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  1. Yep - huge benefit for us IF subs are used wisely (like today) - can't think of any club in the league that can touch us for strength in depth, just have to make sure we make it count (if starting 11 don't do the business).
  2. Imagine what it's going to be like when we start playing well, good times ahead.
  3. Yeh but apart from the goals and assists what does he offer?
  4. So it should, that's the whole point of having squad depth. Long hard season with games coming thick and fast.
  5. Moore masterclass, lull everyone into a false sense of security then BOOM
  6. Nail.head. He's been out for months and played a stormer in the week, rather not rush him back and lose him for months again, especially as we have a luxury of other options for CM in this league. Would be incredibly stupid and Moore would rightfully take a hammering if it happened.
  7. Bakinson immediately gone up in my estimations for that booking.
  8. Iorfa needs to pull his finger out, out for a gentle jog when he should have been busting a gut to stop their player getting the cross in
  9. Can't be frozen at the time the foul occurs as Windass is already horizontal with his momentum having taken him well into the box. At the exact moment of contact it looked marginally outside the box but as others have said, who cares... take your luck when you can get it, we'll likely be on wrong end of similar decisions throughout the season.
  10. Seem to remember after a couple of good early results we were really rocky through to end of the year before performances picked up significantly in the new year and remained consistent until end of the season.
  11. Abysmal refereeing today (again)..particularly enjoyed him allowing play on for ages went one of ours was down but 5 minutes later their lad had barely hit the grass before the ref was blowing to check on him. Also Paterson getting clattered and getting carded was another top draw decision.
  12. 4 points against Pompey and MK dons is a very solid return. We were very slow starters last year so hopefully we're addressing that from the start this season.
  13. No idea what's changed with him but he's looking pure class at the moment, get him tied down as number 1 priority.
  14. Some people are just desperate for any excuse to have a pop at Moore.
  15. If true then it's time to shine for Pato, he's scored some important goals in his time here (even when playing dogsh*t), hopefully tomorrow will be one of those occasions when we can say he stepped up when needed. Trying to remain optimistic.. that will probably have disappeared by 3.05pm tomorrow.
  16. Hopefully that's an early wake up call that the performance levels needed to be better and consistent for the rest of the season, took us half the season last year to learn that. But let's not right off new players etc after 1 game shall we.
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