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  1. Fleetwood, been there on holiday a few times and taken in the games. Good set up, decent football, good value tickets at a ground where you are right be the pitch. All good stuff. They've also got an FA Cup story this weekend as Jamie Carry returns there. Hope Fleetwood stuff 'em!
  2. If I pause it at just the right place then I can see me and my lad on the tellybox. I enjoyed that :)
  3. I kind of promised my lad we'd go to Brentford at Christmas... Trouble is I've only managed to get one standing ticket for myself. So I'm after another standing ticket, don't mind if it's a kids or an adults one to be honest. Can anyone help?!
  4. It's only the couple of blocks at the Kop End that are designated as the family stand. Plenty of space inthe rest of the Grandstand with all those benefits you describe.
  5. Me and my two lads sit in there. It's usually pretty sensible, but I have noticed the occasional group of older (40s/50s) blokes up there. Not heard too much in the way of swearing, but I have wondered why people would pick there if they have no kids. There's plenty left of the grandstand that is not the family zone, so why pick the blocks that are?!
  6. Not sure about kids in the Brew Dog. Wetherspoons is fine for kids though. We've met there before other games. Decent spot.
  7. 12ish. Just time to see all of Brum's finest sites, and then make the pub :)
  8. West Midlands Owls meeting spot is the BrewDog just outside New Street Station. Quick train ride then up to Villa Park.
  9. Backing the team I think was his specific point. He did say that any issues at the club are his responsibility (the buck stops with him I guess). I'm going to follow up with a few questions in an email/letter as he suggested. I sit in the grandstand with my lads, so not too much singing and chanting up there! Nevertheless, I'll do my best to support the team on Saturday. As for the Adidas/boxes thing I'm not a good enough businessman to judge!
  10. Some of this of course is me scribbling notes during a meeting where DC talked rapidly and at length. I might therefore have got the wrong end of the stick, or misinterpreted some things. I'm going to support the team best I can on Saturday and going forward. I'm also going to email my follow up questions to the club. I might even write a letter!
  11. Here are my notes. I'm sure I didn't get everything, but it covers the main areas at least. The meeting began with Mr Chansiri asking an open question of us all of what we thought the meeting was for. After a few brief replies he then spoke very passionately for nearly an hour. He wants the meeting to be a place where fans can come with ideas. He wants to engage and listen. He will answer questions on anything but wants the meeting to be reported fairly. If people have issues, then the meeting is the time to bring them, not outside on social media or elsewhere. He repeatedly talked about "you" as in the whole fanbase needing to support the club and what they are doing. He said that he respects the fans and wants our respect in return. DC said that he speaks from the heart. A point he made several times. He mentioned that fans had been messaging his children. He doesn't like criticism via social media – feels that criticisms should be brought to him via the meeting or email and that fans should otherwise support the club. He mentioned particular posts and people on social media who had upset him – including one person in the room. My notes at this stage say that the meeting was beginning to feel fractious here. After the opening remarks there were some questions. One related to DC's management structure at SWFC. DC talked about how he has the final say, and that he has had to build trust in his employees but that he does not get fully involved in everything. Kits for examplewere Joe Palmer's area. DC says he is trying to teach his team the correct way of doing things. Before DC he felt that things were too relaxed at times. DC said that he does not want to sack anyone. He wants people who have worked for the club for a long time to stay working for the club. He wants Owls fans to be able to tender for work for the club where they have expertise – a recent ICT project was an example. Corporate support was mentioned. DC was frustrated by corporate support – he feels that as they have the ability to pay more, they should. He only makes 10% margin on the boxes for example. More support from corporate supporters would help the club overall. The kit was discussed at length. Some key points are that the club have learned lots from the process and next year will be much better. The 3rd kit is hopefully going to be launched in time for the Villa game. They have some deliveries of the yellow away kit, and hope to put it on sale within 2 weeks. Pulling production in-house was always risky, and was something that was agreed at previous meetings. DC says that he did speak to Adidas and others, but they were expensive, the profits would go elsewhere, they also have long lead times, and would have expected a 3 year deal. The 70% on last season's kit was in way of an apology to the fans for some of the problems. They are working on plans for next season's kit. DC did say that he would not completely rule out stripes! The price was again mentioned, which brought mention of FFP – the club needs income this season to avoid FFP. DC thanked fans who buy any merchandise, as it is one of the areas where the club do make money. In a change to previous meetings DC did discuss some playing matters. He knows we have a large squad and would maybe like to release some players – but it's not easy. He has been influenced by fans into buying at least two players. One of these players he did not really want to buy as he felt the player might negatively affect the team dynamic. He also talked at length about the potential signing of another player from Barnsley at a similar time as Winnall, and why that fell through. A follow up question of who picks the players gave the response of Carlos asking for players in a certain position. A committee, other advisors and Carlos and his team then identify players. The club then negotiate transfers where possible. Doyen Sports are one of the advisors (but not the only one). DC makes final decisions on funding the deals. DC accepted that some of the deals that have been done were good, others not so, but contracts and other issues make it difficult to move players on. He also was happy with the size of the squad – and that some players are brought in simply as cover (although that is not advertised at the time!). DC then returned to the theme of support. He feels that fans should support and cheer the team and not boo. Players are human beings and need support. He feels that negativity from fans has affected the team and Carlos. Stan then talked about changes to the ground. The SAG is now led by an Owl, so hope that they will continue to be more reasonable. Large flags are coming behind the goal soon for example. There will be work completed soon segregating the North Stand from the NW Corner with the aim of pulling some of the NW corner seats back into action. The current capacity is 34,285 and the club are looking to extend that further as time goes on. The kidzone is going to be restarted and developed soon (bean bags, computers etc). The Wednesday Ale is going well and new kiosks on the south are also a success. They club are looking at clearing some space at the bottom of the Kop which will allow more fans in and the possibility of selling 1,200 restricted view seats. DC and JP talked about the 150th anniversary game and how they had tried very hard to get a prestige friendly. The cake was an attempt to get the SWFC name in the Guinness Book and therefore more widely known. The evening at Ponds Forge was generally acknowledged to be a success. They would have liked to have offered something in Hillsborough Park on similar lines, but couldn't get agreement from the council. TB felt that the 150th year is going well, and commented that it isn't finished yet – though there were no further details announced. TB talked about the successes of the community programme who can now offer BTECs, Apprenticeships and Degrees. They are also developing international links. They also have a new(ish) website https://swfccp.co.uk/ A question was asked about George Hirst. DC did answer the question though it's probably best I don't share exactly what was said – other than it does seem that he won't be playing for us again as it stands, and that I can see the club's perspective very clearly on the matter. As part of that discussion it was said that Doyen Sport (one of SWFCs advisors) are an entirely separate entity to Doyen Global. The Wednesdayite car park will be available until the end of the season (and maybe longer). A question was asked about Carlos' future. DC is 100% supportive of Carlos (later upped to 200%!). This got a round of applause from many, but not all, in the room. A follow up question was about the length of Carlos' contract. DC's response was that the length of the contract is not important, what is important is what is in the heart. The aim is still promotion this year – and we are only 4 points behind last season. DC asked two rhetorical questions: If DC were to sack Carlos then A) Who would he bring in? And B) What if the new manager fails? DC spoke to around 20 managers/coaches before appointing Carlos. It may well be that any manager a fan thinks DC has already seen. DC did say though that as promotion is the aim this year (and every year) - he had not thought further ahead than that. DC had met with the players earlier that day and told them that he felt they lacked consistency, but that they are a good team. He also commented that Carlos and the team did know how important the Sheffield United game was despite comments online to the contrary. Financial Fair Play (FFP) was mentioned several times. DC suggested that it will be difficult to keep within the rules this year, and very very difficult next year. He has put £150m into the club so far. There was some discussion about ticket prices and shirt prices to which DC made the point that he could reduce prices, but then he would need to sell players and play youngsters only. He could go back to how it used to be if we (the whole fanbase) preferred. The 1867 scheme was mentioned, which has only had a small uptake – DC has designed it to ascertain fan reaction. He didn't rule out sponsoring Hillsborough, but they are only allowed a fair market value within FFP – Derby get £600,000 per year for example. DC returned to his points as the meeting neared its conclusion. He wants the fans to support the team. He said that his mindset is changing. He has always done what he thought was best for the fans as it is the fans' team. He is now beginning to think that he should do what is best for him and the club and that as the owner it is his team. I left at 11:15 just as DC was wrapping up with a further plea to the fans to please back the team.
  12. Yeah I know, I've been umming and aahing all day about how to write it.
  13. I will. I've been before, dead easy to write up. Fans ask questions. Someone from club answers. Yesterday was much different.
  14. Thanks. I'll write it up for the West Mids Owls later, and copy it across.
  15. I was there. It was a very strange experience. I still haven't thought of the best way to write it up.
  16. 3 minutes ago, @owlstalk said: I don't think they have to play every position, but the coach swaps the team around regularly anyhow. They're 8/9 so how are they going to know what position they're going to play in later in life unless they get chance to try them out? I don't know about swapping subs, but I do know that one sided games are no good for anyone. My lads team won 15-0 the other week, but learned much more from the 3-2 defeat the week after. Fair play What about the rules about playing in every position and putting your subs onto their side if they're thrashing you etc?
  17. My eldest plays u-9s in the Warwickshire league. Many of these rules are in place and I can clearly see how they have helped him and his team mates develop. I pulled him out of a u-7 team previously due to unpleasant parents shouting and swearing and a coach who played his favourites (including his daughter) for every minute while others were lucky to get 5 minutes as sub. This stuff works for younger kids at least.
  18. I wrote the bit for the WM Owls - and meant all of it. Clive and Mark were fantastic, and if you have chance to see them, then go. I bought two of the prints and a pack of the cards. The first print is currently taking pride of place next to Chris Waddle, Atdhe Nuhiu, the 1983/4 promotion squad and a Pete Mckee in my Owls hall of fame (aka the downstairs loo). It really does look good though.
  19. Good man, you'll currently find a fair bit of post-match grumbling going on!
  20. https://www.facebook.com/groups/westmidlandsowls/ Join us... !
  21. My lad has started calling L***s ",The team that shouldn't be named" in the style of Harry Potter. Thought it might catch on!
  22. Mayrleb was great on one of the PlayStation games at the time. Actua Soccer 98 maybe.
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