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  1. Good luck to him. Remember him winning a penalty once, and, erm ... That's about it. Hoped to see more of him, glad he's got somewhere to go and hopefully play.
  2. Wolves away, Norwich away. Two disappointing defeats in which he was the only bright spark.
  3. I hope we see Melo in the team. The bits I saw of him before his injury were promising.
  4. I'd say that we're more likely to see Melo again than McGoogs.
  5. Melo travelled with the squad to Preston, so maybe hes due a game.
  6. http://mobile.swfc.co.uk/news/article/2016-17/kean-agrees-mansfield-switch-3493831.aspx They did report it. Still an odd signing though.
  7. We will. He loves going regardless of the result, so I can't get angry or annoyed for long even if we nlose. It's a good attitude to have I think! We're down the front hopefully finding somewhere for the West Midlands Owls flag to work it's magic.
  8. Just caught a glimpse of a much younger me right at the front of the crowd. It was a very long time ago, but what a team!
  9. Maguire vs Millwall away Maguire vs Barnsley Talbot vs Hartlepool
  10. I was in there tonight. Asked in advance if they'd got any calendars left via twitter - dead quick reply to say they had. So I went in, and they did indeed have calendars. Also bought a lovely mug complete with chocolate bar and marshmallows for the Mrs for Christmas. If I had a few more quid I'd have bought a new hat as well. Anyhow, moral of all that was that it seems ok to me.
  11. I know we've come a long way since then, but I saw Melo play in a couple of away games in 2015 - poor defeats at Wolves and Norwich. He looked the best player on the owls team in both. Had time on the ball, and looked to drive the midfield forward. I liked him. Hope he gets fit and we see the best of him again. Equally Matias has got something, he'll certainly be useful to have in the squad when he's fit again.
  12. Then of course, there's Hooper's not really that arsed approach. I quite like that.
  13. In a way my favourite day ever this. Wednesday won. I met my future Mrs that evening (she's a Brummie). In a way, cos I'm stuck down here in the Midlands because of that!
  14. I go with my lad (8), occasionally my brother (40), and for the last two games my other lad (6). We live in the West Midlands so its a bit of a trek up. Almost always on an early train, then out to my folks, one of whom will drop us in for the match. A few away days as well, usually nowadays with eldest in tow at least. Sometimes meet up with some other West Mids Owls pre-match but a bit hamstrung by the kids on any major pre match stuff. Oh, we sit in the grandstand. Eldest has a season ticket (they were cheap), I have membership. Got to 17 games last season, 7 so far this.
  15. I live near Brum. St Andrews is a dump, but I haven't seen any bother there for a long while now. Took my seven year old lad last season, and he's coming along this year as well. It's a bit of a trek from New Street mind. The West Mids Owls will have a pub lined up, I'll try and remember to post the details on here when sorted. We've shared taxis before to avoid the long uphill trek to the ground.
  16. I like Lopez, hope he stays. Not the end of the world if he doesn't. Melo (RIP) will be back soon anyhow...
  17. Back of N4 for us. I love the view up there, gives a great perspective of the game. Others might think it's like watching a game of subbuteo! Hope you all enjoy the game, I'm bringing my youngest (5) as well on Saturday for his first game. Similar plan of getting there at 2ish.
  18. Been taking my lad, who's now 7, up in the grandstand since he was just over 4. He loves football anyway, which helps, but the grandstand has always been a great all round experience. My advice would be to buy a seat somewhere near the end of a row for easy access to the toilets. It also seems to have got a little busier this season, so get there early for a good go on the games and whatnot, and if you want some cardboard, overpriced food, either get it before the game, or leave on 39 minutes before the queues.
  19. Email the ticket office, and ask for seats near the front to one side, and they'll sort you out if they can. They've said to me that they'll sort two tickets right at the front for me and my 7 year old, so he won't need to stand all game.
  20. The West Midlands Owls are meeting in the Dragon Wetherspoon, Arcadian Centre. It's on the walk up from the train, but close to the city centre.
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