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  1. In a nutshell this first half is showing why we're going to struggle this season. Nowhere near clinical enough, if you don't take your chances you'll get punished in any league.
  2. Thought the days of Hutch in midfield were gone, not sure he's got the legs for it. Other than that, pleased with the line up and like the look of the front 2 playing together, should be interesting to see how they get on together.
  3. It's happened now, it's how we react next game that matters. Players need to know in no uncertain times that there can be no repeats of such an abject performance, we've also got a decent size squad so need to use it and bench the worst culprits. If Shrewsbury get a result however, well then we're in a world of trouble.
  4. This is either a top flounce or a poor fishing attempt.
  5. We've got such a soft under belly. Plenty of quality from front to back but the concern is they'll think they're too good for the league and put in half arsed performances. Need a couple of nastier, grittier players who can grab the game (and the rest of the team) by the scruff of the neck but just don't see we have anyone in the squad who can do that.
  6. Rotherham (who were fancied to do well this season) are 2-4 at home to Fleetwood, plenty of early warning signs about how tough this season will be for those clubs are are fancied to do well if they don't apply themselves properly.
  7. Moore better make at least 2 subs at HT or they'll rightfully be a meltdown. No point having quality on the bench if you're not going to use it, especially after that performance.
  8. Yeh definitely not disagreeing we are playing crap and that this compounds the issue. Was more a general point that we're going to have to work extra hard to get the points (something we clearly haven't got the memo about yet).
  9. Proof of what, small crap teams raising their game against the bigger fish in the league? It happens every season in every league, as well as being evident in our recent stints in League One AND also our ability to end clubs wins streaks in both the Championship and League One in recent years etc etc. Add to the above the fact that managers and players of these teams usually reference the fact it's a bigger game for them against a club like us, or when they play at a ground like Hillsborough in this league, think it's fairly obvious myself.
  10. League One is a terrible league to get out of anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded with a short term memory. The signings have given us a good chance but it will have to be really hard fought to get up at the first attempt. Really wouldn't be surprised if it's 2-3 seasons minimum.
  11. Moore needs to earn his money in his half time talk and tear them a new one, would be quite a good watch I'd imagine.
  12. This. Half time substitute, need a right good kick up the ass and motivation from him coming on could be just what we need. We also REALLY need to get used to teams raising their game against us and deal with it. It doesn't matter if they're crap most of the season, nailed on they'll be putting in the best performances of the season against us.
  13. Other than Dennis, that starting 11 looks to have quality in it from front to back and the bench likewise, need to be getting a result today.
  14. Would take a scabby, scrappy 1 nil win now. Performance is important but 3 points much more important to get over the Morecombe hiccup.
  15. Genuinely excited by this signing, if it works out well and he realises his potential here it should be a joy to watch.
  16. Believe the UNPROVEN rumours at the time were he was involved in selling said dandruff.
  17. Good flouncing again. Save the booing for FT if we lose, in Moore we trust. He's earnt if from our start to the season at the very least.
  18. Just praying we give a better account of ourselves against them than the garbage we served up home and away last season, 2 of the worst performances in an already abysmal season.
  19. I was in Bratislava when we got promoted vs. Wycombe, necking pints in the hostel whilst anxiously following the game then rolled straight after final whistle into town to celebrate...great place to celebrate promotion!
  20. Quite enjoy looking at the bench and seeing decent options that can change the game in all positions rather than the pap available last season.
  21. The state of this thread and the Bannan bashing. GET IN!!
  22. Bench looks miles better than last year add there's some who missing from matchday squad who could easily have started.
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