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  1. Cracking signing, he tore us apart when he played us and looked a class above.. if he plays near that for the season then I'm excited to watch this lad play.
  2. Can't complain at this at all, very pleasantly surprised. Dare I say it but our transfer strategy so far looks to be quite coherent, ambitious and successful.
  3. Wing looked quality for Rotherham, would be really pleased with that signing for League One... fingers crossed!
  4. If I remember correctly he had a brother James who we were also linked with who was supposed to have been the better of the 2.
  5. Says Macron will provide the official kit.
  6. Will remember the goal he scored at Elland Road from absolute miles out with great fondness, finished 3-2 to us if memory serves. Quality player, wand of a left foot.
  7. Always worries me when people talk about how easy it will be for us to get promoted next season, some have got very short memories. League One is awful to get out of, and even IF we back Moore and sweep the decks and IF make good signings in quality and quantity, every team in the league will have us as one of the teams they want to beat and raise their game accordingly. More than happy to be proved wrong but nothing in our recent history suggests a quick bounce back is likely, especially from opinions coming from outside the club.
  8. Westwood, Rhodes and Lees can stay if they take sizable paycuts. Urgohide if his heart is in it playing for a league one club. But wouldn't be bothered if we sweep the decks (of the titanic) and let every single one go.
  9. We'll agree to disagree. I'm more than happy to accredit the blame elsewhere, you crack on blaming Moore, each to their own.
  10. No offence but this is the typical clichéd defence. The club haven't paid their employees properly, no one should be surprised if they don't perform to the same high standards. In the real world, people who haven't been paid properly might still turn up (because they're contracted to) but no one should expect them to bust a gut and why should they? As I've said, they're not volunteers... you get what you pay for.
  11. Decisions made on manager(s) appointment, appropriate timing of replacing manager(s), player recruitment and financial control/management... 1 man was responsible for all these decisions/roles.
  12. Fed up of the usual cliche "they're lucky to play football for a job"... it's only a job if you're paid for it. Most aren't Wednesday fans, they're not going to volunteer to play for us and why should they at a "professional" football club.
  13. Who's he signed since he's been here for you to come to that conclusion? Bloke hasn't been able to get into a stadium or training ground in weeks either. He's got a good reputation for a reason, I'm more than happy to give him a crack at it next season but who's he going to sign? And that's to say he stays, who would we get that's better who would join us in the 3rd division with the way we've been run the last few weeks/ months/ years?
  14. If I'm at work and I had 4 managers in 1 year and they didn't pay me properly for numerous months, I'd be out the door sharpish, same as most people in most professions. Footballers are no different, if I was a Wednesday player I'd be screaming at my agent to get me a move. God help us in trying to recruit anyone decent.
  15. If I was Moore I'd be walking as soon as I possibly could and get a far away from this car crash of a club as possible.
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