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  1. Just when you think we can't get any worse we raise the bar
  2. The complete lack of urgency is pathetic and the lack of quality up front is shining through. Get Rhodes on, got to be better than this shower so far.
  3. Harris finishing masterclass so far today ffs.
  4. What goes through some of our player's brains I'll never know, ridiculous.
  5. Ball retention has been so poor all season, we're awful at keeping hold of it.
  6. Just hope he's not selected for drug testing after the match because after that performance it's a guaranteed fail. A good a performance from a Wednesday player that I can remember in donkeys years.
  7. Us staying up would make Jesus' reappearing act look like a two-bob magic trick. Start of an Easter miracle? Su-feckin-perb.
  8. Imagine being in good form and going away to bottom of the league and finding yourself 5 nil down. Cardiff are doing a Wednesday against Wednesday, classic.
  9. Got to use this as a catalyst, win the next game and we're in business.
  10. Definitely one of our most understated signings IMO, a very classy player.
  11. Imagine being 2 nil down at home... to us. Beyond embarrassing.
  12. Didn't Luton do the same? Look how that turned out....
  13. FFS. Their 2 goals show what a bit of quality will do for you.
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