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  1. I can see sense in this. Look at pro cycling, 21 stages in the Tour with two rest days, and on the rest days they all go out on their bikes. Footballers are a pampered breed these days. In 93 Neilson played an international match for Sweden on wednesday and then played our cup final replay the following day. He didnt moan too much about it then.
  2. They invented Desso pitches so less money needs to be spent on grass roots.
  3. Fantastic, when I saw him doing that I thought he was going to reveal some new Wednesday shin pads after ditching the Watford ones.
  4. clud17


    Chansiri wanted to play "Dont you want me" but Katrien didnt think it was a good idea so vetoed it.
  5. clud17


    We've already had one.
  6. Excellent, I can use a few of these with the reminiscence work I messaged you about the other day. Thanks.
  7. clud17

    We Need A Sign.......

    4-0 on Saturday will be encouraging enough.
  8. The problem lies with the amount players are paid per week, 1.3 million a year for hunts wages ffs, how on earth clubs are supposed to stay within financial fair play when mediocrity earns so much I don’t know. its about time FIFA stopped this madness and enforced some kind of transfer and wage cap otherwise life outside the premiership will just lead to bankruptcy.
  9. I haven't spent a penny over my season ticket cost for a few years now. I love our club but im not prepared to be ripped off by ridiculous prices in the name of supporting the club. This isnt a reflection on Chansiri either its a reflection on the cost of football. Chelsea paying 71 million for a keeper is a perfect example of how crazy the sport has become. i'm a hard working nurse on a less than average wage. Im prepared to pay 20 odd quid for 90 minutes of entertainment every other week but thats where it ends.
  10. clud17

    Let’s try Mr Chansiri’s way

    The same thing was said before Megson came in, the players are scared of Hillsborough. This is by no means a cult of Megson post but he did something right in erradicating that. He built a team that would put 100% effort in for 90 minutes. If we see 100% effort at Hillsborough then the majority of us dont give the players a hard time if they miss the odd shot or make a stray pass.
  11. I'd say around 9.5. It might have been about 8 had I listened to it on the radio.
  12. I don't know about sending him away, we may as well dig a hole for him and have a service. I cheap service at that seeing as financially we are in a pickle for paying 4 million for him + wages and gettingle little back.
  13. No good, the ground would go under when the pond floods.
  14. clud17

    IT`S ON IT'S WAY !!...

    Best before they arrive.