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  1. 4 hours ago, Albertowl said:

    Enjoyed reading the book mate, a stark reminder of how depressing it was following Wednesday in those days. I guess it's a pretty sad reflection on me and the low point SWFC reached that the few highlights (Notts County away, Man Utd, McMordie, Knighton, Southend) are still such vivid memories for me.


    ps and excuse the pedant in me, but Shirtliff, not Shirtcliff

    Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. You're right that much of the football was depressing I am sure. And, thanks for the heads up on the typo - I'd already fixed a few from the first print run. I'll get it altered for the next lot. Somebody said to me that you'll never spot them all - I still get annoyed if I spot anything though 😞

  2. I'll pop the links up tomorrow. Both Tommy's came across as humble, down to earth people with a good sense of humour. It will be an excellent show I think (with only a little of me flogging some book I've written!)


    Cheers and UTO



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  3. The good news this week is that Tommy Craig agreed to an interview. So, this week's Alan Biggs show is an 'Our Lowest Ebb' special with me and (much more interestingly) Tommy. 


    Thursday on Sheffield live TV at 7pm and then on YouTube. I'll pop the links up on Thursday 


    Cheers and UTO



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  4. 1 minute ago, vulva said:

    The Wolves game was FACup. If I remember correctly the Wolves fans broke into the empty stand behind the goal. 

    I think the Owls fans were particularly excited by the goal given the goading from Wolves and that at least one of the Wolves goals was clearly offside. Didn't help the 13/14 year old me feel less scared though 😞

  5. Couple of stories. One SWFC related one not.


    Scared at the match? Wolves away c1989. At the time half of Molinieux was out of use. So both home and away fans were standing behind one goal. Plenty of abuse flying both ways. It wasn't the abuse that scared me - rather the distance I was carried off my feet when Wednesday scored before being bashed into a barrier and thoroughly winded. For what felt like an age, but was probably only a minute or two, I couldn't get up as the crowd was still surging behind me. I still feel a bit shaken now thinking about it. 


    Not Owls related. I was in a pub in Birmingham one Saturday afternoon in the late 90s. Not a pub known for trouble. Manchester United were playing Villa that day. About 1pm, in an obviously pre-planned assault, a group of 15-20 Manc hoolies barged into the pub and smashed it up. Windows went, glasses smashed, pool tables broken, behind the bar smashed up. The works. My problem was that there was no way out, hoolies and broken windows at the front meant the only hiding place was a small yard outside with the used beer barrels. After cowering out there for what again felt like an age, we heard the hooligans barge through the back door. I expected a beating. Luckily though they were running - over the back fence and on their way. 




  6. Hello everyone,


    I'm slowly beginning the process of researching and writing a follow-up to my recent book 'Our Lowest Ebb'. This time, I'm focusing on more positive times as Howard Wilkinson's team took on the big boys on the club's return to the big time.


    I'm interested in the views and memories of fans from the time. Players, games, away days and tall tales. The things that supporting a team are all about 🙂


    If it's your era therefore and you're happy to share a few thoughts, please head to:




    Cheers and UTO,


    John Dyson

  7. 17 minutes ago, room0035 said:

    Thank you for that a very good read and very informative, it would be nice to know the sample size of fans though involved. If all this is from a few hundred fans, then the result will be view suspectively, but if it 5-10,000 then probably it is a more even fans view. If the club will agree to meet maybe some sort of fan survey can be sent out with season ticket for fans to fill in a return - often if these have a chance to win something or enter a draw more people reply. 


    Good luck to you and anything like this can only be a positive to help out the club in dire need of new ideas.

    1500+ fans filled it in. I suppose the debate is whether that's a large enough sample. They do put some thoughts about the survey on the final page 

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  8. 30 minutes ago, fredmciverslovechild said:

    Just re-reading the book and come across the section about George McCabe which I somehow missed before.


    Back in the mid-1960's George lived on Stradbroke Close; I lived on Stradbroke Way which was the next road down. My best mate lived on the Close and I used to meet him every day to walk to school. Quite often in the morning we'd see George and sometimes in the afternoon as well and as he was a big Wednesday fan and my mate supported United we'd always talk football. I hadn't realised at the time that George was a referee; probably not until the infamous Brazil v Portugal match at the 1966 World Cup. He was roundly criticised for his refereeing in that match for allowing Portugal to clog Pele out of the tournament.


    Anyway round about then he invited us into his home to see the mementos he'd picked up on his reffing travels. Don't remember too much about those but I do remember he had this huge box which was full of scrapbooks comprising newspaper cuttings, reports and his own handwritten comments on every first class game he'd reffed. Think he retired after taking charge of the 1969 cup final but by that time he'd moved house anyway.


    He always came across as an extremely kindly person, a bit like your favourite uncle. Can well imagine that he was ideally suited to looking after the kids at the club.

    Everyone who mentioned George McCabe said what a lovely man he was. Not the best coach necessarily, but there were others to do that. But a really nice man it seems. The personalised Christmas card to all youth team players illustrates it nicely. I bet there was some fascinating stuff in his collection of memorabilia from his refereeing career!

  9. 1 hour ago, adelphi1867 said:

    Just finished reading the book, very enjoyable and brought back a lot of memories, I attended all the games featured in the book.

    What I realised on reading the book is just how little we, the club and fans, have changed.

    We are very nearly in as bad a situation now as we were then, 47 friggin years after the event we have learned absolutely nothing in how to plan further ahead than the next season.

     Cheers - glad you liked it 🙂 It does help put today into perspective I think. Or show that people don't always learn from mistakes 😞


  10. 4 hours ago, Utah Owl said:

    Book just arrived. Going to have a fun few days reading it (assuming the nightmares don't come back)! lol

    Great stuff, let me know how you get in with it 🙂 Got to love the postal workers of the world for getting it to you so quickly!

  11. Those of you who remember the mid-70s might like to watch Alan Biggs' chat show - now up on YouTube and featuring Peter Rodrigues and (in pt2) Rodger Wylde.



    And if anyone needs any persuasion to get hold of a copy of the book - here's some feedback from Chris Turner 🙂


  12. 3 minutes ago, hirstyboywonder said:


    Clutching at straws a bit here, would putting Hirst's dot a bit closer to Sterlands for example really have made that much difference to how it looks? Would have been better with the accuracy in my opinion. 


    4 minutes ago, hirstyboywonder said:


    Clutching at straws a bit here, would putting Hirst's dot a bit closer to Sterlands for example really have made that much difference to how it looks? Would have been better with the accuracy in my opinion. 

    It might have looked better like that, dunno really. I like it, will buy one if and when they become available. If the accuracy thing annoys others, probably best not to buy it. We'll never know I suppose if a more accurate one would have been more popular than this one. 

  13. 22 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:

    What would be the artistic reasoning behind this?

    Also what is the reasoning behind some player locations being accurate but not the others?

    It's so confusing

    To make it look good? Spread the names around the map so they are not all crunched up? I get the point, that if it's accuracy we're after - it's not 100% and that's going to annoy some. I just liked the look of it, and it reminded me of a few players I'd forgotten (Strutt, Savic). 

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