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  1. Could i take one that's free from someone? Happy to meet at train station or wherever. Thanks
  2. I've got a funny feeling Mr Bruce might be keeping tabs on Forest and Boro and thinking he might get a quid or two more there than he would here...
  3. Jos said he took an elbow and felt a bit dizzy. I'll be honest - he probably thought, f**k this. That first half was one of the worst Wednesday performances I've ever seen. There's no way he wants to impact on his chances of performing for his country by turning out for us every week.
  4. You just know we are going to concede, regardless. That first half performance was the worst I have seen since Irvine was destroying the club. You just know Chansiri won't act though - he won't spend a penny.
  5. Get him in. Glad that many of the delusions we had pre-Jos about who we could attract are gone. Exactly what we need and would make us hard to beat at the very least
  6. We're not going to get a John Stones at this level and we don't need one. Van Aken can play a ball - and we know how poo he is. We needed a presence who can defend properly and instill some confidence at the back.
  7. Calm, composed and stops everything. Absolute Rolls-Royce. Everything we've needed since Loovens went on the blink. Bet he's got a massive chopper too.
  8. I pay for one season ticket for my Dad. I live in Manchester so can't make most midweek games but try and get as much as I can. Went to have a look at tickets earlier and couldn't close the page quick enough. Kills me that my Dad has to sit alone but there is no way in hell I can afford or justify 40 quid on top of a rushed train to sit and watch a match that's on Sky. There is no way a ticket on Kop should ever be more than £30. Completely prices me and I'm sure many others out. I'm desperate to get back into the routine of going regularly to home matches but it's far easier for me to go away from home or find a stream online.
  9. Yep - this is the first time I've not lived in or near a City Centre so at 27 it's probably time I learned to drive
  10. Just wondering how many Manc based Owls there are? I live in Gatley now - dont drive and would be interested in looking at lift shares to games etc if anyone is local
  11. Shame - was the best reporter on there (as was Paul Walker before him for parity). Best of luck to him - one of Owlstalk's most prominent members when i joined 13 (!!) years ago.
  12. I'm a Nuhiu fan but he doesn't work as a lone striker. Fletcher was so bloody good the other night - I forget how talented he is holding the ball up. We were lumping the ball up both games, but the other night Fletcher was bringing down, holding up, playing into space - Atdhe sticks the nut on it, it goes to their player and it comes straight back at us.
  13. Remember when Chansiri embarrassed a fan when he suggest Pigs have a better team than us? They're levels above that poo we've put out tonight. What is it with Jos and Millwall? Didn't play a striker against them last year
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