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  1. This thread shows part of the problem... significantly overestimating the quality of our squad. That's not to say that Jos can't get more out of what he's got but let's not kid ourselves that most of the players currently at our disposable aren't rank average.
  2. Never thought I'd say this bit Bannan has been garbage
  3. I like how we give the ball away every time we get it, makes it more exciting
  4. Pleased with that all things considered. Dare I say it but really enjoying watching Pelupessy, getting stuck right in.. how a derby should be played.
  5. Nick the Owl

    The Bench Today

    Only Joao out of the 7 named on the bench today not come from the academy/u23s. I'm all for bringing kids through but the complete lack of experience and championship quality available on the bench to change the game is frightening.
  6. Nick the Owl

    Found wallet: Martin Wild.

    Is Martin Wild?
  7. Nick the Owl

    Pudils head

    He posted a picture last night on his Instagram - definitely had a few stitches in it. How the ref isn't blowing up for that and their CB had the audacity to get annoyed and try and get him on his feet I'll never know, shocking.
  8. Nick the Owl

    Daniel Pudil

    And it looked like the QPR players were moaning at him to get up, unbelievable. Terrible officiating. Another honourable mention for battling needs to go to Hector, he loves getting stuck in.
  9. Nick the Owl

    Sam Winnall - Setback

    Or if they have to be there at the same time, at least somebody film it so we can have a bet on who wins
  10. Hector very good, Thorniley and Lees solid, the rest need to pull their finger out.
  11. He's making himself look poor, his passing has been shocking when there's not been a Boro player near him.
  12. Joao can't even choose the right bloody boots to wear
  13. Penney having a mare with his passing
  14. Seriously need to wake up, incredibly sloppy