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  1. That's a shame. What's happened there? Good memories of thousands of Owls making a right old racket.
  2. I'll be at City if I can get a ticket. Got to wait until Saturday before I have enough priority points to have a go. Bit of discussion on twitter - maybe Derby away in Feb for that flag-off!?
  3. Cheers Liam! Next to be seen at Wigan away. Looks luke I'm on mi own for that one mind so no sing off with East Mids Owls or anyone else!
  4. Hahahha - we'd lose I think - we are but small in number and getting on a bit!
  5. Can never figure out how to put pictures up on here. I think our flags have met before and have tweeted a pic. Reading away possibly. But yes, I'm well up for a flag off. North Yorks Owls have one and the SWSWSWs. They're ace.
  6. We're a bit smaller than the EMO but the West Mids Owls have a thriving facebook page and twitter feed and meets at various home and away games - I reckon Uttoxeter counts as West Mids! www.facebook.com/groups/westmidlandsowls @westmidlandsowl And we have a flag. And free stickers to any West Mids Owl who wants one!
  7. Isn't Jon Shaw still knocking them in in the conference?
  8. I liked Sibon. He made watching an awful team just about paltable for a couple of years in the early 00s.
  9. West mids owls meet at the Dragon Wetherspoons at 6. Book a ticket meet us there and we'll walk you up. Job's a good'un!
  10. Aim for Digbeth. Plenty of on street parking. Bit nicer than small heath (all relative though!). Join us West Mids Owls for a pre match pint in local wetherspoons. Jobs a good'un. http://www.jdwetherspoon.co.uk/home/pubs/the-dragon-inn
  11. I liked the meat and potato one I had at Burnley last week. Only £2.50 as well so reasonable value.
  12. www.facebook.com/groups/westmidlandsowls Might help if I posted a link that worked... also via twitter @westmidlandsowl #wmowls
  13. A plug really for the West Midland Owls- if you're based down here and are going to the Brum game, we'll be sorting out a pre-game meet via the facebook page. https://touch.facebook.com/home.php?hrc=1&refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fh.facebook.com%2Fhr%2Fr&_rdr :
  14. Ordered it Thursday night. Arrived in the post this morning. Glad it did cos with the bank holiday on Monday it would be cutting it a bit fine otherwise!
  15. Leicester 4-1; Bristol City 3-0 (cup); Millwall (last year); Reading was good; some oldies from 90s: Notts County in promotion year West Ham when we were back up.Away days are ace.
  16. Heading down from Brum in the morning. Should have time to pop to Borough Market beforehand.
  17. Borrough Bridge was full of Wednesday before the (midweek) game at Millwall last year.
  18. Look up us West Mids Owls then buddy (unless the pseudonym means you're already a member and I didn't know!) https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/354647261304838/ Twitter @westmidlandsowl
  19. West Midlands Owls meeting spot is the Dragon Wetherspoons in the Arcadian Centre on the way from New Street towards St Andrews. Failing that there are a couple of decent pubs in Digbeth which are usually away friendly enough if you're sensible - try the Anchor or the Lamp. Again in the direction of the ground but still enough of a walk. There wouldn't be enough money in the world to get me into some of the ones very close to St Andrews. It's a dump up there to say the least.
  20. Difficult to know as it's a pseudonym (sp?) anyhow look us West Mids Owls up on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/456418561061945/ if you're not there already! Few of us meeting in the Dragon Wetherspoons pre-match if anyone wants to join us. Brum based or not.
  21. £30 feckin quid. Good job I live in Brum so I'm not paying a train fare on top.
  22. I've been watching the 2004-5 dvd recently. We were really poor at times. However bring on the play offs and especially the final and we were immense. There is no way a team with support like that were losing.
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