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  1. Garry Powell

    Club response required

    Were the gang of 4 at the training ground wishing him good luck
  2. Garry Powell

    Sam Hutchinson

    Well sure as hell dont think hell be loosing sleep
  3. Garry Powell

    Sam Hutchinson

    Actually i have a high regard for him , Otherwise he would say what a complete knob Jos and CC are, but would you be really bothered if you had been frozen out? You stick up for the establishment i will see you in league 1
  4. Garry Powell

    Sitting on his backside all game....

    You are 100% right . Guiding encouraging bollocking giving constructive criticism. But no sit on your arris and say we need to look within
  5. Garry Powell

    Sam Hutchinson

    Hes sat at home getting paid laughing his head off the state we are in. Who could blame him, wee wee poor from the management and club.
  6. Garry Powell

    Dawson, Baker etc.

    We play with no width because the manager is clueless
  7. Garry Powell

    Dawson, Baker etc.

    Think that could be said about every player today, Not just the young ones. The experienced players cost the goals and lack the ability to help the young ones .
  8. Garry Powell

    Dawson, Baker etc.

    Happy no, but no worse than the chosen few. Boys asked to do mans jobs because the manager hasnt got a clue
  9. Garry Powell

    Adam Reach

    No idea what his role is. Whatever it is we are wasting him as he is not involved enough
  10. Garry Powell

    Dawson, Baker etc.

    I thought Baker was ok today. The system and tactics are crap. Baker tried to get forward and wasnt found. When he had the ball there was no one forward of him on the right.to pass to
  11. Garry Powell

    Michael Vaughan

    He really couldnt do any worse could he
  12. Garry Powell

    Players at Preston Station!

    Have sacked Jos and his severance is the Team Bus. No FFP penalty
  13. Garry Powell

    Where to start?

    It starts and finishes with Jos ! He has no idea how to play Championship football not his fault but the fault of whoever suggested him
  14. Garry Powell

    From a player.......

    You say no financial reason but was stated by the co commentator if Westwood plays 2 more games he gets a new contract? The guy is a former international teammate of his and i assume has knowledge to say this otherwise the club should sue for Libel and ease FFP
  15. Garry Powell

    To the Jos out brigade

    Well i have criticised him and the players recently. Tonight they fought for each other and the club they deserve to be praised . No silly substitutions from Jos but lets see what he does next game.Settled team and tactics needed