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  1. As was said above somewhere. Opening the bottom of the West Stand - perhaps by branding it a basic ticket at £15 or £20 a time. Shouldn't upset ST holders or members if branded that way ,- as not every game, and all you get is a match ticket and limited facilities. Should benefit the team as well by having Owls fans on all sides.
  2. Great work, there's Complete Sheffield Wednesday History book that has all the attendances in> https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sheffield-Wednesday-Complete-Record-1867/dp/178091220X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1534944932&sr=8-1&keywords=jason+dickinson+complete+sheffield
  3. I've been to several. I agree with this, and sent my thoughts to the club after the last one. An agenda, minutes, action points etc - they are all effective (if a little dull) ways of getting things done. I am glad though that the 6 match ticket bundle thing finally saw the light of day. That was one of the best ideas from previous meetings.
  4. I for one think that the club have listened and acted on it. This was suggested at Steering Group meetings over the last year or two. It's taken time to come to fruition, but glad it has. It suits those who can't attend every game for reasons of work/distance/family etc. It's as flexible as it reasonably possible and given the constraints of the pricing policy more generally, is priced well. I hope they sell '000s of them :)
  5. Liam Palmer, before him Tommy Spurr. - I know star and hero are pushing it for both - but they have had solid careers at a high level.
  6. #kosovanpele :) Love him. Hope he plays and batters Sunderland tomorrow, Brentford on Sunday and anyone else he comes up against all season.
  7. £150 is £25 a game. It might be £25 for Millwall. It won't be for Derby, Forest, L***s etc. If there is a reasonably free choice of games then at this price they should fly out to those who can't justify a ST but who like to go when they can. Any more than this, then the argument is less strong.
  8. £149 on the Kop for members. £179 for non members. Both more than a season ticket but a good discount on POTG prices. Free choice of games with maybe a limit on cat A/B games. Advertise them well, and they'll fly out :)
  9. Yep, I sit up there with my two lads (9 and 7). Plenty of room, easy to get to the bar, decent toilets, bookies easy to use and kids activities before the games. We sit right at the back at the Kop end, and love the view - though I know it's a bit like watching a subbuteo game!
  10. The grandstand is the same price as the north. Really good view and facilities in the grandstand in my humble opinion.
  11. I'm sad enough to have taken a picture. If it's done right it should be a real bonus to those fans who can't justify a full season ticket for reasons of distance/work/family etc etc. Well done to the club for listening I say.
  12. Me and my two lads. Youngest's first away game. Hope he brings some luck with him.
  13. I'm a fan. Seems to want to get the job done in a measured, serious, organised way. Just what we need. And he's had them doing double training sessions over the summer, they'll be the fittest team in the league :)
  14. Can't disagree with any of that. I'm glad that I can (just about) make a ST work for me and my two lads (£23 each in the grandstand). Why the club get some things so wrong I really do not know :(
  15. It was a really popular idea at the Steering Group. Followed up a couple of meetings later. Then nothing. Shame really as I think the idea could be a real winner.
  16. At some of the steering group meetings there was talk of a "multi-ticket" - pay (for arguments sake) £180 for the right to go to six games over the season. It would need to have some very clear T&Cs applied but I don't know why it never took off. Seems a good solution to me for all the people who through distance, work, family etc cannot justify a ST.
  17. Join us.... https://www.facebook.com/groups/westmidlandsowls/ @WestMidlandsOwl on twitter. Plenty of us in the same boat.
  18. https://www.swfc.co.uk/fans/supporter-groups/ SWFC has put a supporters group link back on the official site. Might interest a few exiled fans. (London, East Mids, West Mids, South West/South Wales and American Owls all on there at the minute)
  19. My other major leisure activity is travelling up to S6 to watch the mighty Owls...
  20. Fleetwood, been there on holiday a few times and taken in the games. Good set up, decent football, good value tickets at a ground where you are right be the pitch. All good stuff. They've also got an FA Cup story this weekend as Jamie Carry returns there. Hope Fleetwood stuff 'em!
  21. If I pause it at just the right place then I can see me and my lad on the tellybox. I enjoyed that :)
  22. I kind of promised my lad we'd go to Brentford at Christmas... Trouble is I've only managed to get one standing ticket for myself. So I'm after another standing ticket, don't mind if it's a kids or an adults one to be honest. Can anyone help?!
  23. It's only the couple of blocks at the Kop End that are designated as the family stand. Plenty of space inthe rest of the Grandstand with all those benefits you describe.
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