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  1. I spoke to him today - he has agreed to an interview for my upcoming book on the Owls 73-76.


    A thoroughly good man. Inspirational what he has achieved in memory of his daughter. I'm going to donate a few quid as a thank you as well. 


    He said his spell at Hillsborough was a 'special time' and loved how the fans took to him. 

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  2. The official supporters club died a bit of a death when the club took merchandising and travel 'in house' in the late 70s/early 80s. 


    It was still going strong in the mid 70s though. Here's their 'Personality Girl' of the year (1974 I think) as announced at the annual SC dinner dance.


    Lots more in my upcoming book on the dark days :) 


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  3. 8 hours ago, sheriwozgod said:

    Chris Adamson


    Ian Nolan

    John Holsgrove

    Joost Van Aken

    Lee Briscoe


    Petter Rudi

    Phil Henson

    Darren Potter

    Adam Reach


    Kim Olsen

    Barry Corr




    Ola Tidman

    Peter Feeley

    Yoann Folly

    Burton O Brien

    Gerald Sibon

    Orlando Trustfull

    Jordan Rhodes







    I went to a play off final a while ago where they announced Southend's striker as 'Big Bad' Barry Corr. I don't remember him being either of those things for the Owls.

  4. 47 minutes ago, Emerson Thome said:

    Article reeks a bit of self-justification by Ashurst to me.


    Also, not exactly sure what is wrong with having a dentists appointment 4 hours before a game. Don't footballers just report to the ground for home matches an hour and a half beforehand? Certainly in those days don't think there was a massive tactical session. As long as it was just a check-up and he wasn't having a load of morphine or anything. Certainly not a sackable offence.

    Bernard Shaw certainly wasn't happy.


  5. On 07/07/2019 at 01:30, torryowl said:

    not sure len Ashurst would agree …...

    Made him captain, offered him a new contract - and then released him at the end of the 75/76 season. This extra-ordinary article might explain why.

    Ashurst - I want winners.jpg

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  6. Here's Allan/Alan (take your pick - the club programme calls him by both names in the 1970s). He's with a goal-scoring superstar here. Someone who's name would strike fear into the heart of defenders far and wide. Someone who's goalscoring feats are legendary..... And some Brazilian fella as well :)



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  7. 13 minutes ago, Wednesday_Jack said:

    born in Chelmsford...now I’m no Michael Palin but I’m sure that’s in Essex?? 


    He’s only registered U21 appearance’s for Wales so I stand by original comment...get him in the England squad with Iorfa. 

    Fair play. I agree then. Get him in the England squad :)

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  8. 14 minutes ago, torryowl said:

    That  article (I want winners)by len ashurst  is a good read that brings to light how bad things were back then 

    I think that article is stunning by today's standards. He lays into the players by name (Fox and Shaw) and indirectly - accusing others of not giving 100% and others of stinking of booze. 


    Incredible really. 


    Not sure if the Star would run a 2019 equivalent?!

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  9. 3 hours ago, Wednesday_Jack said:

    Sod it let’s go the full mile....fox should be in there as well!!! He’s better than chillwell and rose. He’s out most improved player, surely he should be on the verge of a call up? 



    You probably know that he's Welsh. He could well be called up soon on recent form though.

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  10. I've got a book coming out next spring about the dark years of 1973-76. It's already listed on Amazon :) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Our-Lowest-Ebb-2020-Wednesdays/dp/1908847174/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=john+dyson+our+lowest+ebb&qid=1572216905&sr=8-1

    To whet everyone's appetite for what will inevitably be a Harry Potter style best seller, here are a selection of images of the period. (The bus one's slightly earlier - I just liked it!)


    Apprentices 1975.jpg

    Ashurst - I want winners.jpg

    Cheer our Owls.jpg

    county cup champs.jpeg

    Craig transfer request.jpg

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  11. 20 minutes ago, torryowl said:

    of course he  was …..the chairman has the final say on ground improvement and the manager on team matters .taylor in the 60s70s was neither , he was just a great administrator who because he was the spokesman for the club got the blame when things went badly but strangely didn't get the praise when things went well .

    Which is pretty much what I conclude :) 

  12. My book on the Owls darkest times ofor 1973-76 will be out in the spring. Eric Taylor is mentioned in there - generally positively though with mention that there were 'Taylor Out' chants and protests. The stadium remained a world class one into the 70s - with plenty of FA Cup semi-finals and even a Northern Ireland international held there. 


    I can understand the frustration of fans who remember the early/mid 70s as they witnessed a decline from the fantastic 60/61 team to near relegation to D4.


    I do think that Eric Taylor was/is the wrong target for that frustration though. 

  13. On 27/09/2019 at 07:54, daleblue said:

    One Villa blogger who was filming on his way home after last years defeat to us at their place, turned the camera forward to show a Range Rover with S6 OWL, now that's a number plate to want.

    I know the fella who owns that. Not sure if he's on here. Real good bloke though. And great plate :)

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