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  1. yeh sorry, except for the two who joined the 1867 club.
  2. Everyone starts the season with 460 for two years season tickets plus any extra points you earned last season for away games and cup games. 2 season tickets 460 23 away games 230 5 cup games 50 The max anyone will have starting the season should be 740
  3. Contrary to the majority i dont mind Liverpool. My ma is from Liverpool and my Gran loved them and we would talk about football a lot when i was young. If they win something i would smile and think of her buyt if they lose i wouldnt lose much sleep over it.
  4. We've got Zidane Zinadine Zidane I just dont think you understand A psycho frenchman He's better than Bannan We've got Zinadine Zidane. yep that works.
  5. Screw him, if he doesnt want to play for the Wednesday then get rid.
  6. Thats it then, im going to set up a crowd funding page to charter a plane to fly him over to the lane.
  7. The problem with a lot of fans is they want everyone striker to return 20+ goals a season. They dont see the wider picture and focus on the goals and misses. For me the big man has a lot of value especially in games like yesterday. If you look at his role in some of our goals this season he has played crucial passes at some stage in the build up or held the ball up to enable the rest of our slow paced and sometimes reluctant team to get forward. Granted he does not get far off the ground for a big lad but he gets a raw deal from ref's most of the time because of his size but with the ball at his feet he is capable of turning a player to get some space.
  8. I'd want to vote for Zico because he was one of my favourites as a teenager but there's no denying that Roland was pure class and instrumental in our early 90's success.
  9. It will flummox Joey if he gets the ball and cant pass 2 yards to Bazza so probably better to find another option.
  10. It's a typo, it was really dejected on the South Stand.
  11. Its not how you pay but how much you pay that stops me buying in the ground.
  12. From a game they were lucky to get anything out of i think they probably celebrated about the right amount with an injury time win.
  13. You could equally blame Matias for stopping his track back when they scored their second.
  14. I drive down Baron street every day i go to work. I keep thinking i should take a sharpie one day and change it to Bacon street.
  15. Has Kieren Lee got a sqeak of making it before the end of the season?
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