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  1. Just hope he's not selected for drug testing after the match because after that performance it's a guaranteed fail. A good a performance from a Wednesday player that I can remember in donkeys years.
  2. Us staying up would make Jesus' reappearing act look like a two-bob magic trick. Start of an Easter miracle? Su-feckin-perb.
  3. Imagine being in good form and going away to bottom of the league and finding yourself 5 nil down. Cardiff are doing a Wednesday against Wednesday, classic.
  4. Got to use this as a catalyst, win the next game and we're in business.
  5. Definitely one of our most understated signings IMO, a very classy player.
  6. Imagine being 2 nil down at home... to us. Beyond embarrassing.
  7. Didn't Luton do the same? Look how that turned out....
  8. FFS. Their 2 goals show what a bit of quality will do for you.
  9. Keep playing ourselves into danger, really frustrating.
  10. Can someone teach Windass how to retain the ball?!
  11. So refreshing to hear the sky pundits saying how "brilliant" our counter-attacking play has been (I know it's Michael Gray and he's probably bias but music to my ears). Long may it continue.
  12. Don't get what he contributed tonight... didn't stop them running through us and everytime he was on the ball his passing was sideways or backwards. Joey would have got murdered for such an anonymous performance like that.
  13. They were better than us all over the pitch... stronger, faster, more composed, harder working, better quality. Embarrassing really when I bet our budget dwarfs theirs.
  14. Toytown toying with us and Penney doing his best to help them out ffs.
  15. De ja vu; "He's young" "Won the ball" "Good old fashioned tackle" Stupid, stupid tackle (again). Absolutely no need to do it. First red fair enough, second red so quickly in similar circumstances isn't excusable at the best of times, let alone in a huge game. So frustrating. If his head isn't in it keep him away from the team.
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