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  1. 414 pages of speculation. 1 free transfer. Bring on the season eh.
  2. Yes you do. Mine came through straight away, though I had an existing ID with 90 priority points that they could add it straight to.
  3. Have been thinking of heading back to Sheff for the weekend to watch it but will definitely head up if I don't make it back. Be good to see something regular like this in Manc.
  4. Semi Tickets

    Managed to get through, select tickets - then I pressed 'checkout' and it returns me to the login screen and crashes Google Chrome. They're not going to sell out but it's a pain.
  5. Playoff Semi tickets

    It is still open and applicable for this Thursday. I completed an application yesterday and it has all been approved today. It's an annual membership, so it's not money thrown away like a last minute club season membership would be.
  6. Playoff Semi tickets

    If I was to sign up Owls Foundation Membership today - would I receive the ticket priority for the Play-Offs? Can't seem to find any info on the website
  7. Tuesday 30th May

    I fly to Barcelona at 07:00 on Tuesday from Manchester. What a party it could be... long way to go yet though.
  8. Joao

    Blackburn fans are absolutely raving about him. We know he's got it in him - just hope we don't give up on him too soon.
  9. He almost set things up for a fall last season. For the final 2/3rds of the season we overachieved, playing exciting football and looking like real prospects. Investment and expectations have been upped this year and we've not met them at any point. We've accumulated our points unconvincingly for the most part and our team looks disjointed. Too many players aren't getting a chance or don't look like performing for Carlos. My heart says let him have a go until the end of the season. My head say it's time for change.
  10. McGugan

    Anybody think his absence could be a cover up for a drugs ban? Love a conspiracy me.
  11. Mcmanaman

    There's no way Carlos will start him on Saturday. He changed the game when he came on today. Will feel very hard done to to receive so little opportunity with us.
  12. Fernando

    Not a slight on anybody but he's still absolutely the best player at the club by quite some distance. Absolute steal at £3million
  13. Fernando

    I think it's pretty certain he'll be leaving this Jan. Not looked half the player for the most part of this season, picked up as we've neared. Simple fact act is at the moment we have nowhere near enough creativity without him, we rely on him too much