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  1. I'm beginning to think that there's something you're not telling us here Liam_Baggies. A love of the Yorkshire accent. Talking to Yorkshire girls on the phone. An appreciation of the dry Yorkshire wit... Do you spend winter Saturdays dreaming of trips up the M5, M6, A38, and M1 stopping off for a quick drink at the Rawson Spring followed by watching a glorious victory at the Northern Nou Camp? In other words, are you a bit of an Owl in disguise???
  2. Always a good few at New Street on match days. The Wycombe game last season was amazing for that. Owls everywhere from New Street up to Sheffield even on the early train I got and the same on the way back.
  3. Painful as it might seem to some Yorkshire and Black Country folk, there's a lot in common there with the dialect. My gran used to call me a "daft apeth". There are also plenty of thee's and tha's on both sides of the coin. Which reminds me of the most Yorkshire thing I ever heard. At a pub - in Wrexham - waiting for the Owls game - I put my pint to one side. A fellow Owl approached me and pointing at the pint simply said: "Is that thine?"
  4. I don't think I deserve even the B+ for that so thanks! In my defence I've been marking books for ages and my eyes are swimming. I wish a few of the kids I teach could write like young Ryan here - he has a fair talent for it.
  5. Well done Ryan. A very well written piece. The pictures were fascinating too. I spotted a couple of typos - it's a dance troupe - not troop. A good editor should spot any of those anyhow. You're writing style in clear and incisive so I hope you are able to take it further. Get a collection of your best pieces together - a top 20 should be enough. Also get as many qualifications as you can. That's enough with my teacher's head on - back to marking exercise books...
  6. I'm worrying that I'll have to turn to a translator to understand my own kids... http://www.sedgleymanor.com/dictionaries/dialect.html That one made me laugh - the shortening of words to letters isn't too far away from Yorkshire I reckon. Have a go at this: "Where did you put the last biscuit love", "I dunno tintintin" And I still reckon Lower Gornal is Black Country central - it is their own language I'm convinced of it. "Bai" for am not for example. Never heard that anywhere else!
  7. That is actually fantastic. I think I recognise one or two of them from wandering around the Bearwood area. I used to work in Lower Gornal who have their own language based around "am". Odd. Anyhow here's one of my Aunt's poems. I try and keep myself talking reight even if I can't completely influence the kids...
  8. No but the kids are getting a bit of it which worries me. How can a gate be a goite?? They'll be going to Yorkshire bootcamp if it carries on...!
  9. I miss my family being close by and easy access to the Sheffield San Siro - but other than that the West Midlands has been my home for all my adult life (I'm 37 now) so i think I am an adopted Brummie/ Yam Yam...
  10. I've been to watch the Baggies (and Villa and Birmingham) as a neutral. It's never the same as watching the Owls. Like the Hawthorns though - I drive past it most days on my way to work and try not to get too jealous over the next game signs being Liverpool, Man Utd, etc etc. And yes to Bearwood - lived there for eight years until May - now moved just over the border into Oldbury just by Warley Woods park and golf course.
  11. Could you post a link to that? I've had a quick look on facebook with no joy. It may be worth setting up a West Midlands Owls facebook group if there are a few of us as well??
  12. I'm not originally from the Midlands! Moved down here in 1993 to go to uni and have never really left. Now married to a Brummie, two kids and a decent job means that I think the West Midlands have adopted me. Doesn't stop me being an Owl or trying to brainwash my two lads into following suit. The oldest lad (nearly four) did me proud the other day when told by his Grandad that he could go with him to watch the Blues (Birmingham City) that he couldn't do that as he was an Owl...!
  13. Mostly Baggies around here, though I also have Birmingham City supporting in-laws and plenty of Villa and Walsall fans at work (Great Barr) - so I've had it from all angles in recent years. Let's hope they turn it around on Saturday and at Wolves eh!
  14. Good luck with the operation and the ticket. I've decided to go for the Hull game instead - but there were three of four other people on a previous thread looking for tickets.
  15. I live in Oldbury. I only get to four or five games a year and usually get the train. You could try posting in the exiled Owls section though. Seems to be a fairly ongoing Midlands Owls section on there. Did you get a ticket for the Wolves game then?
  16. Imre Varadi in a 1-1 draw against Shrewsbury in 1983. Nigel Pearson and Steve Ogrizowicz played for Shrewsbury but I remember very little else about it. I was 8.
  17. I did. Moved up to Oldbury in May but kept the user name! Baggies country really but despite having lived in the midlands since '93 I'm still an Owl. Hasn't helped me get a ticket for the Wolves game though!
  18. And when you've supplied Adam1867 just one for me would be lovely! I live in the West Midlands so this is a local one for me. My 10 loyalty points and membership were not enough to get a ticket before they sold out though.
  19. It's a 10 minute walk if that. get there early if you want to avoid the police escort though. Or change at Birmingham.
  20. Thanks all, some very interesting reminiscences there! I'd wondered what people remembered of him in an Owls shirt - but given he only made 6 appearances that's not much to remeber him by. Seems he has had a far more interesting life and career elsewhere though!
  21. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wayne_Jacobs 6 appearances for the mighty Owls. 505 career appearances in total - the last as recently as 2006. Not bad.
  22. Is apparently behind the failed new opening of a school which was to be located in Bradford's shop(!) http://www.guardian....-fiasco-lessons I wondered what people's memories of him as an Owl were? To be honest I don't remember him playing too often - but I do recall "Wednesday reject" chants with him playing for Hull I think sometime in the early 1990s.
  23. I've been to 37 and I am 37 funnily enough. Best include Villa Park - both watching Wednesday win (twice) and as a neutral - it really is what Hillsborough could be and will be again when we get back fully where we belong. Otherwise I tend to like old fashioned "proper" grounds - so Preston, Forest etc. Used to live in Leicester for a while and had a soft spot also for the old Filbert Street. Worst - Vale Park. Only went once - February, it snowed lost 3-0 I think. First season down in league two last time. Made me realise how far we had fallen. Oh and the 7-1 at Arsenal was poor too- but at least we had a team then.
  24. Lived in Penistone until I was 18. Dad and Grandad both Owls so went regularly until then. Moved away to Birmingham for uni in 1993 and have been 3-4 times a year ever since. Now have two young lads who I'm training to be Owls (hopefully). Certainly don't won't their Birmingham City supporting relatives getting their hands on them...
  25. Ah the game where Leon Clarke looked like a world beater. For Wolves! Never saw any bother that day, or any other time I've been. But then I don't wear colours away and don't go looking for it.
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