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  1. hahaha - love that - I'll have a massive yacht if post number 4 million is me then please Neil @owlstalk !!
  2. I'm a bit sad, and love things like this. Who's it going to be? When is it going to be? What's it going to be about? So many questions....
  3. Spotted by a mate of mine in HMV Sheffield (alongside a fine LP or three). Nice and easy to have a flick through before buying a copy
  4. It needed 45+ years of perspective to write mine. If I wrote about last season, it would be 300 pages of angrymad stuff from me. Fair play to the author of this therefore - I'll get a copy - but it might need to go into storage for a while before I read it
  5. Yeah, certainly plenty of examples of Wednesday trying it elsewhere
  6. I've heard plenty of examples from D2, and to knock my own argument back - Millwall would be D3, and I guess Grimsby also. So, common enough in D2 and rarely in D3?
  7. Proud moment...There's the book in the Megastore. Just beneath the sweets, and among some other fine titles. If anyone's got a few points burning a hole in their pocket, might just be the thing to spend them on
  8. Certainly when we dropped to D3 - I think away fans basically stopped coming. D2 saw Aston Villa, Manchester United and one or two others bring big numbers though.
  9. https://www.medocmall.co.uk/cgi-bin/live/ecommerce.pl?site=theclubshop_sheffieldwednesday&state=item&sub_dept_id=55&product_id=VER2001&dept_id=62 The book's now available in the SWFC Megastore, and online from the website. So, if anyone's got a few points burning a hole in their pocket, I know just the thing to spend them on
  10. Eric Taylor's testimonial? 5-0 England vs a SWFC XI 1974?
  11. I'm really saddened by this news. I'll miss him. More importantly, I think the team will miss him. I hope we are able to find 3/4 strikers quickly - all of whom better than Atdhe - if we're going to compete.
  12. We need some experience to go alongside the young, hungry, athletic players that are hopefully coming our way. I was thinking more gnarled professionals in the style of Barry Horne, that the blowing hot and cold likes of Ince though.
  13. First gig I ever went to, Jesus Jones supported by Soho (Hippy Chick was their sing) at the Octagon. It's a while ago now though!!
  14. I've just renewed my subscription to the Athletic. Excellent Owls reporting, and the odd piece from elsewhere worth reading.
  15. According to Wikipedia, he was still playing last season in Jamaica at the age of 40. Good lad.
  16. The SWFC Megastore is taking a few copies. Should be available from there by the end of the week
  17. Brilliant - thank you Hope you enjoy it!
  18. Brilliant. Thank you The Ozzie Owl Club was some place I reckon. The description of Millwall fans trying to take the Kop makes it sound a bit like Keystone Cops. In reality, it was a bit scarier I think.
  19. Half price for Yorkshire Day only. www.verticaleditions.com code EYUP at checkout.
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