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  1. I'd want to vote for Zico because he was one of my favourites as a teenager but there's no denying that Roland was pure class and instrumental in our early 90's success.
  2. It will flummox Joey if he gets the ball and cant pass 2 yards to Bazza so probably better to find another option.
  3. It's a typo, it was really dejected on the South Stand.
  4. Its not how you pay but how much you pay that stops me buying in the ground.
  5. From a game they were lucky to get anything out of i think they probably celebrated about the right amount with an injury time win.
  6. You could equally blame Matias for stopping his track back when they scored their second.
  7. I drive down Baron street every day i go to work. I keep thinking i should take a sharpie one day and change it to Bacon street.
  8. Has Kieren Lee got a sqeak of making it before the end of the season?
  9. Marginal but in real time i would say 99% of linos would give it off purely because Boyd's torso position in comparison to their defender is further forward and with the momentum of his run he would appear offside.
  10. Makes sense now. Carlton had an affair with Patsy Palmer and our Liam was their love child.
  11. He's refreshing to listen to. Carlos was entertaining in his first season but half the time i had no idea what he was on about. Jos just put me to sleep so i stopped listening. Brucie is honest and compelling, he talks like he knows what he is on about and i love the fact that we have a "squeak" at the play offs.
  12. I love this concept. I cant tell if he is drawing to the best of his abilities or if he is deliberately drawing badly. Either way its fantastic and he has my money.
  13. Is Van Aken the new Abdi? Hardly seen much of him since he joined the club.
  14. Why is it when i read the name Mr S Blatherwick i hear it in the voice of Edmund Blackadder?
  15. With all these storms about can we harness a bit of lightning and make a frankenstein using the best bits of the three of them? Nuhiu's hight and beard, Matias's teeth and Boyds hair. might still struggle to score regularly but with frighten the feck out of their defence.
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