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  1. Difficult to know as it's a pseudonym (sp?) anyhow look us West Mids Owls up on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/456418561061945/ if you're not there already! Few of us meeting in the Dragon Wetherspoons pre-match if anyone wants to join us. Brum based or not.
  2. £30 feckin quid. Good job I live in Brum so I'm not paying a train fare on top.
  3. I've been watching the 2004-5 dvd recently. We were really poor at times. However bring on the play offs and especially the final and we were immense. There is no way a team with support like that were losing.
  4. Maguire's winner at mill wall was a cracker!
  5. Not really defending Zigic who has fairly obviously being going through the motions recently. I think I saw Taylor twice last year (the other being mkdons in the cup). Both clean sheets and both solid. Certainly not worth the abuse he's had and worth another go to me given his pedigree.
  6. I like taylor. Mind you I've only seen him a couple of times. Last one at brum where he owned zigic.
  7. I love Owlstalk but sometimes.... some people. RIP to Matthew's Grandad. Pleased that you found his friend. It's my grandad's fault I'm an Owl as he took my Dad who took me who is now beginning to take the fourth generation of Owl. This stuff matters.
  8. Yes it would be fantastic. He is a winner to coin a cliche and we could do with a few of them
  9. I've never been to Reading or Wigan so those two will be on my list I think. Yeovil as well please.
  10. Cardiff of the games I saw. Worst was a very disinterested Fulham in the Carling Cup and an even more disinterested Middlesboro last weekend (thanks for the points lads!)
  11. the last player to score 50+ goals for the owls. Legend? Possibly.
  12. @westmidsowl on twitter and West Midlands Owls facebook group. There are loads of us!
  13. Quick plug for the West Mids Owls facebook and twitter pages: https://www.facebook.com/groups/456418561061945/ Twitter @WestMidlandsOwl or #WMOwls Meet lined up for Middlesboro game.
  14. Bloody brilliant result. We played really poorly but who cares!?! We won and I was there and that makes me happy!
  15. I took my eldest (4) to the Cardiff game the other week as his first game. he loved it. Meeting Ozzie was of course his highlight and he thinks the Owls won, so he is yet to feel the disappointment of defeat in the same way that I do. Mind you he's had enough after about 80 minutes of the game which funnily enough was about my limit too!
  16. Simek before he got injured. 20 goal hero neil mellow? Simek before he got injured. 20 goal hero neil mellor?
  17. There's a baby change and bog in the kids bit of the grandstand
  18. I'm a bit of a saddo as I try and visit as many Spoons as I can on my travels up and down. Liberty Bounds it is then for Millwall!
  19. Yeah sorry meant to say London bridge way - that's where that 'Spoons is anyhow.
  20. I imagine that this one isn't going to be overrun with Wednesdayites falling on a work night and in a run of away games. Anyhow I'm heading down. Has anyone got any idea of reasonable pubs? In the absence of anything better I'll head to the local Wetherspoons otherwise. http://www.jdwetherspoon.co.uk/home/pubs/the-liberty-bounds
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