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  1. I've been reading recently about Aston Villa's 'lowest Ebb' of the early 70s and Manchester United's. I think one of the things that struck me about the 70s was a feeling that the struggles were temporary and that we would (eventually) be back. One of the ex-players in the book told me that he signed as the stadium 'stank of success' and that such a club couldn't be in the doldrums for long.
  2. Thank you. Really pleased you enjoyed it:)
  3. Coincidence I think/hope . And yes, available on Kindle now as well, hope you enjoy it if and when you pick it up. It's not a (completely) depressing book, plenty of good humour and nostalgia in there I think
  4. The book is now available in Waterstones in Orchard Square, Sheffield and at WH Smith's in Meadowhall. Amazon have also dropped the price by a few pence, and put up a few pages as a preview. Plenty of opportunities to have a look through therefore if anyone likes to try before they buy
  5. I've been looking for this myself today, Kivo's directions were spot on once I'd remembered which side was Church Street. Here's the stone, and the view down the hill to help find it. I then took myself to the Crystal Palace in Thurlstone. I've not been up there in the best part of 25 years - and would have put money on it having closed down. But no, it's fully up and running. Named the Crystal Palace as the local brass band apparently won a national competition at the London Crystal Palace built for the Great Exhibition in Victorian times. I wonder if the locals know the history o
  6. Not our case, but Alan Nixon reporting that the EFL are deciding whether Stevenage can be involved with the Macclesfield case. Words fail me.
  7. This is fascinating - Penistone is my home town, I'll have a look next time I'm up. I used to drink a bit in the Crystal at Thurlstone also. Never knew the history. Thank you.
  8. I hear there's a book out about the mid-70s. Told it's quite good What strikes me about that era is how many fans feel a fondness/nostalgia for it. The team struggled, but generally tried hard, and the fans stuck together. Its difficult to see how there'll be much nostalgia for this season in years to come. That said, I think there have been worse times even in more recent years. The decline from 2000-2004 was pretty grim. Irvine's relegation in 2010 also.
  9. I remember as a kid being gutted when some of my heroes of the 80s moved on. It wasn't right that Sterland or Chapman were to play elsewhere. They were my players. For my team. Fast forward 30+ years, and the news about Atdhe comes out. I wanted to kick the proverbial cat. Not Atdhe, surely. Atdhe of Man City away. Atdhe of the wonder goal against Preston. Atdhe who when somebody put a rocket up his bum could win games single-handedly. Atdhe the scourge of L***s. Atdhe of the 90+ minute winner/equaliser more times than I can remember. Atdhe the humble guy who loved his club and cou
  10. 'This (non) statement is a disgrace. Trying to deflect blame onto the Independent Disciplinary Commission. The end of the Championship season is a farce. Relegation from D2 is a farce. The EFL is not fit to regulate- there is a clear and present need for an independent regulator.' My polite response to the EFL tweet. At home I was a bit more sweary and angry.
  11. I've joined, and wish them good luck. I'll help if I can, and hope that other supporters join and do the same.
  12. Of course, the EFL is the clubs - and I can't see a group with so many different positions voting for that external regulation. It therefore needs action from the government. And I really can't see our current lot with their laissez-faire approach (wear masks in shops - up to you guys, be aware!) adopting a more muscular approach to football. It's interesting I think that Rick Parry at the EFL recognises the problems. I suspect even he knows that the EFL cannot provide the solutions though.
  13. Or for Derby who's accounts were out before ours, and were charged in January. And for Macclesfield, who may or may not still be in the league next season. Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the individual cases. The EFL's processes and communication is abysmal. The organisation is simply not fit for purpose and should be replaced ASAP with an external regulator.
  14. Sadly, at the minute I agree that there is not a lot of those things. I know that the EFL is the clubs effectively. Clear that as an organisation it is too self interested and riven with rivalries to be effective. There needs to be some form of outside governance. Having said that, Rick Parry has said a few things that suggest he has an idea about the problems if not how to solve them. As for Lgs1 and 2 next season, gawd knows how that can be sorted
  15. I don't disagree with the point that if we've done wrong we should be punished. My issue is with the lack of transparency which to my mind has not only negatively affected the Owls this season, but also much of the championship. Added in Birmingham and Derby then much of the middle/lower half of the table has been waiting for decisions from the EFL/ the impartial commission for months. It's impossible to know what the table 'really' looks like when any potential points deductions have been applied. Never mind the psychological effect on teams and their supporters as they wait the
  16. Was it beyond the wit of the EFL to issue a statement saying that the hearing would begin on X date, with a decision expected on Y date? If Y came and no decision, a brief update as to when it would now be expected. Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the case, that simple failure to communicate shows yet again that the EFL are not fit for purpose.
  17. Yes, I saw that bit. Somebody from the EFL (maybe Rick Parry?) described parachute payments as evil recently as well I think. So, longer term maybe they are grasping the issue. I wouldn't say it's fair using that new found zeal against SWFC for events in previous seasons, under a previous EFL regime though Hopefully, we'll win to draw a line under it all, and the EFL acts with much more clarity in future.
  18. The EFL have certainly been busy writing a lengthy update on th Wigan situation. https://www.efl.com/news/2020/july/efl-update-wigan-athletic/
  19. Great stuff - thank you. Hope you both enjoy it
  20. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08CHHKTXT/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=our+lowest+ebb&qid=1594127510&sr=8-2 If anyone likes an e-book then the book is now available on Kindle via Amazon. Bargain price of £8.99 as well
  21. In two parts. Tommy Craig is a fascinating bloke I think (footballer). Then actor's a good guy as well I reckon
  22. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. You're right that much of the football was depressing I am sure. And, thanks for the heads up on the typo - I'd already fixed a few from the first print run. I'll get it altered for the next lot. Somebody said to me that you'll never spot them all - I still get annoyed if I spot anything though
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