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  1. Hahaha - unfortunately the website asks for some cash :) Itll be a bit cheaper on Amazon, but then the money goes to Jeff Bezos - and I reckon he has enough already!
  2. Amazon have sold out of the copies they ordered in advance of publication, it'll be back on sale there on 29th May. I also sold all the copies I had for pre-order and the early orders, and Vertical are running short. I think I said above, genuinely, I have been amazed and taken aback by the interest and positive response to it. Anyhow - if you'd like one now - I currently have 18 copies sat next to me - available from: https://ourlowestebb.bigcartel.com/product/our-lowest-ebb-a-new-history-of-sheffield-wednesday-s-darkest-times-1973-76 Happy to post one out tomorrow from there - signed/dedicated if needed. Otherwise, Amazon, Waterstones and the rest will have it again from 29th May. Cheers and UTO, John
  3. Great stuff - perfect timing then :) Hope you enoy it!
  4. Thanks for the iconic badge. R.I.P.
  5. Interesting to hear him talk of the difference between playing in front of a few thousand at Brentford and 20,000 at Hillsborough.
  6. One last plug :) A second set of really kind comments. I've got 20 more arriving with me on Wednesday that I'll happily send straight out and sign/dedicate as requested. Cheers and UTO, John https://ourlowestebb.bigcartel.com/product/our-lowest-ebb-a-new-history-of-sheffield-wednesday-s-darkest-times-1973-76
  7. Scoring against Bristol Rovers in August 74. Bit of a scrambled effort to gain a 1-1 draw against a team managed by Owls legend Don Megson.
  8. I hope everyone who has a copy is enjoying it! I've had some great feedback so far which again has left me slightly humbled. If anyone else wants one before they go on Amazon etc, I have a handful of copies left at: https://ourlowestebb.bigcartel.com/product/our-lowest-ebb-a-new-history-of-sheffield-wednesday-s-darkest-times-1973-76 which I'll happily sign/dedicate and send out straight away. Cheers and UTO, John
  9. Yes, takes the Mick a bit I think
  10. Nicknamed 'The Squire of Stocksbridge' , returned in the mid 70s but not quite the player he was by then.
  11. Good luck Joe and Alex. I think that there's now some healthy competition between the Star, Yorkshire Live and the Athletic - we're seeing some excellent material I think. It'll be interesting to see what happens if and when football returns. I hope that there will still be a mixture of longer pieces and history along with reporting in depth what is going on at the time. Nail that and sort out the website so I can actually read stuff on my phone - and I'd pay a few quid for it.
  12. Brilliant! Really hope you enjoy it - and thanks again for all your help and support with it. Owlstalk gets a brief mention or two in the text and a thank you in the back :)
  13. I'd love to know how many of that 7444 were still in for Brian Joicey's goal Vs Oxford!
  14. Somebody did say to me that I've picked the most 'Wednesday' topic imaginable :)
  15. You would not believe the amount of time spent checking and rechecking the text. Someone told me that despite all that, there's bound to be something. First thing I see when I get the book is Roger/Rodger. He is in there as both and gawd knows how I missed it :( They'll be a second print soon with it corrected. I'll check Eggerton/Eggington later also There's a prize for spotting the two other errors I've found as well* * The respect of all on Owlstalk :)
  16. I love these. It's interesting to see the section under where the score board is now with fans in it. Not sure I've ever seen that before.
  17. It's a great story, and a common theme of how dedicated many fans were!
  18. Amazon (and other online bookshops) have it from the 29th May. I've got fewer than 10 copies from the original print we did for the pre-orders left - available from here: https://ourlowestebb.bigcartel.com/product/our-lowest-ebb-a-new-history-of-sheffield-wednesday-s-darkest-times-1973-76 Happy to sign/dedicate any bought from there :) I'm biased of course, but one fan told me yesterday that the book is 'wonderful' . Which was nice!
  19. No, it might well be the postman. Whistl collect them all from me - sort them and then get them delivered. They emailed on Saturday to say they should all be out in 2 working days. Fingers crossed.
  20. They said it'll go behind the bins, three doors down, just where the cat can wee on it and the dogs chew at the packaging. Or at least that's where mine often end up 😉
  21. All the pre-orders and early orders are on their way. I believe that the first few have started dropping through letterboxes today. I'd love to hear what people think of it :) * *Unless you think it's terrible, in which case I'll be all sad and that - so please don't tell me :)
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