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  1. I agree with everything he said, couldn't have put it better myself.
  2. Recognition for Adam Reach

    You know he's playing well when he's not getting scapegoated quite as much.
  3. Or you could just hold ctrl + alt + WHOOOOOSH
  4. In Hindsight

    Theory: RocketOwl is Jordan Rhodes and it's all a sick game.
  5. As bad as we think things have been...

    Considering the meltdown the last few weeks that's ridiculous
  6. We've got to ram home an advantage
  7. Get Lee and Joao on and stretch them
  8. Chansiri

    It's a bit odd to say the least. With some of the decisions whilst many have found them irritating/frustrating/infuriating, like the Chansiri naming on advertising boards/stadium etc I was hoping there was some legitimate reason behind it, i.e advertising funds being paid in as a way around FFP. But sticking a massive picture of your face in the ground is quite a hard one to put forward a justification for..
  9. Upto people how they want to interpret it, I thought he was getting at the fact that we're not a selling club and can and will retain the players we want (within reason - Hirst an apparent exception), rather than there being a revolving door fitted on the front of the ground for players in and out. I didn't get the impression that it was a steadfast refusal to sell players. Also ties in with having a big squad of players (something mentioned almost from day 1 I believe). Loads of managers and chairman spill the "family" line, "all in this together" spin....it's standard practice.
  10. Sheffield Wednesday Megastore

    To be fair to the staff, it's fair to say they'll have been pretty busy the last 3 days! Not only that, I'd expect them to prioritise serving the people who have made the effort to go down to the store, imagine how pissed off you'd be stood in the queue and watching them spending ages on the phone.
  11. Yeh agreed, fair to say it's been a textbook example of how not to do things. My point was more around the design, and it proving more popular than some of the traditionalists might expect. I'm all for bringing the stripes back, but ignoring the shambles of getting the kit into stock today, don't mind the next kit and think as kits with no stripes go, it's the best we could hope for (I'm not including the price in that statement).
  12. People are assuming this shirt will be a flop and it's only been on sale for 1 day... If it is, hopefully Chansiri will learn his lesson, if it isn't then he's vindicated...I reckon they'll sell better than most want/expect and seem to have got off to a good start.
  13. That hoody, the 2 zip up jackets and the zip up jumper actually look really smart and not too garish like most stuff, might have to blow the cobwebs from the wallet. Rest of training gear looks decent as well, all of it is shown online in club store.
  14. Makes perfect commercial sense. Why are people buying the goods for sale and spending money?! Sort it out Chansiri.
  15. Genuine question...

    Depends on timing...if he did that now then he's writing the season off in October, which while some of the more pessimistic elements might think the season is already over there's still plenty to play for. However, if a few months down the line it's clear we're not going anywhere this season then a statement rethinking timescales etc might help to curb some of the unrealistic expectations - not sure he's got too much to apologise for though.