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  1. watched it a few times and still cant see much. Unless there is a different angle got to be appealed. Then again probably double the ban.
  2. Who is going to want to come ? Team seems to be in a rut. Impending doom and gloom from the EFL. Not an attractive choice are we. Hope to be proved wrong.
  3. Would love someone to work out the injury time when we are winning as to when we are loosing. I'm guessing we play more injury time when we are winning. Is it just a coincidence i doubt it.
  4. Think the dropping of him has made him sit up and think about it. Started to do the chasing and hustling and looks a better player for it.
  5. Can he play the lone striker role. If not would be bench warming here rather than Leeds. We only play 1 striker we known fact.
  6. Not sure how we can enjoy that to be honest. Yes Stats say we were the better team but 2 shots on target says more. 1 up front is not the answer to lack of goals.
  7. That was what i didnt like. Can understand it after the abuse hes had , but when youre turning opinions why . Well done all the same
  8. Thought he should have held it, but not the howler its been made out to be .
  9. always reminds me of Pearson at Preston, horrible wtat
  10. Cant bring myself to vote for anyone. No one came out of this game with any credit
  11. If that was 2 up top, can we give them mobile phones so they can contact each other.
  12. Part of it may be , but lets have ago at the chosen ones instead of the usual suspects, Reach Bannan Hutch what was their contribution
  13. Full backs were not the problem . Too many invisible midfield players and 1 up top is not the answer.
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