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  1. He was running around like a loony today and putting his foot in at any opportunity, his performance deserved to be rewarded by that goal
  2. Both Hutchinson and FF have to keep their heads tonight as they will be targeted from the first minute.
  3. If memory serves there was talk in the press about a £1mil move to West Ham based on his form at the time.
  4. I'd be taking Fletcher off, he's critical to the way we play especially with the form he's in. He can score a hattrick on Monday night...
  5. Coked out of his head offering out half the north then being shocked when a couple of people obliged
  6. Good luck explaining your internet search history
  7. Fox was average at worst today, bizarre people pulling him up for his performance especially considering he had Boyd in front of him
  8. Solid performance, kept it simple and thought he looked comfortable next to Hector. Long may it continue
  9. I don't think it was because they were looking for the perfect goal, they looked scared to shoot
  10. He's a complete waste of a shirt, offers nothing going forward or defensively.
  11. I thought FF was more guilty of playing backwards than Bannan.
  12. I'd imagine both Fox and Palmer improving the way they have has a lot to do with Mr Bullen, it's all coincided with him becoming caretaker manager and giving them a massive confidence boost following the negativity of the previous manager and sections of the fanbase.
  13. Joao rewarded them in the best way
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