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  1. Sky and Liverpool again. Ok so this time it's a coincidence: Just switched the TV on right now and it's Liverpool V Newcastle 4-3 from the 90's incidentally the same thing that was on when I went to bed last night. I was greeted within 3 seconds to: "Brilliant Liverpool goal" Channel changed.
  2. Here's to 2 million, good thing about YouTube is once the videos are up they can be watched and watched and watched forever, more you make more will view (obvious statement I suppose)
  3. Sky sports again, who apparently want fairness and equality for all with more Liverpool, this time it's the thoughts of the "spitter"
  4. To put things into perspective my channels has had 119k views.....and I thought that was a lot. So in my view you've done amazingly well
  5. Well done mate, that's fantastic....just shows hard work really does pay off
  6. Said this before when Newcastle fans were moaning about nothing, apart from Ross Wallace taking a corner. How much debt did he get them in? Just because he didn't spaff millions each transfer window, the only time he did was when he gave Bruce 40 million and he blew it on Joelinton He knows how to both run and grow a business, instant success it ain't but long term success it is.
  7. Player in Player out Sky sports news now naming dates in American: Sunday August 7th when it should be: Sunday 7th August Sky Sports News again with "dress down" Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sunday. No suits just shīte jumpers.
  8. We score 0/10 for both shïthousery and bãstardising games.
  9. Ref: Penalty given Co-commentator: well you've seen em given Commentator: well there was "contact" F*** right off!
  10. I've said the same for years, there's always positive Liverpool stories on that app. They never ever knock them.
  11. Most inventive, can you imagine how much time and effort it took to develop such style/shīte? Almost as gash as the pigs latest disaster.
  12. Always fit??? For what an all you can eat Chinese?
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