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  1. This. Rhodes has had a huge amount of goodwill and sympathy from the majority of the Wednesday fanbase (myself included) for years and has consistently not delivered. Of all the players the last few years I feel has been hard done by, Rhodes isn't one of them unfortunately. If taking him off is for the better of them team so be it. Hardly like he's been in red hot form recently.
  2. Because it's still an improvement on what we would have got out of Monk.
  3. I admire your faith in the players currently available to Pulis but think it's misplaced, upfront we are abysmal. Rhodes, Paterson, Marriott, Windass... Not many teams in the league would want those starting in their team.
  4. It doesn't matter in our case though does it given our current squad? If he tried to get us to play attacking football with the players we've got we'd get torn apart and relegated without doubt.
  5. There's no other way Pulis can set us up than concentrate on getting us organised defensively and hard to beat, we have ZERO quality upfront and very little attacking flair in midfield. No idea how people expect us to set up but you've got to play to your strengths and that's definitely not free flowing attacking football.
  6. As others have said, looks great going forward but still have reservations about his defending... allowing it to bounce (twice?!) when it dropped smack bang in centre of box was criminal defending, much worse than JVA getting turned by Ayew, just lucky it didn't prove as costly. Long may his improved performances continue.
  7. Passing it well, working hard, organised, almost look confident...wtf is going on
  8. Westwood starting is a worry after so long out, injury waiting to happen.
  9. Tbf think he says "looked comfortable and in control at Preston.."? But either way, they weren't expecting that!
  10. Keep us up = job done. The guy has been successful most places he's been, including in the Prem, not sure what people were expecting when we're 2nd bottom of the 2nd div. Good luck Tony Pulis.
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