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  1. I was at the 7-1 Arsenal game but found it more surreal than depressing. Had a laugh on the coach back by what I remember. The Tranmere game I remember was shortly after relegation - I drove across with a Tranmere supporting friend of mine. I realised then that Tony Crane and the rest weren't going to get us back into the Premier League. I also had to drive my mate back. I was silent.
  2. My in-laws are Brum season ticket holders. They tell me it's grim and really fear relegation if they also have to sell or release their more experienced (I hesitate to say best) players. I'd love to beat em in Feb.
  3. I still remember the chant when Srnicek finally caught a ball into the box: 'I've seen Pavel catch the ball, I've seen Pavel catch the ball...'
  4. Good job I live nearby. £27 to go to bloody St Andrews. We haven't won there since 2001 - we owe them one!
  5. Funny thing the English language. Why do two words that look like opposites: under and overwhelmed actually mean two things that aren't opposite?
  6. Haha... Unless it relates to Warnock's tongue in cheek jibe of a few years ago about taking over as manager and filling the team with no-hopers... Maybe this is the next best thing from his view!
  7. We don't do much business with L***ds do we? Wonder what brought this on. Wonder what Warnock makes of it??
  8. Maybe it's because I sat in the South Stand rather than the Kop last time round, but it seemed to me that the rivalry with the Blunts was more restrained than it had been in recent years. I even saw some Owls fans talking politely with some Blunts outside the game afterwards. I've felt more ill at ease at games with Millwall, Leeds and Birmingham City. (Especially at bloody St Andrews). That's possibly because those clubs have more than their fair share of idiots looking for trouble. Anyhow rivalry with the Blunts still top. Followed by whoever else you like. I like a civilized rivalry mind.
  9. Now I've reached the 2000's in my encyclopedia and despite watching the Owls more at this time than any other, there are loads of names I simply do not remember: Adam Muller? Kevin Nicholson? Jesper Johannsen? John Hutton? Sean Roberts? Ryan Green? Chris Carr? Adam Chambers? Etc, etc..... Possibly says more about the state of the club than my failing memory mind...!
  10. 93-97 was a bit of a lull for me watching the Owls as I was at uni and a bit skint. Mike Williams therefore passed me by. I've just been through the late 90s and again remember all of 'em; even Christian Mayrleb!
  11. And 95-96 had a whole team of nobodies taking on FC Basel in the intertoto cup. Bring back those days!
  12. Ok, got as far as the early 1990s in my hunt through the Owls encyclopedia. I don't remember either of Simon Stewart or Michael Williams who both appeared a few times around 91-94
  13. Cheers! I looked up the players for the rest of the 1980s and the sad thing is I remember them all! I think I was a very sad boy and teenager. Probably ought to have been chasing girls or summat...
  14. I looked up the season I first started going to the Owls: 83-4 and found a player called Kevin Taylor. I don't remember him at all.
  15. I'm looking forward to taking my pair: currently 4 and 2 sometime in the next year or so. It looks great.
  16. Train or metro direct from Brum centre - Snow HIll or Moor Street - to the Hawthorns. About 10 minutes only and very regular so dead easy.
  17. Draw suits me fine. I'd pencilled in the 26th for an away day. It's either going to be the Baggies so just down the way from me, or a London trip which are usually good ones. I'd even take being knocked out as I've never been to Charlton.
  18. Tudgay was the first player since the 1990s to score 50 plus goals for the Owls. So yes, but he's injured so not just now.
  19. Clearly heard several times on Sky coverage Clearly heard several times on Sky coverage Clearly heard several times on Sky coverage
  20. I thought that he was looking to see if it had been ruled out for a foul
  21. If they'd have commented on his overhead kick I'd have got it straight away. Still kicking myself a bit to be honest
  22. Yep the goals in the Leicester game were part of it. Plus the fact that I had lived in Leics for a while so some good friends of mine were suffering a bit with the result!
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