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  1. Said it a thousand times but my favourite player we've had since I was a child. At times absolutely genius. That 6-0 game against Leeds I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It might look like he's dropped a bit but he's always been a homebird, never moved from his hometown and now he's got an 18 month deal up the road. If he stays fit he'll be a local legend for them.
  2. Not half the footballer Nuhiu was but gets double the credit cos he runs around a lot. Can't knock him for his goals though. A team at our end of the league need plenty of shithouses and he's one for sure.
  3. Harrowing read this. Looks like the club once again hasn't done appropriate due diligence. The guy screams dodgy salesman and Chansiri's fell for it. Why would any respecting businessman who understood football be splashing this all over Instagram? He can't believe his luck and he's wanting to scream and shout about it to raise his profile in the short term. If this turns out to be anything other than a disaster I'll be mightily surprised. My only hope is that this company and him are just acting as a go-between for real investment from external
  4. Started a thread on this the other day and proved correct again today. It has to be in a two though - a straight swap for Windass won't show us Rhodes' value.
  5. Octagon is owned and ran separately by the University of Sheffield - a separate entity to those who work with the student union what runs Foundry. I can't remember the full politics of it as it was a while back, but a change of leadership meant that they vastly outpriced promoters from putting on gigs in there. The promoters in the Student Union and elsewhere would have had to pay exorbitant fees to put anything on in there - only making it viable for bigger events where the other venues in the SU were already in use and sold to capacity. This may have changed recently
  6. On the opening game of the season we started with a front 2 of Windass and Rhodes. We played well and caused problems up front. Won 2-0. Week after we played Watford with the same top two - no, didn't score but got a very good point. These two haven't started together since. (I don't think). We have been utterly miserable since then. There is absolutely no validation for us persisting with one striker up. Start these as a front two, with Brown in Midfield and Luongo in the team too and we'll see better performances moving
  7. Not going to lie I'd rather this vaccine doesn't work out - don't force me to drag myself out of the warmth to watch this poo soon, please
  8. I'd be really, really disappointed to see Iorfa shipped to right back. He's not half the player there. He's properly made me eat my words at CB. At right back - his first touch always put him in trouble, and he isn't effective with the ball further up the pitch. At Centre Half he's been an absolute colossus where he has less responsibility with the ball at his feet. No need to mess that up.
  9. Terrible from Pulis. Absolutely shocking. No need to make Rhodes a scapegoat there and that absolutely destroy his confidence. We don't have the luxury of destroying the confidence of the limited attacking options we have
  10. The worst I've seen Bannan play in a long time. Really, really poor
  11. Love comments like this. He's not coming to play Centre Half. That much experience in football is a good thing and will demand more respect from the players. We saw it with Bruce - he was the only one post-Carlos who got the drama queens singing from the same hymn sheet.
  12. The best we've played this season was with Windass and Rhodes as the starting top 2. Give 'em another chance - a proper one. We've got nothing else to offer so why not.
  13. Posted in another thread but it's as simple as this. Do I want Pulis' football? Absolutely not - but if it's him or Campbell, Neville, Cowley etc - I'll take the stability and experience anyday, especially while we can't be there to watch it. Get us stable, add some backbone, improve the set pieces and move on next year if we've not drastically improved, but we're safe and a better proposition. Paul Cook for me - #pashun, good football and chomping at the bit. Championship experience at a lower level but more than ready for that next step up to a bigger club.
  14. Sol Campbell Phil Neville Cowley I was all for Cowley until the Huddersfield reign - but he just screams failure now. Can just imagine the dour 'we tried our best' and soundbites. The other two aren't even worth thinking about. Do I want Pulis' football? Absolutely not - but if it's him or the above I'll take the results anyday, especially while we can't be there to watch it. Paul Cook for me - #pashun, good football and chomping at the bit.
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