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  1. Has additional tickets already been ruled out?
  2. Nick the Owl

    Line up vs Hull

    Nice to see Jones on the bench
  3. Should survive this season comfortably so gives Bruce 3 months to give squad once over before (hopefully) improving squad in summer for a good go next season. We're not going up or down this season so might as well wait.
  4. People jumping the gun a bit, his start date has been pushed back to February 31st due to gangrene of the knee.
  5. Nick the Owl

    FF looks ready

    It's all that running from the law he's been doing, fit as a fiddle Maybe get some of the other players under threat of arrest in pre-season, starting with Abdi
  6. Nick the Owl


    You just know that if we offer him a new contract he'll be ruled out for a season... it's the Wednesday way.
  7. Nick the Owl

    Adam Reach

    Thought he was £5mil? (Too expensive according to loads on here)
  8. Nick the Owl

    Meadowhall Shop

    Crikey, a sensible idea with a good bit of marketing...what's come over our retail operation?! Fair play to the club.
  9. Nick the Owl

    Why is our defending so bad?

    The loss of Loovens can't be understated for his leadership and experience (and the positive impact he had on Tom Lees). Not signing Venancio was bad business, and letting Hunt go for a small fee and having poorer players in Palmer and Baker to replace him has exacerbated the situation with the defence further. Symptomatic of our clueless transfer strategy. It's alright those as we've spent all our money on strikers .
  10. This thread shows part of the problem... significantly overestimating the quality of our squad. That's not to say that Jos can't get more out of what he's got but let's not kid ourselves that most of the players currently at our disposable aren't rank average.
  11. Never thought I'd say this bit Bannan has been garbage
  12. I like how we give the ball away every time we get it, makes it more exciting