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  1. The Daily Mail are going to have a field day when they realise international work permits have been outsourced to Skybet.
  2. He's off to play in the Belgium second tier before signing for Leicester (Maybe)
  3. This purchase would be different as there's good potential for at least making a small profit (assuming the fee is reasonable) - he's got the quality but as the article says he needs the consistency. If he develops and fulfils his potential it could turn out to be a very astute signing.
  4. Currently don't think they're allowed to rule it out in the (highly unusual) circumstance that it goes in off the ref. Rules due to be changed this summer to alter that though, seems barmy no one thought about it before.
  5. There's a difference between Hector being worth £5million and it making sense for us to spend £5million on him. He's clearly worth at least £5million given the season he has just had and his age and pedigree. People said the same thing about Reach and he proved his worth and that was years ago and since then the transfer market and prices have continued to rise sharply.
  6. I'd imagine there would be a decent amount of interest in a fit Winnall to bring in some cash although I wouldn't be against him having a proper chance under Bruce. Same goes for Rhodes, if we get them firing it's a win-win; helps us pick up points but also raises their value to offload.
  7. Give him adequate backing and more importantly time and this guy is taking us up.
  8. We need to be signing young players with pace not antiquated fighter planes...BRUCE OUT
  9. Player of the season. Such a shame his best days are behind him.
  10. Bruce and Bannan clearly have a close relationship...
  11. Iorfa, Fletcher and Matias looking quality. Whole team playing well.
  12. Looks like our new signing in the back helped
  13. So what happens if we want to spend a penny? Do we now have to wee wee ourselves?
  14. Boyd starting?! What is this MONSTROSITY!...(quietly awaits Boyd hattrick)
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