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  1. BOTH Wycombe match (on holiday in hostel in Bratislava trying not to spill my pint over the keyboard in front of the over aggressive receptionist) and Wembley against Hull (best mate getting married, no phone signal so no idea of score until I was hammered at the reception - probably for the best)... nightmare. I'll never miss a big game again
  2. Grew up in rural Dorset but family connections made it an easy choice. Funnily enough was 4 or 5 other Wednesday fans in my year at school and whenever I wore a shirt for football matches etc other kids regularly came up ang told me their dad etc etc supported Wednesday. Nice little village to grow up in, however it was soon ruined by a blade moving in, all down hill from there.
  3. Because we've scored more goals than them. You're welcome.
  4. Nick the Owl


    This. Same with Leeds and Lees, people should learn to watch players themselves and make their own opinions before writing them off.
  5. Nick the Owl

    Man Of The Match

    He was sat on the bench next to Whoosh I believe
  6. Nick the Owl

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    A LOT of Jos bashing going on in here when I'm reality the decision is likely to not have had anything to do with him. Jos is hardly going to come out in public and slag his boss off is he? Keeper is the one position we can actually afford to lose sometime of KWs ability from to help alleviate our financial mess, Dawson is a safe pair of hands and Wildsmith a solid back up. The club (not necessarily Jos) are clearly looking to get rid and the longer this lingers the more of a problem it will get, the instability is unhealthy and Westwood deserves more respect from us to resolve quickly. The decision (given the circumstances) makes sense, the way they're going about it doesn't.
  7. Passing it about nicely going forward but we look really weak at back
  8. What time does the brawling start?
  9. Nick the Owl

    Weaver appointed goalkeeper coach

    Solid, sensible decision... got to be a mistake/ accident?!
  10. Nick the Owl

    Membership Pricing 2018/19

    £90 is barmy without considering last season, including that and it's absolutely insane, how can they justify nearly doubling it?! As an exiled Owl it was one way to put money into the club and help attend the odd game, no chance I'm getting another one this year.
  11. Nick the Owl


    Can't help but think of THAT goal against Leeds every time I see his name, superb. Hopefully more of the same to follow
  12. Nick the Owl

    #SWFC 5 - 1 Norwich OMDT

    Never thought I'd see the day that a) Nuhui scores a league hattrick and b) most fans are desperate for him to sign a new contract. Well done big man.
  13. Nick the Owl

    Adam Reach

    Player of the season
  14. Nick the Owl

    Hull City 0 - 1 #SWFC - OMDT

    This thread has gone from the matchday thread to a FriendsReunited/Crimewatch mash-up