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  1. Me and some mates camped in Kettlewell, I can confirm it was rather inclement! We got lucky ourselves on Saturday with our own ride but watching yesterday on Cray was still fun despite the weather.
  2. I was kicking off big time, it got me good too! A real treat for the viewers that watched live, which I guess are the most loyal fans. Genius.
  3. Are Villa one of the clubs not signed up to iFollow though?
  4. I went last Thursday in Manchester; good mix of new and old songs. Never felt so old at an AM gig, even though I'm the same age as the band pretty much. Love how Alex intros the band during Brianstorm as 'we are the AM from High Green' and doesn't even say Sheffield anymore. Made me chuckle anyway.
  5. Lets not forget, we brought CC in as a DoF/coach initially. He was brilliant, and we were all charmed. But, not a long term 'manager'. PS https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sheffield-Wednesday-sticker-Jos-Luhukay-JOS-WE-CAN/183029460828
  6. I've got that shirt but its match worn by Mel Sterland. Paid £60 on eBay about 10 years ago.
  7. I think this whole going straight to the supplier thing has created its own problems. My Mrs works for a fashion brand and reckons this sort of process would take at least 6 months.
  8. The codes on eBay are a scam. They work for about 3 months then then you're asked to input another code.
  9. Aye, was a tight arse so booked the cheap non-refundable hotel option! Should be a scorcher in London anyway.
  10. Bought my first ST at 16. If someone had of told me it would be another 16 years before we have a chance of going up I wouldn't have believed it. Not many clubs have been through what we have in recent years (and survived without going into admin). This means so much more to us than most fans of other clubs out there. COME ON WEDNESDAY!!!!
  11. Thought he was decent on Boxing Day, didn't fall for Newcastle players diving all over the shop.
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