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  1. It has got under soil heating but won't matter as absolutley peeing it down in Brum now. Forecast to clear up and sunny this afternoon - so a wet pitch in the sunshine. SLiding tackles galore I reckon. A couple of red cards...?
  2. I'll be going to the Wellington for a couple - central and always friendly regardless of which team's are playing around Birmingham that day. Briar Rose Wetherspoons is also ok. Both on Bennetts Hill. Dragon Wetherspoons on way to St Andrews has been ok in the past. The Anchor in Digbeth is a great pub - but I seem to remember the last time I was at St Andrews it had it's doors closed so shall be giving it a miss. I'll go to the Lamp in Digbeth on way home though - off the beaten track and friendly to home and away fans alike.
  3. Me. I'm looking forward to a repeat of the 2-1 win from 2001. That day Di Piede in last minute. This year the Heff and THE RADIATOR.
  4. Here's a full list of Owls themes quizzes: http://www.sporcle.com/games/tags/sheffieldwednesday There is a premier league goalscorers one which is quite good. I didn't make any of these missen so I can't vouch for the accuracy. Good fun though.
  5. http://www.sporcle.com/games/Resistance/swfc0009 I gave up with about half of them done. I'd forgotten such gems as Con Blatsis...
  6. Google sounds about right. 13&17 buses go from moor street to St Andrews so might be a better bet.
  7. Loads of trains from Moor St on matchdays up to St Andrews - Bordesley is your stop. http://www.footballgroundguide.com/birmingham_city/train.htm If you're going from Perry Barr could always get the train from there. New Wetherspoons next to Perry Barr station is good for a pint or two as well
  8. Bloody impossible. Which motorway are you coming in from? I'd park at one of the suburban stations such as Hall Green and get the train from there if you're coming off the M42.
  9. try the Dubliner in Digbeth then. There's been the odd murder and the wholem place burnt down a few years back due to some gangland related feud i think. Should keep you entertained at least.
  10. I'll be meeting my in-laws - Birmingham supporters but friendly in the Wellington before the game: www.thewellingtonrealale.co.uk Always seems to have friendly football fans in there regardless of who's playing. On the same road, there's a Wetherspoons and a pub called the Sun on the Hill with a big screen and sport. All decent and no real aggro. They are slightly the other way from the station than St Andrews though. 5-10 minutes walk from both New Street and Moor Street. St Andrews is desolate, Digbeth is the closest area on the way up some great Irish pubs but home fans only usually so I'd be careful on matchday. The Lamp is slighlty off the beaten track, it's where I'll be after the game I think: http://www.viewbirmingham.co.uk/pubsandbars/lamp-tavern-review-36214.html They're usually friendly to home and away fans alike. Hopefully you'll be early enough to avoid the mass police presence that always seems to be in New Street station on match days - and can make your own way about town. If I was you, I'd stay central until 2:00pm or so, then get the train or bus up to St Andrews - goes direct from Moor Street. Hope that all helps, give me a shout if you want more of a guide!
  11. Looking forward to Birmingham

  12. PLenty of them between train station and ground. Maybe you could try DV8 or the Village if that's your thing...
  13. I live in Brum so happy to offer a bit of advice. What kind of place do you want? Friendly full of fans of a certain age and real ale drinkers, or lager and chanting? Or somewhere in between?
  14. I'm quite happy as I live in Brum. On the other hand St Andrews is a complete hole, and many of their fans are neanderthals. I say many as my in-laws are all Birmingham fans - I struggle to type "Bluenoses" as the phrase makes me come out in a rash. Of course I'll have the p*ss taken out of me for weeks afterwards if they do us over. We might just have a chance though - hopefully they'll put out a weakened team with a few of their players saving themselves for the Carling Cup.
  15. He's heading back to Hungary: http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11688_6635101,00.html
  16. Me. On my own (saddo!)on 10:12 from Birmingham.
  17. Exactly the same problem with my Bristol ticket. Going to have to ring up and try and sort it out this week I think.
  18. Closest club to me here in Bearwood - drive past the ground every day on the way to work. Seen Wednesday there many times and very occasionally been to watch as a neutral. All in all a solid team with solid fans. No problem with offering a little moral support over Christmas.
  19. Stocksbridge is still under Sheffield as is Deepcar. Penistone and surrounding villages are Barnsley. http://www.stocksbridge-council.co.uk/ Some in Penistone have a problem with that - being as distant as they are from Sheffield, Barnsley, or Huddersfield I suspect they feel they should be left on their own - a local town for local people should we say...
  20. The forgotten goals video is superb. Thanks for helping me revisit a few happy memories...
  21. Always used to be a few back in the early 90s before I left. Travellers would seem to be a safe bet regardless - I still meet a few people in there when I'm back.
  22. £10 at 6/1 in July. Thinking I was robbed up until a couple of weeks ago!
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