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  1. my season ticket is on the grandstand. Love it up there. great view and great facilities. Not sure I'm happy with others bigging it up on here though, it might start getting proper busy! Not sat on the NW corner or that uncovered bit of the Kop where Tango goes.
  2. They very probably wouldn't. But sod's law would mean that I'd get caught somehow an/or worry about it all season! I've bought my own ST in the end anyhow. Somewhere about 14/15 games will make it break even financially over the membership and pay on the day I've done in recent years.
  3. http://www.swfc.co.uk/news/article/2016-17/201718-season-ticket-faqs-3725505.aspx Scan down a it and it tells you that they must be used by the person who's name is on the card :(
  4. I asked about this once, wondering if the West Mids Owls supporters could share a ST or two between us. Was told that it has to be for one person only, and that if you're caught doing it, they can cancel your ticket. Scuppered my plan.
  5. Just doing a spot of recruiting for our small but growing group of West Midlands Owls. If you are based down this way, come and say hi via: https://www.facebook.com/groups/westmidlandsowls/ https://mobile.twitter.com/WestMidlandsOwl Cheers and UTO!
  6. Look up the South West, South Wales Owls on Facebook (SWSWSWs) failing that join us West Mids Owls www.facebook.com/groups/westmidlandsowls/ Sure there'll be plenty of both up for the Fulham game!
  7. I loved that kit. My mum still has a picture of me aged c14 up in her living room of me in that kit. Dunno where the actual shirt went mind...!
  8. My brother works with Aaron Jameson who's now at Matlock Town.
  9. Oh bloody hell, someone wants an argument. I don't. He played some pre-season games for us. Some people on here even saw him. I then saw him score for Nuneaton against Solihull last season. I put a comment in my original post about not being sure how relevant it is. After being proved wrong with your initial response, a quick "sorry mate I hadn't realised that" would have sorted it.
  10. There's Marlon in an Owls shirt. Funny what some people remember and others don't innit?
  11. Both those reasons. Though as someone else said, he played pre season games for us and i thought it was relevant to the point of the post.
  12. Not sure if it counts, but Marlon Harewood was at Nuneaton last season at least.
  13. Think i misread the OP. Yeah, we have more in and out. Villa are more North Birmingham and out of the city. Blues, wherever they can scrape 14k from around the east, south and centre at £15 a ticket :)
  14. Oh, and the Anchors a good pub! Worth seeking out though much nearer At Andrews than Villa Park.
  15. I live near Birmingham and tend to agree with the Villa fan. There are 180+ in the West Mids Owls Facebook group. Not yet come across the West Mids Blades :) I have a bit of time for Villa, very little at all for Blues.
  16. Bought one for the the first time. I'll get to 14 games this year I think, which with the cost of membership on top will have cost me about the same as a season ticket. Some of those games were away mind. Next year, I'll go to as many home games as I can, and knock the away trips on the head. Got one for my two lads also (£45 each in the grandstand). Just hoping that plenty of the games are 3pm Saturday, as it's a pain in the wotsits travelling up midweek from the midlands.
  17. The fanzone was pretty impressive. I liked the very civilised Costa style coffee shop next to the club shop also!
  18. In the new Tom Whitworth book about the Owls' recent history, COn Blatsis is mentioned to Paul Jewell who signed him on loan. Jewell couldn't remember him. Says summat.
  19. Good luck to him. Remember him winning a penalty once, and, erm ... That's about it. Hoped to see more of him, glad he's got somewhere to go and hopefully play.
  20. Wolves away, Norwich away. Two disappointing defeats in which he was the only bright spark.
  21. I hope we see Melo in the team. The bits I saw of him before his injury were promising.
  22. I'd say that we're more likely to see Melo again than McGoogs.
  23. Melo travelled with the squad to Preston, so maybe hes due a game.
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