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  1. Draw suits me fine. I'd pencilled in the 26th for an away day. It's either going to be the Baggies so just down the way from me, or a London trip which are usually good ones. I'd even take being knocked out as I've never been to Charlton.
  2. Tudgay was the first player since the 1990s to score 50 plus goals for the Owls. So yes, but he's injured so not just now.
  3. Clearly heard several times on Sky coverage Clearly heard several times on Sky coverage Clearly heard several times on Sky coverage
  4. I thought that he was looking to see if it had been ruled out for a foul
  5. If they'd have commented on his overhead kick I'd have got it straight away. Still kicking myself a bit to be honest
  6. Yep the goals in the Leicester game were part of it. Plus the fact that I had lived in Leics for a while so some good friends of mine were suffering a bit with the result!
  7. Just got the Villa reference. D'oh! I'd figured Bristol and Chester, had to be Oxford or Cambridge - but missed the obvious one. I quite like the game in the paper each week - couldn't find a link unfortunately - and can often work out who it is. Annoyed me this week that it was an Owl and I didn't get it!
  8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_Shelton Certainly looks like it!
  9. "What this Notts-born midfielder lacked in height he made up for in industry. Having saddled up in the Midlands before moving to a nearby townhouse he went north to make more than 200 appearances for some owlish midweek types. Later he represented dark blue academics, redbreasts and Cheshire citizens." Now they're obviously talking about the mighty Owls, and Walsall (Saddlers). I don't know the others or the player. They don't publish the answer until next week - so any ideas??
  10. Pressman Sterland Pearson Lyons Reda Waddle Sheridan Palmer Worthington Hirst Carbone Subs: Di Canio, Bullen, Sibon, Shirtcliffe, G. Megson, Bannister, Hodge (GK), Nilsson I'm 38 and that's not a list of the best ever Owls players - just some I've enjoyed watching over the years.
  11. I've been on all four sides at Villa Park, but only two watching the Wednesday - behind the goal for a glorious 1-0 cup win around 2001 and side on with a freebie ticket for the game in the prem where Dion Dublin did his neck.
  12. Hi all, I've set up a facebook group for any and all West Midlands Owls to join. Hopefully it'll be good for a bit of banter and useful for those who want to arrange lifts/ meet ups etc. At the minute you can look at a few random photos of mine! https://www.facebook.com/groups/456418561061945/ Cheers
  13. Burton Albion away as it's the only midlands ground I haven't been to.
  14. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...........!!!!!!!!
  15. Following the inspiration of the South West South Wales Owls, I have set up a facebook page for any and all Midlands Owls. It's a bit short of members so far having only me and Mrs Bearwood on there! More the merrier to share a bit of banter, arrange lifts etc etc. https://www.facebook.com/groups/456418561061945/members/
  16. Carbone seemingly single handedly keeping us in the Prem back end of 98-99...
  17. I think that overt racism among football fans and those watching the Owls has declined rapidly in the last 10-15 years. I guess this is around the time that Kick it Out have been working. I've lived in Leicester and the West Midlands since 1993 and remember being just hugely embarrassed by the 'You're just a town full of P***'s' chants aimed at the fans of Leics, Birmingham etc any time from the mid 90s to early 00's. God knows what any non-white Owls fans thought let alone the players and fans of the opposition. Anyhow, it seems to have stopped in the last few years. Whether that's due to Kick it Out or broader societal changes I dunno.
  18. Lee Bullen (much as I loved him) - legs went in his final year. I liked Booth. I remember focussing on him in a game against Chelsea in the relegation year. We scraped a 1-0 win and Booth bossed Marcel Dessailly all game. I'm not sure if Desailly knew what hit him but it certainly showed him the physical side of the English game!
  19. Ha - yeah go and get stuck in traffic and miss the start of a humiliating defeat. Don't go and miss a flying away win leading to play off qualification and a return to the premier league...!!
  20. Yep it's a trip up the rush hour M6 with a bit of a risk that I might not get there in time for kick off. Since the frozen off game I've been looking forward to going back. I'm 50\50 whether to just go for it this time!
  21. Fair enough Chapman wasn't much of a tackler - he did head goalposts for fun though so deserves an honourable mention at least...
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