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  1. No problem for me. Hes spoken after he left the club not while still getting paid by them.
  2. Surely this is not Wednesday related so should be moved
  3. They have gone whatever the reasons. Thanks for the memories some good some not so good
  4. Yes i do think he was the best, he played when tackling was part of the game and defenders took no prisoners. Stars of today are overprotected actors. As you say its all about opinions i also think Best was a genius with the ball 👍
  5. I remember when the chairman was a fan of the club. They didnt do it for reward but love of their club. Yes the big boys got first dibs of the best players but life was much simpler.
  6. Not sure , cant seethe option none of the above. Shocking
  7. Went for Iorfa, thought he organised the defence as well as could be expected. Palmer and Odibajo are not center backs even in an emergency but did well. Ok odibajo gave the penalty away but probably his best game. They were cynical on Murphy when he ran at them maybe we should foul on the half way line as it pays other teams
  8. 3-0 was not a fair reflection. Worked hard some good play and individual errors. Cant be too critical of the defense . Would we have started with it no. They made fouls to stop us attacking and it worked. Had Harris's effort gone in then who knows. Disappointing with the result but performance was ok
  9. Iorfa, if there not here to collect it there not eligible
  10. Another loan fail. Not had a chance , injury not good enough ?Just who watches them before we sign them. More wasted money that could have been better used..
  11. Windass easily. Not just the goal , was all over the pitch
  12. Should have walked straight down the tunnel .I wouldn't have acknowledged him . if you believe you have been wronged stick to your guns.
  13. Hes not the only one that needs to go, it starts at the top.
  14. The Officials were probably the worst we have had as a collective . The Ref was crap the assistant on the South had no clue and the one on the North was as bad listening to Millwall views. But guess what they will get another game next week
  15. watched it a few times and still cant see much. Unless there is a different angle got to be appealed. Then again probably double the ban.
  16. Would love someone to work out the injury time when we are winning as to when we are loosing. I'm guessing we play more injury time when we are winning. Is it just a coincidence i doubt it.
  17. Think the dropping of him has made him sit up and think about it. Started to do the chasing and hustling and looks a better player for it.
  18. Can he play the lone striker role. If not would be bench warming here rather than Leeds. We only play 1 striker we known fact.
  19. Not sure how we can enjoy that to be honest. Yes Stats say we were the better team but 2 shots on target says more. 1 up front is not the answer to lack of goals.
  20. That was what i didnt like. Can understand it after the abuse hes had , but when youre turning opinions why . Well done all the same
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