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  1. How about Wednesday or Birmingham City then? Since our relegation in 2000 they've reached two cup finals, winning one. Played in Europe, won a play off final and experienced both promotion to and relegation from the Prem. And now they're poo again. What do we reckon chaps!!
  2. Jobsworths are everywhere. I've lived in Brum for nearly 20 years now and have developed a bit of a soft spot for Villa, West Brom and Walsall. I cannot bring myself to like the Blues though despite marrying into a family of Bluenoses (even that term makes me wince). It's just bloody grim there. One day we'll beat 'em again at St Andrews.
  3. I live just outside Birmingham and have a bit of a soft spot for Villa. However, I'd love to see them relegated so that their fans see a bit of the 'real world'. And yes of course I'd swap our recent history with theirs.
  4. I didn't hear anyone boo his name. A few tuts and rolled eyes though. It was like my little corner of the South Stand had taken a trip to Brum for the night!
  5. 83-84 - first games I went to as an 8 year old. 90-91 - quality football and first away days with friends Early 00's - we were really poor but I had a job and no responsibilities so could afford to go a fair bit. 04-05 - Cardiff! Last season COG and Wycombe! Enjoying this year to be fair also.
  6. That's dedication though innit making it all the way from GLasgow on your own for a night game! Fair play to that man!
  7. I rang up for mine and they accepted that there were problems with internet so didn't charge me any extra
  8. I've never found the view anything special. Tend to be stuck on the bottom tier and if close to the Blues fans in the adjoining stand it can get a bit erm 'fruity'. Mind you I was right by the corner flag in 2001 when Di Piedi scored a last minute winner and rand down to the corner to swing the post complete with flag around his head in celebration. I've been waiting for something similar ever since! This must be my fifth or sixth visit since then and we've always lost. They're now crap and skint and we owe them one!
  9. Got mine. I've given up any hope of converting Mrs Bearwood. Just working on my kids. They may grow up with a Black Country accent but I'm determined they'll be Owls!
  10. My Dad is an Owl, so was his dad. Took me when I was eight in 83. Went a few times a year with him and my brother for the rest of the 80s. Started going on our own and with friends in late 80s\ early 90s. Moved to uni in Birmingham in 93 and kind of lost interest for a while. Don't know why but started going again in late 90s and lots during the grim years of the early 00's. Gone full circle now as I usually meet my brother and Dad for home games a few times a year. Living just outside Birmingham still but means there are usually a few localish away games I can manage each year also.
  11. Same here for me too. I've been going since 83 and it's Worthington by a long distance. I enjoyed watching King, Hinchliffe for a very short period and Reda is a monster but none of them come anywhere close really.
  12. I'll just give a bit of a plug for the West Midlands Owls page on facebook here: https://facebook.com/#!/groups/4564… We've a bit game coming up at Brum in a week or two. Be good to get a Massive turnout on a Tuesday night!
  13. It's a good 20-25 min walk though there are buses.
  14. Bloomfields Road Blackpool as every time I want to go I'm scuppered. Started with the game that was called off one Xmas time. Had a ticket and got all the way to Blackpool that day. Since then there's been a cup match sold out v quickly and this year a feckin night match.
  15. We know how if feels to be massive We don't know how it feels to be small This is how it feels to be the greatest club of them all
  16. I was eight - a 1-1 draw with Shrewsbury in 1983. Aiming to take my eldest (four and a half) sometime early next season so he'll be five or thereabouts. He loves the shirts he has, tells his grandad that he's an Owls not a Bluenose (Brum City) and throws himself around the room when the MASSIVE score. Just need to finish the propaganda job off with a few games. His younger brother did me proud the other day by pointing at his shirt (a Wednesday one) and saying Owl. Thing is he's only 2 and hasn't yet said mummy or daddy! (only joking...)
  17. Except for the cup tie last time where we sold out our allocation, and they refused to give over any more - I suspect because they were worried about being outnumbered by the MASSIVE....
  18. Or Frankie Simek. Poric seemed to last for years without ever playing more than a few minutes here and there. Simek was quality for a while, but might just be kept out of the starting XI by Roland!
  19. Birmingham (their fans fear admin and -10 points), Peterborough, Bristol. Wouldn't be sad to see the back of any of those three to be honest.
  20. This local will be pretty chuffed if the Owls win!
  21. I think losing a full on erection at the wrong moment could sometimes be a pretty bad feeling too...
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