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  1. 3 up front at home!!! oh how times have changed.
  2. Has Monk told him he has to pass to someone other than Bannan?
  3. Not forgetting we bent over and took another shafting after leading with 7 minutes to go at their place. Either Blackburn are a premier league team in disguise or we are a weak minded bunch of mid table bottlers.
  4. Playing one up front, midfield sitting deep and innefective and its no suprise really.
  5. Have you not heard...SAG say its not safe to leave the house, in fact its not even safe to leave your bed. If i were you i'd stay in bed on Saturday and work on your agrophobia.
  6. He shouldnt be allowed in Sheffield wearing that!
  7. Chansiri 1 - 0 SYP/SAG/EFL and any other authority trying to screw us
  8. I prefer a pay after delivery option.
  9. Both Borner and Iorfa have the ability to bring the ball out from defence and run at the opposition, this puts them on the back foot. Lees while a good defender can only really play it close sideways or a lofted cross field ball to no one in particular.
  10. Dawson Cant cross CB CB Cant Cross Cant pass a man Sits too deep Sits too deep Harris Too slow can't score Too slow can't score
  11. Not enough goals coming from midfield exposes the lack of threat up front. Reach has stopped regularly shooting and scoring. 1 goal this season Hutch isnt a goal threat. 3 goals in 5 years Bannan not really a goal threat 9 goals in 4 years Harris has a few more with 3 this season. On current form and if he stays fit Fletch can hit 20 goals this season, hes on 12 now but to get in the play offs and challenge for promotion the midfield have got to chip in more. If you look at our two play off seasons with Carlos, Lee and Wallace both contributed heavily to the score tally.
  12. When Hutch picked the ball up and Bannan dropped back behind him instead of running ahead to create an option sealed it for me that we are a dire football team with a midfield incapable of playing through the middle.
  13. Sadly i dont think we are getting out of this league this year. Too good for relegation even with a points deduction Not mentally strong enough for promotion even if we do make the top 6
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