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  1. 11 minutes ago, OWL1969 said:

    I'd just like to wish you all the best with this Pal. 

    This one is much more in my era (14-16 Years old) and still holds some fantastic Memories.

    Having said that I will still be purchasing your first effort "The lowest ebb" as unexpectedly I didn't get get it for Christmass 😠

    Good luck John.

    Someone needs to have a word with Father Christmas if he didn't sort you out with a copy of Our Lowest Ebb! Hope you enjoy it if and when you do get hold of a copy. 


    Plan currently for this one is to have it out for Spring 2022. Fair bit to do first, but it is a great era. We had a top, top team for a while then 🙂

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  2. Hello everyone,


    As you may know or remember - I was fortunate enough last year to have my first book published "Our Lowest Ebb?" - focusing on the Owls in the mid-70s. I got plenty of help from people on here - for which I am grateful. I am also very appreciative of the support from OwlsTalk when the book was released. 


    I think that I've caught the writing and researching bug - as I've agreed to write and publish a follow up. This time looking at happier times on the field as the Owls go 'Back in the Big Time, 1984-86'. So, looking at the team's assault on Division One under Howard Wilkinson.


    As with the first book, I am interested in the memories and views of supporters, alongside what was happening on the pitch and at the club. If anyone has memories of the period (Sterland, Marwood, Lyons, Chapman and all) and can spare 15-20 minutes - then I have a survey open here. I'd love to read about and hear people's memories: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/9MJJVBF


    I'm also really interested in the memorabilia people have kept from the mid-80s. So, if you've got a selection of programmes, shirts, rosettes, tickets or anything else of interest - I'd love to hear from you. If there's a great story to go with it, even better!


    Cheers, and UTO - John Dyson 

    owls rosette.jpg

    We are the Owls 1.jpg

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  3. A few years back when he'd just broken into the Owls team, the club had Clare, Jack Stobbs and Jordan Thorniley signing autographs and taking pictures in the Megastore. Anyhow, I took me and the lad in and they were all very personable and friendly. Until the slightly knowing comment from one of Stobbs or Thorniley on the lines of 'you better get his quick - he's going to be a superstar'.


    He's got a way to go to reach that level. 

  4. I was lucky enough to interview him for my book (Our Lowest Ebb?) A really good bloke, as others have said, lives Dronfield way now. Scored in the 4-4 against Manchester United in 1974. Went on loan to Brian Clough's Nottingham Forest for a month - but never actually met Cloughie!

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  5. Hi all, I was lucky enough recently to be put in contact with Allan Thompson - Owls captain for some of the Lowest Ebb period. My interview with him is available here for a short while:




    If anyone still fancies a copy of the book. Until next Sunday it's reduced to £9.99 including P&P from me at:




    Use the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout.


    Cheers, and UTO





  6. 13 hours ago, Ronio said:

    The book that interests me and fascinates me the most, is 'Flying over an olive grove'.


    Then I checked the price, it comes in at a hundred quid.  


    Had a quick scan online for a cheaper price and there are some sellers in America where I can get it for a third of the price.  . 


    I will get a copy shipped over in the new year.  



    That's the Fred Spiksley book. They are doing a paperback edition in the spring if you can wait a bit. (May 2021 from memory)

  7. 19 minutes ago, Adem Poric said:

    Something to read at Hillsborough so you dont have to look at the pitch when Pulisball is happening. 


    Just give them a polite clap at 85 minutes then leave early to get out before the traffic. 






    I fucking hate this appointment. 

    You should maybe try 'Our Lowest Ebb' and read up on when times really were tough 🙂

  8. 19 hours ago, Plonk said:

    Statistically I think most would agree our three worst managers have been Eustace, Jo’s and Burtenshaw. All three had poor records and had the club spiralling in a downward direction. So what did we do to replace them.

    Burtenshaw was replaced by Len Ashurt, and subsequently Big Jack, and then Wilco. Most people agree that Ashurst did some of of the groundwork for Jack,and brought in some decent players.

    Eustace was replaced by Big Ron, the rest is history.

    jos was replaced by Bruce, and we saw the green shoots of recovery, before he jumped ship.


    My point is that when the club finally realise Monk has joined that esteemed band, they need to be looking at recruiting an experienced guy who can turn this shitfest around. It has been done before. It can be done again.

    Agree with this entirely. Len Ashurst was only 36 when he took over at S6 but had already proved his worth at Hartlepool and Gillingham. He also had Tony Toms with him to work on fitness. I often wonder how his methods would go down today. 

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  9. 19 hours ago, 31Dec1966 said:

    Photographer was probably stood next to me. I like watching from high up so often used to stand at the very top in those days (the photos I posted a while ago from 1971 are from that very spot.) I also stood there for the BDM, although there were a few more in that day!

    image.png.981048aa7da1d8f43bad249583b00a50.png I always wondered who it was stood at the very top of the Kop on this picture 🙂

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  10. 7 minutes ago, matthefish2002 said:


    I think Clough was well known for making himself linked with other jobs when he wanted a better contract at Forest or more transfer funds.

    Yes, absolutely this. I was told (after the book was published) by a respected journalist of the time that the story was very likely a 'plant' by Clough. 


    I think there was more in the Owls being linked with Ron Atkinson. Cambridge turned down an approach from an 'unnamed club' just before Steve Burtenshaw was sacked. 


    Don Megson also talks of being 'tapped up' for the job in his autobiography.


    The Liverpool press even reported that SWFC asked Bill Shankley if he'd come out of retirement. He wouldn't!


    How much is truth and how much rumour out of all that is difficult to know for sure 🙂

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  11. 23 hours ago, Striggy said:

    One of my (now fading and inaccurate) memories was from what I thought was our lowest crowd, which would be the Colchester game reading posts above, but I remember it as a night game.  It was cold and rainy and miserable and there were a couple thou of us spread all over the Kop, The Star took a photo and published it on the back page circling about a dozen lucky(?) people who won a prize that I think was a free ticket to the next game.  I missed out to somebody stood near me.  Happy days.

    Was it this one? Sorry the quality isn't great... There was a pound waiting for the lucky few if they turned up at the Star's offices. Picture from a friendly game against Burnley during the Save Our Owls era of early 1975. 

    Crowd vs Burnley Friendly.jpg

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  12. 3 hours ago, legendaryswan said:

    He was under consideration at one point,he eluded to this in a TV interview he did,doubt hed have come we were almost bust back then,think our transfer budget was about 60K


    Clough himself (or his ghost writer) wrote in the Nottingham Post of being approached for the Owls job. I'm not sure how accurate his version of events was though. He effectively said that he was asked to apply - and that he didn't apply for jobs but waited to be offered them. 

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