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  1. First sung around 77 at Swindon away by South Kirkby Supporters Branch. We had badges even back then.
  2. Reckless with foot of the ground. Officials are crap and getting worse each season
  3. We have needed pace for years. This has never been addressed , even if they are inconsistent it worries the opposition. JJ was this type of player electric paced but also frustrating would like to have the option now.
  4. Pearson should have been sent off in the last 3 meetings. Horrible little 2hat
  5. Lucky you. If you had read it it was about staying calm and professional when provoked
  6. I hope you are right, but if any of them put anything like a run together and we have the same manager i am not confident. fingers crossed
  7. Does Jos not expect to be questioned about his job with the results. He should have stayed calm and professional in avoiding answering. It is not easy, ask anyone in retail or dealing with the public.
  8. Staying up is wishful thinking with the current leadership.
  9. Were the gang of 4 at the training ground wishing him good luck
  10. Well sure as hell dont think hell be loosing sleep
  11. Actually i have a high regard for him , Otherwise he would say what a complete knob Jos and CC are, but would you be really bothered if you had been frozen out? You stick up for the establishment i will see you in league 1
  12. You are 100% right . Guiding encouraging bollocking giving constructive criticism. But no sit on your arris and say we need to look within
  13. Hes sat at home getting paid laughing his head off the state we are in. Who could blame him, wee wee poor from the management and club.
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