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  1. some make a mockery of wawaw . take no notice of the small minded idiots . 99% of us are glad to welcome a new wednesdayite . up the owls luke
  2. WAWAW remember this saying . well it's a joke . 3 factions kopite , north stand and south stand and everyone slagging each other off . football is about passion for your team letting off steam being with your friends and fellow wednesdayites on a saturday afternoon . there aint one person on here who has never sworn at a football match . bring bernard back , come on wednesday be the bigger man .
  3. justice for bernard , ATTACK - ATTACK - ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK .
  4. missed , didn't even get the legends flag wet .
  5. sheffield has 2 of the biggest football clubs in the world , sheffield wednesday and sheffield fc ( the worlds oldest football club ) champion boxers past and present england cricket captains an industry based on steel and hard work a music scene to rival any in the world with top bands in the dozens leeds scary spice jimmy saville n@nce peeeeeedo cant no industry and a doylem who has a cheap shot on the blind side leeds the scum of yorkshire not worth owt just a city lost in nothingness
  6. Youth trying to invent the wheel . Been sung for years early 80's
  7. welcome to owls talk . you'll find plenty of good things on here about andy mac . and he can neck a guinness . andy mac true wednesdayite who was there at brighton not like most who are posting on this thread .
  8. well said k , not many on here appreciate our past or what our ex players feel for our club . i was at the game and did not hear andy macs commentary but mates of mine said he did well . ignore the negative comments as they are in a minority . and as you have said yes andy mac is a top bloke .
  9. sorry madine but your time is up . too much boozing in the casinos too many punch ups with the pigs thanks for the goals but time to move on .
  10. corinthians of brazil , mate of mine took to wednesday and wears a wednesday shirt at home in brazil . i'm a proud follower of the hawks and wear their shirts on a sunday . up the owls and hawks
  11. frozen pitch hodge hero away saunders and shilton playing a blinder away john harks wow away siling it down delayed kick off absolutely boolocksed can't remember the score away cup match at home derby came off the train ay wadsley bridge biff baff boof ouch home 3 3 you could see the panic in the players at 3 1 up , away good times , ready for some more
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