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  1. clud17


    One possible answer is that we rarely have enough players in the box.
  2. He should sit in the directors box, then he may get a better view of how awful his football looks and how we are incapable of dominating an opposition.
  3. clud17

    Message for Cammy

    Message to younger self, its going to be like this most of the time so when it's good make sure you enjoy it!
  4. clud17

    An attack minded manager.

    I say every week that when Bannan gets forward we create more chances. seeing him picking up the ball level with our defence all game long is painful to watch.
  5. clud17

    Dig in

  6. clud17

    Tom Lees On the Fans

    He is right about the Fox treatment from a minority of the fans and clear that the team are under performing and it rests on them to up their performances to please the fans. Id like to know what he thinks is the right way to critisise the team though? How do to people get a message accross that they are not happy with slack passing leading to giving the ball away and half hearted efforts on the pitch like we had on Tuesday.
  7. clud17

    5 games until xmas

    I think our season is already broken. Not wanting to sound too pessemistic but a good season would be play offs at least and we are not making the play off this season. However, a bit of pride can be salvaged with a good cup run, beating the pigs at Hillsborough and avoiding relegation.
  8. clud17

    Serious question

    Does this hypotheitcal situation get rid of financial fair play and parachute payments so our new owners can spend some money building a new team that can compete on a level playing field?
  9. Step 1: go to the bank and re mortgage you house.
  10. Unbeaten at the lane for 9 years!
  11. Here's a few reasons 1. SAG felt it was too dangerous to have extra crowds in the library on a Saturday 2. It was planned for the weekend but SKY enforced a change to the schedule 3. Quite a lot of people actually work at the weekends too 4. The pigs had a protest because they wanted the cup it in their cabinet this weekend.
  12. clud17

    First Clean sheet tonight

    Hopefully not 0-0 then
  13. clud17

    Pay As You Play Contracts

    we should have a pay scale linked to Owlstalk matchday player ratings. 10 = full pay working down to 1 = no pay + a public apology at half time before the 50/50 draw at the next home game.