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  1. Hunt was completely ineffective 1st half and offered nothing, JP would have to go some to be worse
  2. The only way we were going to challenge Brentford playing the way they are tonight is having our strongest 11 out... we don't have anywhere near our best 11 out.
  3. Distinct lack of quality from us all over the pitch whereas Brentford look class
  4. Luongo for me but thought the 3 usual scapegoats of Reach, JVA and Odubajo had really solid games for us. Enjoyed Windass' performance as well, so glad he's our player.
  5. Great team performance, work ethic there to see. Special mention for the defence after the bed wetting before kick off, good performances from all of the them.
  6. Mental people can't see the significant impact the injuries had on the result. Bash Monk if we don't have any by all means, but today was not our day, it happens. Suck it up, move on and look for a positive reaction next game(s). Doesn't make it any less frustrating but that's football.
  7. The expectation from 99.9% of outsiders (as well as many of our own fans) is we'll go down, anything other than this is a success. There's been a significant change of playing and coaching personnel, coupled with our previous recent poor form under Monk last season clearly shows we're massively up against it this season. It really doesn't matter how we do it, scrap and scrape ugly wins and boring draws for all I care... survival is the be all and end all this season.
  8. There's some top quality flapping on display today. Imagine if we'd actually lost like the world-beaters Cardiff who people are crapping themselves over facing...
  9. Who's the commentator with Hendrie? Completely mixing up all our black players' names., really poor.
  10. The lad hasn't kicked a ball yet and been promoted and played in the Premiership recently but he's definitely not good enough for a team cemented to the bottom of the Championship on -12... words fail me.
  11. The striking situation is a perfect example of the bad decisions and unbalanced transfer policy we've had over the last few years. To think it used to be a case of which strikers were starting, going on the bench or missing out completely from a list of Hooper, Fletcher, Forestieri, Joao, Nuhiu and Winnall... to who's going to start alongside a misfiring and expensive Rhodes, let alone be on the bench is a ridiculous situation to find ourselves in.
  12. People who are wishing we were relegated this season must have very short memories, League One is a bugger to get out of as we and other clubs know too well. Give me potential relegation next season to guaranteed relegation this season any day of the week!
  13. I pity the opposition's defenders when we're away, imagine trying to mark someone you can't see. Get a decent striker in and we're guaranteed cricket scores every away game, genius.
  14. Da Cruz looked tidy when on. Also pleased with solid performances from Iorfa and Bannan.
  15. GERRIN T'EM, **** 'EM UP! Go on DC Lad, hopefully some of this fight will translate onto the pitch as well. Backs to the wall.
  16. Great performance today, didn't put a foot wrong. Long may it continue.
  17. Brought on Nuhiu to hold it up and he barely touched the ball (not his fault), pointless
  18. The same thing is said in Barnsley on a regular basis although I'm led to believe it means something different
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