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  1. Team for Derby

    No but neither does he take the blame for others inability , Should Juao have done better?
  2. Team for Derby

    We have midfielders that cant pass/ tackle Forwards that cant hit a barn door and defenders that cant tackle or mark
  3. Team for Derby

    Which came from midfield though the centre ?
  4. Team for Derby

    people seriously singling Palmer out. Was far better than most today.
  5. Sean Clare

    The old phrase cutting your nose to spite your face springs to mind if it is contract related. Dont agree with young Hirsts stance either if the rumours are true but needs must at the moment. Lets hope we dont regret these desicions
  6. Matias sent off - violent conduct

    Watched it and still dont understand what the officials have seen.
  7. POTM

  8. Attendance

    15,000 at the sty for Saturday 3pm
  9. So-called goal

    Cardiff player used his shoulder but in the back of Thorniley No Goal end off
  10. Anyone seen or got one of these?

    Had one , may still be tucked away. No idea where it was from though
  11. Spion Kop or East Bank?

    East Bank for me.
  12. Let’s be honest

    Lets be honest, youre a piggy , must be with those comments
  13. Sean Clare

    Gives the other young players hope that if they are performing for the U23s they can get in the first team. Only a brief time on the pitch but the new boss has shown hes not afraid to give them a chance
  14. Keith Andrews ha ha ha

    Him, Brown and pinched a living. All we needed was Beagrie. Totally biased set up.