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  1. Roughly off top of my head 10m Rhodes 5m reach 4m abdi 3m FF 3m Hooper Joao 2.8m with add ons Matias 1.4m 1.5-2m Hunt? 1.5m pudil? Fox 700k Wiggins 750k winnall 500k david jones 1.5m? Mcgugan 350k bus 300k melo 500k? Lachman 300k? vermijl? then the loan fees if any for Michael turner, pudil, hunt, hooper, mcmannman, Mcgugan, Lopez, Bennett and McGeady
  2. If he doesn't I'll throw my empty wrappers at him
  3. Don't forget we've just had people paying like 40quid to watch Birmingham game only 2 days ago maybe not everyone can afford it at this time of the year esp with our prices like they are. Plus it's on sky at tea time and people will be saving for next years season ticket which usually comes out end of Jan
  4. I've got Aspergers as everyone who knows me knows, I find going to games as a break from real life problems and so on. Got my first season ticket when I was 11 and I've not looked back since (now 26)
  5. Tranmere Rovers are lining up a potential long-term loan deal for Inter Milan striking prospect Bocar Djumo. The 18-year-old, a Portuguese international at under 19 level is due to arrive at Prenton Park this week to spend the next month under assessment by manager Ronnie Moore and his coaching staff. If Djumo impresses, Rovers will have the options of signing the player on a half or full season loan. Moore said: "Inter Milan want the lad to get some experience in Britain, to get to know the way things are done here. We were lucky. He was going to go to Sheffield Wednesday but they
  6. Posted 08 April 2013 - 09:34 AM @robstaton: Hayden White has signed pro terms with #SWFC.
  7. Yoann Folly is in America doing Law
  8. It's a Wednesday fan called Matt who changed his twitter name to Leroy Lita.....
  9. Looking at TVs are half time like they've never seen one is probably me but only if SSN is on if it's the highlghts of our game I don't bother.
  10. It can't be Kirkland surely not after all the numpties wanted him dropped and said he was poo when we went on our 2 bad runs
  11. How time has flown, R.I.P Phil P.S in the 10th minute today Motherwell (Number he wore for them) are doing a 1minute applause it would be good if we could try and get everyone at Huddersfield to do the same and chant him name.
  12. My Fiancee's mum works with his son, Just saying.
  13. It baffles me how we can't beat the first man anymore.
  14. What i don't get is he said he didn't want Batth because if Wolves (A prem team last season) didn't want him then why would we. (something along those lines) yet signs a player who Watford and Derby (2 far lesser teams) didn't want (Taylor and Maguire)
  15. Because they had players like Lallana coming through the academy and who do we have?
  16. My mates selling 3 Wolves tickets at £28 each. he'll only accept if all 3 are sold together though
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