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  1. Probably correct - as according to the lovely people of wikipedia Gerald Sibon got 36, Steve Maclean 33 and Deon Burton 26. Quite a sad state of affairs really - Tudgay gets so much stick but by this measure he's our most prolific goalscorer since Hirsty.
  2. My maths tells me that today's goal was his 50th for the club. He can be a lazy so and so at times - but I wonder who the last player was to total 50?
  3. 1983 I was 8. A 1-1 draw against Shrewsbury. Steve Ogrizovicz and Nigel Pearson (I think) played for them. Imre Varadi scored for us - again I think my memory plays tricks at my age...!
  4. Maybe it's just me but I'm happy with all three signings. Bit of experience and some quality all three should do well in league1. Only 2 year deals so no wasters on the payroll for years on end and if we're lucky enough to be promoted AI can have a think next year.
  5. is thoroughly depressed

  6. is thoroughly depressed

  7. What a depressing thread! Having said that, Potter, Tudgay and little Frannie have a fair bit to answer for. If I had to pick one it would but Tudgay which is a real shame as he can be class but could not be bothered far too often this season.
  8. Grant for player of the season. JOC in at third behind the resurgent Purse. The lad just needs someone with a bit of quality alongside him to make use of the ball he so regularly wins in midfield. He must get depressed passing in on to Potter.
  9. New to the board, but not new to the Owls. First went back in 1983. Now exiled in the West Midlands, but still get to a few games each year.

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