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  1. i remember when we got relegated from the premier league we had a excellent pre season.............. don't worry to much about results UTO'S
  2. We got ripped off big time with this one, as i remember (not exact amounts as i don't remember exactly) we wanted a million or just under and the french offered something stupid like £50.000, it went to a tribunial and i think we got £275.000 which was a disgrace he only played a handfull of games for the french and then Forest bought him for something like £800.000!!!! i stand corrected on these exact figures though
  3. Amazing innit? anyone know how Leon Clarke is going on?
  4. Don't agree with that if we are winning people won't bother and just get on with it, but if things aren't going well and people stop turning up in numbers then the hardcore fans will start protesting and pushing hard for change, the average fan like me feels really helpless and f*cked off being a laughing stock
  5. I agree English football is a disgrace, the top players wages are sickening, clubs are going to the wall with no help from the greedy FA, who are only bothered about the big boys, if i didn't love Wednesday i would f*ck football off altogether!!
  6. Hate stories like these its always the same old minority who spoil it for the rest, the chavy gang mentality, i think its people who don't get out much and when they do they don't know how to behave!!! and what puzzles me is that they are so THICK that they don't realise that if they get caught fighting about football the courts treble their sentence (look at the sentencing involving football fights) THICK IDIOTS who will get locked up before soon enough.......rant over
  7. i'm sorry too lets all say sorry ssssssssssooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy
  8. i reckon he will go for not as much as we would like probably £900,000
  9. Plans for flats near Sheffield United stadium rejected!!!!!! Councillors have rejected plans to build 52 one-bedroom flats next to Sheffield United's Bramall Lane ground. The flats would have backed on to the football stadium at the junction of John Street and Shoreham Street. A report to the council said the club's proposal to provide 15 parking spaces was appropriate because there was "excellent" access to public transport. However, the planning committee voted to refuse permission on the grounds that there was insufficient parking. The council meeting on Monday considered objections from residents who feared the flats would cause parking and noise problems and invade their privacy. The application was submitted by urban design consultants Turley Associates on behalf of Sheffield United FC.
  10. Must admit when i have seen him for Derby he has been terrible
  11. well chuffed with the signings it should be a pretty good season at hillsborough next season, i'd go as far as saying its the most excited ive been about the start of a new season since the prem league days COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARRRRRRRRRRRRDDDDDDDDDDDDSSSSSSS
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