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  1. If Pullis keeps us in this division it is a success . I dont care how he achieves it as long as he does. Next season is the time to expect attacking free flowing football not this
  2. Marriot plays on the shoulder and behind the defense. We have no one capable of playing him in beyond the defense
  3. Thought Wildsmith was a good prospect couple of years ago when deputiising for Westwood. No idea why Jos changed things with Dawson but think both are in a no win situation now
  4. you are having a laugh surely, if not you need to be sectioned
  5. 11 brickies , dont let them see the goals or we are in trouble again
  6. I believe it is his biggest fault, yes he has put millions in but like a gambling addict chasing the winner blindly .No offense meant 1963
  7. Whoever is in goal will be behind the same defence. The system needs to change
  8. Did they know Monk was worth minus 8 pts plus.
  9. Hoof ball is all he is feeding off. Patterson taken off last 3 games because midfield offer nothing.
  10. Goalkeeper is not our only problem. Persisting with 3-5-2 when you dont have the players to suit the system is suicide. Long ball is his only attacking option.
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