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  1. Garry Powell

    Joey Pelupessy

    I see Palmer didnt play today, next scapegoat step forward. No better or worse than a good half of the team
  2. Garry Powell

    no 1 keeper and captain

    Westwood is our best keeper by a mile. While hes here play him. Lees is not captain material. Having said that i dont know who is, Hutch?
  3. Garry Powell

    Transfer embargo (sort of) confirmed

    So Giddings says were under an embargo. Funny the FA haven't made it public like Birmingham and the QPR penalties. Or is it a case of Wednesday fans are mushrooms . Kept in the dark and fed poo
  4. Garry Powell

    Jos fall guy

    To be fair the majority of fans have said this for 2 year but the powers that be seem to have ignored it
  5. When did he get it? when he signed.
  6. Time for some honesty from the Chairman. What is happening with Westwood and Abdi? Monday should be fun
  7. So do we take it Westwood is going then. No FFP penalty and best keeper being frozen out ?
  8. Why is anyone even questioning Fessis behaviour without knowing what was said. If he said something why didn't the player speak with the ref straight away like most teams do now . A week later they issue a statement saying they have passed it to the FA and police. I also dont believe the Wednesday players would have supported him had it been alleged at the time .Only the 2 players know what they believe was said or not said. One mans word against another. I will back a Wednesday player until there is evidence conclusively to prove other wise. WAWAW
  9. Garry Powell

    Photo of the day

    Hope asked if we could loan a few of their players cheap
  10. Garry Powell

    Ross Wallace on trial with Wigan Athletic

    Dont know to be honest, but after watching today i honestly feel hes a better option than what we have. Scary thought that
  11. Garry Powell

    Ross Wallace on trial with Wigan Athletic

    He will still rip our defence, thats worrying
  12. 222 pages with not one credible rumour. Surely this should be moved to NON SWFC FOOTBALL NEWS
  13. Garry Powell

    Thoughts After Today

    The lack of a defence is more worrying. Not one attacks the ball at set pieces, do they speak the same language as there appears to be no talking between them and what is the point of Lees as captain?
  14. Dont like to be pessimistic but its going to be a long season. Defending set pieces will kill us no one attacks the ball. Lees is not a captain doesnt organise the defence or motivate the team.Hope i am wrong but this group is not good enough .
  15. Garry Powell

    FF, vid showing incident.

    Ref had no control , totally crap. Horrible tackle by FF but fair play to the team, one for all all for one. Team bonding achieved