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  1. Michael Palin writes about attending Wednesday games in his diaries - from the 1960s/70s onwards. Never mentions United. I assume this makes him an Owl. Richard Hawley is a huge Owls fan.
  2. Mrs BW has been a few times in the past. She's not really bothered though. Her family are all Birmingham City season ticket holders, and I'd rather chew my own gonads than let the lads support that lot. Hence the itch to get the boys up to Hillsborough. I want them to want to watch a decent club and to follow the path of me, my dad and my grandad!
  3. Premier League would do me. I live in the West Midlands I'm fed up with the local clubs who are nowhere near as MASSIVE as the Owls seeing Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and the rest of 'em!
  4. Top tip: start taking them in the summer, bring loads of sweets and get an isle seat, they always want the bog. I think that will be my plan - either this year or next. Trouble is I have to travel up from the midlands and Mrs Bearwood gets a bit annoyed with me leaving her with the kids to watch football! If I take at least one of the boys, I get to see more games. Everyone's a winner.
  5. John Sheridan. He could pick a pass better than any player I've seen in an Owls shirt.
  6. Brian Marwood was one of my early Owls heroes as a lad. Shame he's ended up doing whatever it is he does for the dark side at Manchester City.
  7. Thanks all. I think 7/8 sounds about right then. Trouble is I live in Brum and need to get them up to the Northern Mecca before the Birmingham City supporting in-laws get their hands on them! I think I'll have a look at a pre-season friendly or maybe one of those early season cup games. See if the older lad likes it and take it from there!
  8. I was 8. To be honest I'm itching to to take my lads - one is 17months the other 3 1/2. Just wondered what the average age was? I've been up the top of the South and seen young kids recently. So how old were you and for the parents among you how old were your kids when you first took them?
  9. Some absolutely fantastic photos. I live in Brum now and all my Owls memorabilia from the early 1980s til the mid 1990s when I moved is in my Dad's loft. I've got the urge to get up there and see what I can find...
  10. Thought these links might interest someone... http://web.archive.org/web/20040723080036/http://www.owlstalk.co.uk/index.htm http://web.archive.org/web/19980614132713/http://www.swfc.co.uk/ As they say, nostalgia isn't what it used to be!
  11. How bizarre - that was also my first game and just as I was about to type it here up came the arbove message! I seem to remember Steve Ogrizovic in goal and possibly Nigel Pearson in defence for Shrewbury also
  12. Michael Vaughan Richard Hawley Some of Def Leppard
  13. Walsall is pronounced Warsal by locals - not too far from Warsaw I suppose
  14. Found my password...

  15. I enjoyed meself. Thought Wednesday had just done just about enough to win it it. Don't know how Madine missed that header though...
  16. http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/football-league/megson-is-no-mannequin-manager-2233546.html# He'san Owl. Not bitter about his time at Bolton(!). Doesn't play long ball football.
  17. There's more on his website: http://www.richardhawley.co.uk/about/favourite-things/
  18. Like this bloke. Says positive things about both Sheffield and the Owls. http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2011/feb/26/richard-hawley-interview
  19. I've always had time for him. Just what we need for league one - steady. not spectacular. Just wins his tackles and headers more often than not, and then gets rid - usually in the right sort of direction. That'll do. A clean sheet tonight also.
  20. Yep. Their name. Or Pakistani if it was applicable - the Pakistani President, the Pakistani cricket captain etc.
  21. I've lived in and around Birmingham for 18 years. It is in many ways a poo poo hole - St Andrews probably about the worst of the lot. There are some good bit as well though! The only comeback I had to my Birmingham City in-laws was the quality of our support. They clearly recognised it and were slighlty embarrased by the low turn out of Brummies.
  22. I was genuinely trying to answer a question! Having re-read my reply though, I accept that the last line can look like a dig. Honestly not meant to be. Just meant that people instinctively know that "Paki" is offensive but Yank and Aussie aren't really.
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