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  1. Looking forward to this. Cover Art Blue Stripes will need changing from the 91-93 kit though!
  2. on a lighter note..................a magician on a cruise ship is constantly having his tricks spoilt by the ships parrot. every time he does a trick the parrot shouts "its in his pocket, the 4 of clubs". The magician flipping hates it. that night, the ship sinks and him and the parrot cling to a piece of driftwood. for 4 days the parrot says roger all, just stares at him but by the 5th day the parrot says "ok, i give up....wheres the flipping ship?"

  3. Thanks to my friend for sending me Club Badge. I really like it! http://bit.ly/ogtptH

  4. never thought i could hate Big Brother more than i already do.......now they have Kerry Katona and Jedward.....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Me hopes i dont accidentally press 105 on Sky otherwise the 50" Plasma we bought last year may look like a shop window in Tottenham

  5. Hopes everyone who goes to the reunion tomorrow night have a great time

  6. Was the mascot for the first game of season under new kop roof -v- Everton. first player i met was David Hirst, who went on to score on his home debut as sub
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