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  1. Was there on the Ponte end , been from Barnsley we were known but didnt give F. Even parked the bus at back of their end South Kirkby Owls
  2. Silly tackle wether he won the ball or not . Lunged in and got him with follow through
  3. Needs more fitness training? Just what have the coaches etc been doing for 6 months
  4. Plenty have critisised the lack of our club doing these calls. May be late but well done everyone involved
  5. Dont think there is a choice. We will have DC and Administration at the same time
  6. Almost past caring who he appoints. Whoever comes in will realize they are going to be in League 1 next season. No money and a list of players out of contract or desperate to leave. Really attractive to any decent manager
  7. To be fair thought it was good. No were going to roll them. Different class to their city rivals always have been
  8. Was not played in the right position before. Hopefully with Green and a few more he wont have to play with his back to goal or a pair of ladders
  9. Not pretty but ground out a victory again. Harris MOM but some good battling performances throughout
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