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  1. The good news this week is that Tommy Craig agreed to an interview. So, this week's Alan Biggs show is an 'Our Lowest Ebb' special with me and (much more interestingly) Tommy. Thursday on Sheffield live TV at 7pm and then on YouTube. I'll pop the links up on Thursday Cheers and UTO John
  2. Hope we can read the numbers on the back this time. Other than that: blue and white stripes, black shorts and I'm happy
  3. I think the Owls fans were particularly excited by the goal given the goading from Wolves and that at least one of the Wolves goals was clearly offside. Didn't help the 13/14 year old me feel less scared though
  4. Couple of stories. One SWFC related one not. Scared at the match? Wolves away c1989. At the time half of Molinieux was out of use. So both home and away fans were standing behind one goal. Plenty of abuse flying both ways. It wasn't the abuse that scared me - rather the distance I was carried off my feet when Wednesday scored before being bashed into a barrier and thoroughly winded. For what felt like an age, but was probably only a minute or two, I couldn't get up as the crowd was still surging behind me. I still feel a bit shaken now thinking about it. Not Owls relat
  5. Hello everyone, I'm slowly beginning the process of researching and writing a follow-up to my recent book 'Our Lowest Ebb'. This time, I'm focusing on more positive times as Howard Wilkinson's team took on the big boys on the club's return to the big time. I'm interested in the views and memories of fans from the time. Players, games, away days and tall tales. The things that supporting a team are all about If it's your era therefore and you're happy to share a few thoughts, please head to: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/9MJJVBF C
  6. I agree. I think they've done a great job so far. They are also honest about possible issues with the survey at the end. Bodes well I think.
  7. 1500+ fans filled it in. I suppose the debate is whether that's a large enough sample. They do put some thoughts about the survey on the final page
  8. Well done to the new trust I say. From a standing start, in difficult times, they've come up with a solid survey that seems to capture a good range of opinion - with plenty of practical solutions. Hope that the club begin to fully engage with them.
  9. Living in the West Midlands, not much topped Gary Hooper's late double against Brum a few years back to come back and win 2-1.
  10. Thanks @Eckstein11 - I love the stories! I love the fashion for scrapbooks in the 70s/80s. I think that it is now something of a lost art though. Amazed by how much stuff people have kept from back then though. It says something about us as football fans
  11. Everyone who mentioned George McCabe said what a lovely man he was. Not the best coach necessarily, but there were others to do that. But a really nice man it seems. The personalised Christmas card to all youth team players illustrates it nicely. I bet there was some fascinating stuff in his collection of memorabilia from his refereeing career!
  12. I thought I was registered with the Star so I could read articles ok. So, went on, and it would only let me read the headline. Went incognito, and my screen froze while it decided to ask me about cookies. Get past that and there were two pop up videos. Good article though, love how the smell of cigar smoke reminds Pete of the 70s
  13. Cheers - glad you liked it It does help put today into perspective I think. Or show that people don't always learn from mistakes
  14. Fathers Day is coming up. So, a little offer, use the code FATHERSDAY and it's FREE P&P. Open to anyone, not just the Dads! Happy to sign/dedicate any ordered that way as well - via the link at: https://ourlowestebb.bigcartel.com/products Cheers, John
  15. Alan Biggs had Colin Walker on just before lockdown
  16. Great stuff, let me know how you get in with it Got to love the postal workers of the world for getting it to you so quickly!
  17. Those of you who remember the mid-70s might like to watch Alan Biggs' chat show - now up on YouTube and featuring Peter Rodrigues and (in pt2) Rodger Wylde. And if anyone needs any persuasion to get hold of a copy of the book - here's some feedback from Chris Turner
  18. It might have looked better like that, dunno really. I like it, will buy one if and when they become available. If the accuracy thing annoys others, probably best not to buy it. We'll never know I suppose if a more accurate one would have been more popular than this one.
  19. To make it look good? Spread the names around the map so they are not all crunched up? I get the point, that if it's accuracy we're after - it's not 100% and that's going to annoy some. I just liked the look of it, and it reminded me of a few players I'd forgotten (Strutt, Savic).
  20. Sounds like I'm outvoted a bit then I like it, maybe the discussion's the point of art as well?! Not everyone liked that pickled shark in a tank, but it went for a few quid I think!!
  21. It's a piece of art innit? I don't think whoever posed for "The Scream" or "Mona Lisa" looked exactly like that, artistic license it's called I think. And I think the print is ace, I'll certainly be buying one.
  22. I love it. He's thought of some pretty obscure ones - Brian Strutt!
  23. There's the Owls books part of the bibliography in 'Our Lowest Ebb'. Not sure how many are still available, as some I've had on my shelf for years, but I'd highly recommend: Keith Farnsworth - Wednesday! and the Sheffield Football: A History ones. Steve Ellis' book of pictures has some great images. Andy Cooper's book on Eric Taylor told a story that needed telling. John Firth's - I hate football is great on the fans experience. Also I'd recommend Derek Dooley and Len Ashurst's autobiographies. Both well written with lots
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