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  1. Easy to pick this out in hindsight but you've got to remember it wasn't a straight choice between Moore and Cook. Cook was available with a good track record - hence the clamour, Moore was employed and none of us expected Chansiri to bother with employed managers. Still stick by him being the best suitable candidate that was clearly available (i.e. unemployed and interested) at the time. Far too early to write off Ipswich - they'll come good
  2. Tonight's shown me how key Hutch is to the play out from the back approach... like watching 2 different teams this second half. They've identified our left hand side as a weakness and have exploited it.
  3. Think Johnson's been really poor - there's plenty of alternatives, I'd get him off.
  4. Playing very well but Byers isn't create as a DM - tackling definitely isn't his game, stood off a few longer range opportunities. Great with the ball though
  5. Really liked the look of him - nifty feet and courageous and hardworking. Looked like he had a point to prove. Probably not that 20 goal a season poacher but was pleasantly surprised with him
  6. Peacock-Farrell - 7 Palmer - 7 Jack Hunt - 6.5 Iorfa - 8 Hutchinson - 7.5 Adeniran - 7 Bannan - 7 Wing - 6.5 Green - 6 Johnson - 6 Kamberi - 7
  7. To be fair - that's decent prices. I've just renewed my Dad's that I pay for but I haven't had one recently as I live in Manchester so I struggle to get back midweek. At that prices and with the money saved from last year, I'll get one if they go on general sale.
  8. You do know he won a Golden Boot don't you?
  9. I've genuinely got more experience for the role prior to him joining SWFC. Salesman with operational responsibility is a big no.
  10. I've watched the first 4 series back over the last few weeks. I'd completely forgotten too. It's really helped because it feels like Series 6 piecing everything together. Also reminded me how good Series 2-3 are.
  11. Kachunga up there with our most atrocious signings. I was pleased we got him too.
  12. There's only so many times I can say 'told you so' Criminal that Rhodes wasn't given the opportunity this year. Will cost us our Championship status.
  13. Yep - feels like a completely different world. Very much looking forward to reading the book and a great topic. I was born 2 months after this season but the characters in that squad are the ones that I've been brought up to see as heroes. Their legacy still runs through the club and is what once gave me hope that we'd see a team of that stature and quality again. Not so sure anymore!
  14. Jibbed an Uber from the coach station with the author at Stoke away on Boxing Day last year, so just ordered a copy to pay back my half. I've felt guilty since - probably my fault we've been so bad on the pitch since that game.
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