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  1. clud17

    125 years ago today!

    Couldnt beat 10 men 125 years ago and still cant do it now.
  2. clud17

    "Top of the league, yeah?"

    I said that to a piggy mate this week. I'm sorry everyone, i'll tender my resignation from the club and this site immediately.
  3. Im pretty sure if i was in the middle of that i'd have had an asthma attack and died. I wonder if gas masks are banned?
  4. clud17

    From the Bristol City forum

    Cool that will leave Bannan free to blast one in.
  5. clud17

    we'll win tonight

    Yeh definitely, if we go for it then we might win, if we don't go for it we will probably lose. Id rather be in with a chance of 3 points than for 1 or 0
  6. Bruce will just get us in a pickle or is it sauerkraut?
  7. clud17


    I saw a film where John Malkovich sneaked in a gun in bits to kill the president and its been my go to way of sneaking things into places since. I always struggle in bars though, I can manage the lemon but I need to get some waterproof pockets for the Gin and Tonic.
  8. clud17


    You could take the sandwich apart when you leave Beres. Put the pork in one pocket, the crackling in another etc... tape the breadcakes to your chest so they look like moobs and when you get into the ground you can re construct it and tuck in.
  9. clud17

    The club is listening and acting

    Curious to know how many students that are football fans would come to matches. If they are football fans they probably have their own clubs they follow so why would they come to us? If we are in the premiership then they may come as a neutral to watch the bigger clubs but Owls v Baggies cant be that big a draw to a neutral.
  10. clud17

    Hooper - hutch- Lee

    no not really. it would go on like a broken record.
  11. clud17

    Hooper - hutch- Lee

    Hooper - Broke, repaired then broke again. Lee - Broke, repaired then broke again. Hutch - Broke, repaired, broke, repaired, broke, repaired, broke, repaired, broke, repaired, broke, repaired, broke.
  12. Get in contact with the club and quote what DC said at the last meeting about getting in touch if you cant afford it. See what they can offer for your circumstances. It would be interesting what they do say and will let us know if he backs up what he tells us about helping fans out.
  13. clud17


    Did you throw any bins about?
  14. clud17

    What’s up with Atdhe?

    He had an appointment with the Peaky Blinders.
  15. clud17

    Penny injured ?

    The tea lady?