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  1. David jones

    Has Lee got a twin brother?! If not, I'd use some of the funds and look at cloning him.
  2. David jones

    David Jones in time-travel shocker
  3. David jones

    For me, I'd be looking to cash in on FF and invest all of the money in a player to fill this role, think it would benefit the team overall a lot more than keeping a temperamental FF who we don't appear to be missing at the moment.
  4. Van aken

    If he bulks up a little bit he could be an absolute beast, perfect all-round Centre back...he's definitely got all the right qualities.
  5. I reckon the fact that we have been kicked in the teeth with the last minute equaliser will work in our favour next Sunday. Firstly the players should be wound up and annoyed and be looking to put it right and should rule out any complacency, but more importantly it keeps us below United in the table...adds a nice bit of extra motivation knowing if we beat them we go above them!
  6. Cardiff 1 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday : OMDT

    Win your home games, draw your away = promotion form. They're second in the league, annoying the way we conceded but it's a good point.
  7. Cardiff 1 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday : OMDT

    Nothing wrong with that set up. Yes Reach has bee quality at Left Back but if there main threat is coming down the right wing then doubling up Reach and Pudil still makes sense and Reach can hopefully still provide the attacking outlet like recently. Always makes me laugh when people are disgusted we don't go into every game with an all-out attack mentality. Maybe, just maybe that wouldn't work in every game and Carlos is trying to set us up in a way to actually stand a chance of achieving points away from home against a team that has been absolutely flying, just a thought.
  8. Visit Middlewood

    Tell them you play Centre Back and are there for a trial, you'll get in no problem.
  9. Adam Reach

    Glad for the lad, he's put in some cracking performances recently. He's been absolutely slaughtered (unfairly in my opinion) since joining, been the scapegoat ever since.
  10. Wing Backs

    It seems like Carlos is placing a greater emphasis on the wingbacks bombing forward and doubling up with the wingers (which seems to be a common trend at the minute with a lot of teams), but this only works if you have the players to play that style. Comes as a welcome relief that we appeared to have stumbled on a position that Reach is made for and has excelled at recently, and whilst Hunts defensive work might occasionally be questionable he offers a lot going forward as well. As long as Reach and Hunt carry on like this then this really could work for us moving forward...long may it continue.
  11. Hooper...

    Makes us tick, at parts in the game felt like he was carrying us...superb.
  12. Couldn't agree more...surprised Hunt got Man of match!
  13. Reach has been quality. Boyd has struggled since coming on though, awful touch.
  15. Gone flat, need some fresh blood now...perfect timing on the hour mark