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  1. moved up the table

    Crawled up the table i would say.
  2. Bristol City

    And we can't even get a shot on target with that dog s**t
  3. Ask him why Bannan sits so deep and barely moves once he has passed the ball.
  4. E-cash

    If ever there is a reason for people to buy less in the stadium this will be it.
  5. With Christmas coming up the club are asking fans to donate boxes of k'nex as supplies in the medical room are getting low.
  6. So in summary the prices were too low, we put them up, not as many signed up so we are now reviewing it and reducing some packages.
  7. Good move by the club if you ask me, i'm sick of all the breifcases cluttering up the leg space on the North.
  8. Away shirts

    They should be available for next years Villa game
  9. My brother in law is a Liverpool fan but collects cuff links, would it be acceptable for me to buy them as a christmas present?
  10. I'm very tempted. Although its fair to say I was very tempted with the home shirt until my enthusiasm was whittled away with time and delay. I might treat myself If it comes out before my birthday in May.
  11. I think 30000 people should apply for the next home game and see what happens.
  12. Question to this chap...

    It's because he sits on the South. He has a longer winter coat which says "would one care to give us our stripes back please"
  13. 18 goals in 83 games for us,15 goals in 36 games for the pigs either Clarke is maturing like a fine red wine or he has a manager who can get the best out of his player. I'd like to say that Carlos can get the best out of his players but i'm not sure he can. Just look at the quality we have and how they perform week on week. Reach is a good example of this. He's having a few good games of late and i hope this is a sign that Carlos has found the best on him and it will continue.
  14. What they really mean is It will be released by the Somali pirates that have hijacked the container ship they were travelling in. Chansiri has decided to pay the ransom so we can get them before the end of the season.