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  1. Sorry Sam but that is ridiculous. If the lab has the means and capacity to complete tests then they should be working for the good of the NHS and not for profit and you shouldnt be wasting their time if you have no symptoms. I have colleagues working in mental health services visiting elderly patients (with symptoms) at home and both the patients and nurses dont currently have access to testing because of a shortage in testing ability in the city.
  2. Well now you mention it i do, i just dont have the same opportunities I once had.
  3. Can we re set back to 91 19 years old, skint but loving life, loving football, and loving the ladies.
  4. It was a career ending tackle he thought about to be fair.
  5. Great, we will get relegated this year and start league 1 with a 21 point deduction next year.
  6. He's just as guilty of sitting back once hes passed the ball and not running ahead into space. Its part of our midfield problem players moving off the ball and getting up the pitch. When a team presses us we rarely have an option other than to play back and hoof it to the forward.
  7. No point in even bothering. If you cant get a bit of half time head you may as well stay in your seat.
  8. His stats probably wouldnt be that bad if our midfield stopped giving the ball away in stupid positions.
  9. Murphy's two goals were took well, pity he didnt get a hatrick with the easiest of his chances
  10. You can have mine if you can pick up from Hillsborough area, ill DM you.
  11. What tune is this to? i've only got 75 minutes to learn it.
  12. I expect a professional footballer to be able to pass the ball to another player in the same shirt consistently.
  13. Safe standing at Hillsborough will come with conditions.
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