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  1. Without wanting to tempt fate, imagine the scenes if last game of season Smith bangs in the winning goal against Derby to promote us (and ideally condemn Derby to another season in this league) at a packed and raucous Hillsborough on the same day Rotherham's relegation is confirmed on the back of some abject performance where they get an absolute spanking... the thought is arousing.
  2. Hectic day at work and completely forgot about this double signing - doesn't half put a smile on your face to see what appears to be a very shrewd start to the transfer window and the bitterness and tears of our neighbours that comes with it, warms the soul.
  3. Eh? Just enjoy the sentiment is all, don't care if he's been here 5 mins or 5 years..I appreciate the gesture, he earns a little bit more respect from me for showing a little bit of respect to us. Bit of a weird thing to get funny about.
  4. This is EXACTLY how you conduct your business... quality players brought in early, we're not messing about. Great start to our recruitment.
  5. What a fantastic signing... exactly what we need up top AND it royally fcks off the mini pigs, SUPERB. In Moore we trust.
  6. Nice of him to post a classy goodbye, could easily not have.
  7. I get your point about previous antics being very unprofessional but maybe just maybe we're learning our lessons. I have as much evidence with my theory as you do yours (unless you claim to be ITK)... which is zero. But common sense in football and other businesses suggest that if you offer contracts to potential employees you don't wait around indefinitely for them to except, coupled with the fact it clearly benefits us knowing who's staying next season so we can crack on with transfer business (which Vaulks signing shows we're very much doing) suggests to me there's very sensibly been a deadline given for those players to accept/or leave. Otherwise it appears you're suggesting we just told him to get back to us when it suits but then pulled the rug from underneath his feet? Which I don't think is particular plausible or beneficial for us to have done so to lose one of our better players. Agree to disagree though.
  8. How do you come to that conclusion without knowing the facts? Just as likely him/his agent have been messing about with the offer and missed the deadline to accept. No qualms with cracking on if that's the case, he either wants to be here with the offer we've put forward or he doesn't and he moves on ASAP.
  9. Great article, great player for us. There's something very likeable about the lad and loved watching him play when he was in the right mood for it, was never afraid to get stuck in which is more than can be said about a lot of our players recently. If we replace him with a player anywhere near his ability I'll be a happy man.
  10. The job Cooper has done there is ridiculous. Had the joy of going Forest away to Stoke with the missus' family at the start of the season under Hughton and they were horrific and bottom 3.. and now they're premier league. Well done them, and much better than Udders going up. Hopefully us soon...
  11. Random as hell but some bloke at the bar we were at watching the play-offs in Lisbon knows Dunkley (plays league 2 for Carlisle apparently) and says Dunkley is staying and loves the club... Happy with that if true.
  12. Really hope Gregory stays, he's at an age where hopefully he just wants to enjoy what's left of his career and he seems to be doing that here. Windass... considering the amount he's played this season I don't think he'd be a huge loss if we can get a decent strikerin to replace him who will actually be available for the majority of the season.
  13. Agreed, so would rather all available money goes into recruitment rather than gambling on a new manager where there is absolutely no guarantee of promotion. Whereas our trajectory under Moore has clearly been heading in the right direction these last few months (form, results, performances etc).
  14. Not seen one person factor in the cost of; A) paying off Moore and all his backroom staff B) paying decent wages to hire/attract new decent manager who will want all new backroom staff C) backing new manager with funds for players (probably a fair few needed with imminent departures leaving big hole in squad) Where's all this money coming from exactly considering we have been and remain financially fcked?
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