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  1. Say hello to Owlvis Presley

    Is that the owl that was Trumping on the kop?
  2. He's just seen Forestieri and realises we have some footballers after all.
  3. Still a patron of the last 3 year deal and haven't seen enough this year to commit again in advance.
  4. You can't make it up, Bolton buy Rhodes to replace Madine who may be a premier league striker next year! The worlds gone mad.
  5. This one's pretty good. Had to laugh at the young lads commentry.
  6. Look Leeds wont be showing any goals because the snow was blocking the camera.
  7. No, Chris Wilder is a bell end, Vaughan is an Ashes winning captain and a Wednesday fan. Those two things alone are worth a bit of respect.
  8. Anyone see the olympics last month, think there were some Sheffield lads in the two man bob
  9. To see the Wednesday dally would probably be better.
  10. Time for Moneyball?

    We don't need money ball, we have cakeball.
  11. ‘On paper’ championship table

    not really, there are far to many to choose a winner