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  1. Garry Powell

    Anyone disagreeing?

    its player of the season , not the month or match. Thought he walked it to be honest. Notable contributions from a few Atdhe Joao Wildsmith but over the season had to be Reach for me
  2. Garry Powell


    When he was at Barnsley he was attack minded, now everything seems sideways and laboured from a deep position. Is this his choice or the way hes told to play?
  3. Garry Powell

    Championship Team of the Season

    John Terry? Not even in the squad for me
  4. dont believe hes learnt a lot, apart from as manager he cant pick who he wants.
  5. Garry Powell

    Boyds goal

    Rhodes was off side if he had played it our got near it. Neither happend Lino was as usual crap
  6. Garry Powell

    Back to one game a week

    for all our sakes ditch the 3 5 2 ,we arnt solid with it. Boyd is wasted as a wing back . We offer nothing going forward. The players dont look comfortable with it.
  7. Garry Powell

    Were the subs right today?

    Were the subs right, the ones on the bench certainly weren't. With the exception of Dawson the rest have all been roundly criticised by the fans. Where have the young players gone, where was Abdi ?
  8. Anyone who is confident about us staying up is fooling themselves. Alright the teams below us are very poor but we are frightened of our own shadow. Cant see us winning again this season. Draws may just see us over the line.How the hell did we end up here.
  9. Garry Powell

    Sheffield Wednesday 1 : 1 Bolton OMDT

    Pathetic Amatuer Clueless Spineless just a few of the words from that performance
  10. Garry Powell

    Snodgrass tweet

    The man that told Fessi to stop diving and cheating. Now saying if you give it be prepared to take it. 2 faced hypocrite Dont dont wish you harm or death just that you get put on the Scarp heap when another club see you for what you are.
  11. Garry Powell

    Team for Derby

    No but neither does he take the blame for others inability , Should Juao have done better?
  12. Garry Powell

    Team for Derby

    We have midfielders that cant pass/ tackle Forwards that cant hit a barn door and defenders that cant tackle or mark
  13. Garry Powell

    Team for Derby

    Which came from midfield though the centre ?