremely difficult.
  8. Yeh true that, but it will likely be by April so we are having discussions with our unvaccinated staff at this time about what they intend to do. It is already law that people who work in, or into care homes from NHS must be vaccinated or exempt under the terms.
  9. You can in the NHS now that it is law for patient facing staff. I think footballers are ok for now though.
  10. I really can't decide, i think its an awful play by the club and shows how a multi millionaire owner has no f in clue about the circumstances of a massive chunk of our fans. The price is ok but i want to know what the price is going to be in February/March so i can make an informed choice about the value buying now against waiting a couple of months, i don't want to be held to ransom three weeks before xmas with no warning.
  11. I like to be the team that goes into the last 10 minutes two or three nil up so i can relax a bit. The odd last minute winner is good for the soul though.
  12. and a puncture somewhere around Leicester
  13. It was roast beef, Peacock Farrell wanted mustard and Dunks wanted horseradish, I'm not sure who won but we all had the gravy at the end.
  14. ref set his stall out from the start, apart from what looked to be a good penalty he was good all game.
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