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  1. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) helped me when I was suffering with depression and anxiety last year. I had nothing like the problems that some have expressed on here (well done and thank you to all). Just wanted to share that it helped me at the time and gave me some tools which so far have kept me on track.
  2. God I despise L***s. So not them. Nor United really though I can see it would be good for the city. So Forest (good club, great pedigree) and West Brom (local to me decent fans) for me.
  3. https://www.eurosport.co.uk/football/scottish-premiership/2016-2017/the-life-and-crimes-of-joey-barton-but-is-he-football-s-biggest-bad-boy_sto5860687/story.shtml Joey Barton - 'lest we forget'.
  4. Saw a couple of Owls fans up there this summer. No Blades but then I don't suppose they stray far. Usually try and take in a Fleetwood game either a friendly or first match of the season. Didn't bother this time, stopping off at Wigan on the way up instead to watch the mighty Owls. Can't stand bloody Joey Barton, never mind Evans :( Shame as I'd happily pay to watch RW again. Real entertainment.
  5. Genuinely love it up there. Feels like the end of the earth. Properly desolate. Might be an acquired taste though :)
  6. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/2357713.stm I remember that he took bribes.
  7. Ive been to a few Fleetwood matches over the last few years as we often go on holiday up there. Felt they had a good set up, family friendly, welcoming, decent prices and a good view. They even ended last year with John Sheridan in charge. Great stuff for an Owl :) This year they've brought in Joey Barton and Chedwyn. So I've thought balls to them. 'Orrible pair. So good luck Ross, but I can't be supporting you feeding the success of that pair :(
  8. Spiritual home of the West Mids Owls is Smethwick. Well Bearwood anyhow. Agree that Villa and Baggies are usually decent. Birmingham City are who get my goat - small club in the big city - remind us of anyone?!
  9. I don't think that they've entirely missed out on the money. The Randy Lerner/Martin O'Neill years saw them spend millions and finish seventh in the premier league every season. Since relegation they've spaffed gazillions of parachute cash - Abrahams and Kodjia up front don't come for cheap for example. Bad management not lack of cash for me.
  10. I work very near to Villa Park. Looking forward to Monday now #braggingrights :) Their fans are OK, fed up with Bruce - probably understandably given the money he's spaffed and the fact they are still poor.
  11. Aaron Jameson, couple of first team appearances then dropped into non league. Now pretty much retired and working in the builders merchant trade with my brother :)
  12. Suppose I set that up for the punch line :) The kids genuinely loved it though so maybe a win-win for everyone.
  13. I've been there a couple of times. It's small but a good start. One time David Jones was in with the kids playing football which I thought was a great touch.
  14. I remember at one of the Steering group Group meetings it being said that our allocations had been cut at various grounds due to poor behaviour of our fans. I think Forest and Birmingham were the examples. If that's true it's a real shame.
  15. I haven't an ounce of sympathy for Birmingham. They allowed 'Arry Redknapp to splash away an absolute fortune last summer on players he hadn't even seen play (I hear). The team he ex pensively assembled failed miserably only just avoiding relegation. They then ignore the so called soft embargo this summer and buy in a £2m player. The Owls seem to have followed the EFLs guidance. Birmingham haven't
  16. A few years back the 1000th player to appear for the Owls made his debut. He was on loan from somewhere (Cardiff maybe?). Anyhow, I remember thinking at the time that I'd forget him cause he was rubbish. Twist in the tale is - yep I've forgotten him.
  17. Recently Wallace banged one in from distance at Fulham and even further out after a hashed clearance from the keeper against Norwich. Mcgoogs was even further back vs Preston I think. I suspect that took a tiny deflection though :)
  18. Thanks. Good report. If you're not already in - there's a West midlands Owls group for fans down here (I'm Solihull). https://m.facebook.com/groups/456418561061945?ref=bookmarks
  19. And me, I work right by Villa Park so have to get out of inner city Brum, down the 'expressway', through spaghetti and then begin heading north. It's pants on a Friday.
  20. I entirely agree. I'm a ST holder based in the West Midlands and Friday night games are a right pain in the hole.
  21. The lad wanted a hot-dog on Saturday. Found a place in the fanzone - selling them for £4.00. It looked lovely. Trouble was when he started eating it, it was spicy pork. Too spicy for a nine year old. So I ate it and very nice it was too. (I am aware that is the dullest story ever told...)
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