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  1. I don't remember the car crash. I saw the interview (it's with Alan Biggs - on youtube). I thought he came across well. Scored 143 goals in his career - not bad. Maybe could have achieved more he felt though. Moved to S6 at least partly for the chance of playing with David Hirst. Irony being he hardly did, with one or other of them being injured.
  2. I could not put that better myself! There was a period of 36 games between away wins... The fans certainly weren't turning out for the glory :)
  3. Brilliant. Thank you! I'll post tomorrow and most definitely endorse it :)
  4. Now that's one thing I didn't really consider when thinking about how loyal the fans were - that there was nowt else to do!!
  5. Great stuff - read it in one day - some going that! Glad you enjoyed it :)
  6. Excellent. Thank you :) It'll be in the post tomorrow. It's got it's fair share of misery on the pitch - but I don't think it's a miserable read at all. Hence the title :)
  7. I've said it's not all miserable 😀😀😀
  8. https://ourlowestebb.bigcartel.com/products Amazon sold all there's it seems! I've got some available from the link - will get straight in the post, and sign/dedicate if you like. Genuinely appreciate your interest by the way. Hope you enjoy it if and when you sort a copy :)
  9. I bought something once from there - now they email me every day without fail with an offer of some sort. Puts me off a bit. Though this is a nice looking shirt to be fair.
  10. https://ourlowestebb.bigcartel.com/product/our-lowest-ebb-a-new-history-of-sheffield-wednesday-s-darkest-times-1973-76 I'd be delighted to :) The link there should work ok, I've sent a couple over so far - they seem to take about two weeks to arrive.
  11. I've not missed getting annoyed by football/FFP the EFL and all the rest of it. What a mess.
  12. I wonder if in 40/50 years time fans will look back on today's times with nostalgia/fondness? I've said before, but there's a ? in the title of mine for several reasons.
  13. I enjoyed that read. Alexandersson was a quality player. A well oiled machine who kept going and going. Good kit un'all.
  14. I was born in 1975 as well funnily enough. There's a question mark in the title for a number of reasons. One of them being that there have been other pretty dark times. I argue that although 1976 saw the team finish in their lowest ever league position (the lowest ebb) - behind the scenes there was just the beginnings of change. Eight years later we were back in Division One.
  15. The Len Ashurst one is excellent. Lots on his time at SWFC, but plenty more interesting material as well. He wrote it himself as well (rather than getting a ghostwriter) - says something about the man,
  16. Couple more with tenuous Wednesday links Spencer Vignes - 'Bloody Southerners' about Clough and Taylor's time at Brighton in the mid-70s. (Peter Grummit is interviewed about leaving Hillsborough and heading there). Fascinating book anyhow, it's like Mourinho or Guardiola turning up at Fleetwood! Wayne Barton 'Que Sera, Sera' covers Man Utd under Dave Sexton and Big Ron. Intro by Ron mentions us and his style of management.
  17. Cheers. I am proud. But just as pleased really that lots of people seem to like it - including fans, players and now the big man himself!
  18. I was absolutely chuffed to hear from Tony Toms this morning - he rang me after receiving his copy of the book recently. In his words it's 'bloody brilliant' and ought to 'sell like hot cakes'. I was well pleased to here that :)
  19. A few more... Simon Inglis - Soccer in the Dock - written in the 80s I think, but has a good section on the betting scandal of the 60s Rory Smith - Mister, the story of English coaches overseas in the early to mid 20thC - includes plenty on Vic Buckingham Michael Gibbons - When Football Came Home, decent recap of Euro 96.
  20. I've just read 'World in Motion' by Simon Hart. It's a really thorough, but readable history of Italia 90. Hart travels the world to interview players, managers, coaches and others involved. Included in there is an interview with our own John Harkes.
  21. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8324379/amp/How-Sheffield-Wednesday-recovered-lowest-ebb.html Something in the Daily Mail about it, discussing why fans might remember the dark times with fondness.
  22. Just need some kind of pun for the title and I'll be away ..
  23. I agree - massive topic though, so would need to break it down a bit. I do want to do something else (it's been really good fun researching and writing this). Just taking a bit of time to nail down what to look at :)
  24. Thank you - hope there were some positive memories in there :) I'm a bit torn on a sequel. Maybe something on the happier times under HW back in D1 84-86 or thereabouts. If I did another football misery-lit one then maybe the best team to go down 89-90 would be a good one Going to mull it over for a while.
  25. I'm signing all of them anyhow -but send me a message here with what you want as a dedication and I'll sort it :)
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