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  1. Not working for me either. I found it listed in Main Menu >>> Sports - but seems to be miles behind
  2. Sky Red Button isn't working for me - any streams instead?
  3. I know I’m weeing in the wind here but desperate for 1 x spare adult ticket for Leeds today. Let me know by PM if you have one and can meet at ground!
  4. Exactly this. We all knew it - why did Bullen wait? It wasn’t working it was screaming for Luongo and a change of formation. When I saw the team I assumed that Forestieri would be on the left of a front three
  5. Livid today. Unfortunately Bullen has to take the blame. We have learned that shoehorning players into a team doesn’t work in the past (Bannan, Forestieri). When I saw the line-up I was concerned. This team started the season with great confidence and an identity. 4-3-3. What we saw today was abject and Bullen showed vast inexperience in not reacting soon enough. All confidence gone has now gone. When they went 3-5-2 I was absolutely astounded. What was going through Bullen’s head? 23,000 people knew that that was a ridiculous idea. Today was Bullen’s big test and he couldn’t have failed it more. Gutted.
  6. I've got a spare ticket for Preston - can't make it and can't return them so if anyone can collect from Manchester/South Manchester its yours for a 10er
  7. He’s really not that bad of a player. Never a standout but he’s a capable squad player. No need for the abuse at all - I’m fairly sure he seems like a committed pro, unlike plenty of other players we’ve had around the squad recently
  8. An independent report produced by... a former copper. With no experience specifically listed on football crowd safety. There you have it. Utter bullshit.
  9. There are a vast number of solutions to manage the egress of the crowd that doesn’t involve just closing an exit and piling 10,000 people towards one exit only. Humans are creatures of habit and people have been doing this at games for decades - all this is going to serve to do is create tension, confusion and ultimately more challenges
  10. A pragmatic approach to Crowd Management is based on the assessment of behaviour and trends over time in a unique environment - football matches at Hillsborough have been happening for a century. The statistics applied within this report aren’t based on crowd behaviours at football games - they’re generic figures applied to shopping centres, city centres etc. There’s no contextual rationale applied based on real world examples, other than a one off game. It would be interesting to see how many times the team that produced the report have actually developed something like this for football clubs/police forces around the country and how this was applied in real world terms. Imagine they tried it at West Ham v Millwall at the Den? Or Leeds? Or United at home?
  11. There is no way that an assessment on crowd management for such a nuanced issue can be determined from an anomalous fixture alone and not based over a series of examples/averages. Unless there is a pre-determined result that people are wanting to identify.
  12. It’s sad to see him go to be honest. He just never properly nailed his chance and couldn’t be relied on when needed. I’ve no doubt he’ll now go on and be a superstar at Reading and we’ll kick ourselves for letting him go
  13. Could i take one that's free from someone? Happy to meet at train station or wherever. Thanks
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