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  1. F.A.O John Terry

    Laughed more when Snotgrass was subbed.just wished Fessi had been there too wave off.
  2. Man of the match - Player ratings

    I have been critical of Lees this season, but today he was back to his best. Great all round team performance. Bannan or Butterfield MOM cant decide
  3. Tonight’s performance

    Palmer and Fox played well much better team performance and good to see Rhodes get a goal. Reach had another good game
  4. 442 is not working

    No pace is the major problem with the team irrespective of the formation. We take too much time to get to the opposition 18 yard box that they get numbers behind the ball and dont get the early cross in to the area
  5. ????? whoose moaning stating a fact
  6. Only using 2 subs?

    Agree, said the same elsewhere . Baffling, sums his substitutions up all season
  7. Fantastic ?! Derby were very poor there to be beaten and for all the possession we didnt really create anything did we
  8. No they dont with me but ask the ref why we were denied 2/3 penalties and a sending off He was crap
  9. Did he not pick todays team? the midfield that couldn't fight its way out of a paper bag? Picks a left back that cant get in the 18 normally, leaves the only player with any pace on the bench . Hope this helps. I dont shout for him to be sacked but he is running out of excuses . Hope this enlightens you
  10. Beaten by the ref, Ably assisted by CC and Loovens
  11. as bad as we are Derby are crap. we have had 3 reasonable penalty appeals turned down 1 should also have resulted in a red card. No physical presence in team was a big mistake for me.
  12. This ref is the worst this season and that takes some doing
  13. New LED Flood lights

    Epilepsy warning before it begins ? not sure how Chelsea address it but even the news state contains flashing images.
  14. Rules and ref thread

    So if the Bolton player had punched Rhodes instead of handling the ball and we had scored, does that mean he would have got a yellow not red ?
  15. I fear what Chansiri might do next

    Dont think theres an English manager that i would fancy having thats available.FFP means compensating a club is unlikley. The soloution no idea but something must change quickly