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  1. So did i and that's why i know the details but Mrs Zico isn.t having it despite my best efforts...so it's an apartment in Bournemouth instead.
  2. They've confirmed there WILL be a game, but no details as yet. If you base yerselves in Ljubljana you'l not be far wrong as it's pretty much central in a small country.
  3. If you can get a cheapish flight to Venice and back, the trains to Ljubljana are very cheap and takes around 4 hours with connections. 2nd best is flights to Munich and a pleasant 6 hour train journey thru the Alps. http://www.seat61.com/venice-to-ljubljana-and-zagreb-by-train.htm#.U3MWE3YS4Ys
  4. Luv - Honolulu Wednesday Hate - Wednesday Till i Die...Does'nt make sense and every other club sings it.
  5. That`s a crackin pic that. Tommy and Jimmy were born and raised 400 yards from my house in Lochee,Dundee, every bloke of a certain age always mention them when they find out who i support .
  6. Any Hull fans turn up ? Moaning about they couldn`t get in ?
  7. Liam Lawrence is not a Wednesday Fan, he`s ManU like his Step-Dad. He does have a soft spot for us tho, cos of me and all the stories i`ve told him as a kid.
  8. You can slag off those that buy it all you want, but when you`ve got a son/daughter and they look forward to something to eat/drink at the ground you can`t deny them. It`s stupidly overpriced and i would have thought the club would do well if they did it in-house and charge sensible prices. And before some wise arse says why don`t you feed em at home before you go to the match...it`s a 660 mile round trip from Dundee.
  9. For all the vitriol that has been directed at him on this Forum over the last 3 months...most of you should look up the word "Hypocritical " in the dictionary. I wouldn`t mind if it was general disagreement with his methods but it was nasty childish comments against him i saw on here that pished me off.
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