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  1. A Must (tache) Song For Jos

    yeh that works but it's appropriateness is still questionable... Honolulu Luhukay where d'ya get that tache Honolulu Luhukay I bet it tickles gash
  2. A Must (tache) Song For Jos

    There are a suprising lack of appropriate words that rhyme with tache,
  3. A Must (tache) Song For Jos

    Honolulu Luhukay where d'ya get that tache Honolulu Luhukay with the best Dutch hash
  4. Our pitch is looking great

    Were the medical staff looking after it well?
  5. Half and Half scarves

    O'grady and Nielsen's family probably bought a couple.
  6. Pre match routines

    They had the subs running some propper drills at half time too instead of just playing keepy uppy. This kind of stuff can make the difference when it comes to injuries.
  7. Tuesday night, January, cup replay against lower oposition, awful conditions. I think 12k was pretty good.
  8. Probably something to do with the amount of time it has been since his last goal and his return. Something along the lines of Jesus and his resurection but a couple of months early.
  9. A bit off topic but "Crystal Palace- never won a major trophy"