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  1. Sorry to hear you got booted to back mate, not sure there is a 3hr cut-off though. I tried website on phone about 7:30 and was up to #225 by 9am. Hadn't manually refreshed or anything but then I was suddenly 3000+ in queue. Logged on at work and joined queue around #2000, steadily moved up the queue as you'd expect to do in a queue, but phone attempt was sending me backwards down the queue - like others have said, it doesn't seem to work properly on phones, whether it does refresh it automatically and loses your place, I don't know. Eventually got up to #140 on work computer, then just as I was considering making a cup of tea, I looked up to see I was finally in system! Didn't muck about, just went for 'best seats' and got Grandstand next to Lepp. This was after being in the queue for 4 hours, and steadily moving up it. Feel lucky as had same trouble getting nowhere for final last year as me mum had no TPP so had to wait til last day. Was hoping for a 20TPP+ release like last year to avoid the general sale bunfight but do think the system's fair in rewarding the most loyal fans. Good luck getting back in, looks to be a few left on Lepp Lower at least
  2. Andy Rhodes said it's just a training kit with the new badges on while they wait for new kit. Someone asked for Attey's shirt and AR said no as he needs it for Chez Vegas game!
  3. Whoever was asking for summary of our business today: *Lavery loaned to Chezzy til 7 March. *Striker Sergiu Bus signed from CSKA Sofia - undisclosed (likely £350K). *RB Marnick Vermijl signed from Man Utd - undisclosed. Rumoured to be bringing McGugan back as well. Shaping up to be a good days business - striker & right-back signed, think we'll try hard for McGugan, possibly other arrivals, maybe outgoings too, Madine ...? Never gona spend millions today, especially as takeover hasn't even been ratified yet...! Just nice to be involved in Transfer Deadline Day for 1st time ever, wi over 4 hours still to go! And in other news, the only news story is Robert Huth joinin Leicester on loan! Talk about slow news day, come on Wednesday splash the cash & create some headlines!
  4. See if this works: https://audioboom.com/boos/2800761-interview-stuart-gray-with-the-latest-on-the-transfer-market-bolton-swfc
  5. That bus incident sounds similar to one I was on, 1st 53 into town straight after match, some chavvy scum started swinging punches at guy stood in front of me after he claimed he "pushed him". Even if he had it was accidental but the guy looked hammered and then his brothers piled on bus and laid into this poor guy as well. Thus was at Castlegate and packed bus, sadly I think we were 'all Wednesday' sadly some cant take their ale and start fights with their own fans.
  6. Had a great view (sadly) as sat right behind goal. At least two people near me videoed it so I'm sure a few vids will surface, but I've no desire to watch a rerun!
  7. Been same for me all last season as well, I've been using Tune-In Radio for last year and can listen to build up/praise or grumble but as soon as match kicks off it plays the recorded message that it's unavailable. FM radio sounds terrible now when used to clarity of DAB!
  8. As cringeworthy & annoying as FH & P/G can be, I'm glad it's on every night & I do usually listen in. Paul Porker - blatantly a Blade & usually ultradefensive, rarely on as feels its beneath him but when he does it often results in radio gold, gettin in some cringeworthy argument, usually with a Blunt criticising manager/chairman. Agree with how his excellent handling of lead-up to MM takeover - remember Hulley interview where he really gave him Paxman style roasting, in stark contrast to RS policy of not askin probing questions the fans want answers to: what heinous crime Heff has committed against AI for instance. Seth - warmed to him lately, always thought he was biased towards pigs but heard him make a few amusing subtle digs against them lately & far better now he presents alone. With Porker it can be entertainin but cringing in equal measures, ganging up on callers who disagree with their opinion which is ALWAYS right. Giddings - don't mind him too much tbh - allows callers to make their point rather than cuttin them off cos he doesn't agree, but Paul/Seth better commentators. Seems to have reasonable knowledge about all local teamd, unlike.... Staton - can talk all night about Rotherham but knows fk all about anythin else & allows the rambling callers to go on too long before eventually cuttin em short. Overall, they provide informative service (how many local stations have daily footy show?) which people can always switch off (which I've been compelled to do many times) but it's not without its faults. They do irritate me with the blind backing of managers & immediately shooting down fans who call for their head. I recall them backin the indefensible Laws & Richardson at Chez Vegas, Davey at dingles too. BTW has the woman readin the txts (Cat?) been sacked?!
  9. Can't do worse than Blunts did there yesterday...
  10. Haaaaaa typical abysmal Radio Pig, aint a clue, no better than that comic SheffStar
  11. I thought that too about the mythical 12 players out - i cud only think of donkey Hendo, the suspended kid Lowton, that awful out-for-season Walton & those 3 playin for world superpowers Wales, Estonia & Malta - thats only 6. Tone of show was pro-Blackie from start suggestin ref cost em game, nothin to do tiny awful squad Cackwell assembled. Well what do u expect when Twatwell's biggest fan Paul Porker works on the show?!
  12. Love the professionalism of that show. Claridge spends all time readin answers to scripted questions off those papers he's always lookin down at. And when thrown a question he wasn't expectin 'Who do u think will be next Sheff Utd manager?' he couldn't name anyone, not Speed who has been manager-in-waiting last 2yr Speed, or even Curbishly who's linked wi any vacancy ever. Then said Coppell left after 2 league games, despite yesterday only being 2nd leag game!
  13. Hope it ain't true, i predicted a 0-3 today and Twatwell duly obliged. Speed will (try to) get em playin football for 1st time in a decade and may produce upturn in results :(
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