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  1. I fell out last season with covid worries, bad management and poo football. I said i probably wouldnt go again. It didnt last long, ive been to 2/3 home games this season.
  2. Honorable mention for Nicky Weaver v Chesterfield made a bunch of great saves and then nearly destroyed the back of the net with his winner.
  3. Prefer Green and Blacks myself, especially the one with butterscotch bits in it.
  4. Great idea but im not sure the library is the right venue for it. Although the library is a great building i think something like this should have a modern and inviting appearance. Something like the millenium gallery would be more appropriate with a cafe/bar attached and visible to the passer by as well as those who intend to go there.
  5. maybe but the jeremy hunt in charge knows how to get them riled up for a derby match
  6. Despite the recent revival sadly we dont have enough balls in our team for a Sheffield derby at the moment.
  7. Callum Patterson goal machine, Callum Patterson goal machine. doesnt quite fit into the song vacated by Gary Madine, we will have to think of something else.
  8. I'd love to know what agents and players think they are worth in this window given the current amount of income clubs are getting.
  9. I used to be until my parents saw fit to drag me away from Sheffield aged 9, Stood in the away end at Saltergate for my first Wednesday game in the 80's, think it was only a testimonial but i was so excited. Im back where i belong now.
  10. Might get an extra million for him in January if they think he can start scoring again
  11. While we are dreaming can we hope for a 10 goal a season midfield man too. Every great side has goals coming from the middle of the park too.
  12. I'd be suprised if we are not the only club in this situation. The people who own clubs have got themselves rich by not giving away their money. As long as fans are not attending and buying the over priced beer and pies the debts will be spiralling out of control. I can't imagine any of them risking their own fortune for the sake of a business that is on its knees.
  13. Yep, just waiting for the disinfection costs for the fleet of D-Taxis, It must be at least 2 million.
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