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  1. Mine was Blackburn, Nov 1990. We lost 1-0. Went on the club coach with my brother. Saw some much better performances that season, but hooked on away games from then on :)
  2. 'Wee' Willie :) The other two as you've probably worked out are Gerry Young and Ken Knighton. Young was Burtenshaw's assistant at that stage, and Knighton his captain.
  3. Well the number of games was 30 - so you might well be correct!
  4. Here's a quiz, might keep people busy in the lockdown.
  5. Great thread to return to :) There's a book out about it all this year you know
  6. The book is now available to pre-order :) https://ourlowestebb.bigcartel.com/product/our-lowest-ebb-a-new-history-of-sheffield-wednesday-s-darkest-times-1973-76 Plan is to release at Owls in the Park in June. We'll see what Corona virus has to say about that I guess. Thanks for all the support on here. Hopefully the book will be interesting/nostalgic/informative depending on your point of view. UTO John
  7. Willie Henderson. I interviewed him for my upcoming book :) He said that his years in Sheffield were a 'very special time' for him. He's a top man. Does a huge amount for charity now after the sad death of his daughter.
  8. After another grim performance today, I though this was an apt time to point out that things have been much, much worse. My book about the dark times is now available for pre-order. I'll happily sign or dedicate (within reason!) any ordered in advance. I'm very grateful to lots of people's help from here. Several of whom get a mention in the book! https://ourlowestebb.bigcartel.com/ Cheers and UTO John
  9. I'll publicise this more a little closer to the time - but the book is out on 28 June, first available at Owls in the Park. It is now available for pre-order though - I'll happily sign or dedicate it (within reason!) if ordered in advance. I'm very grateful for the support of lots of people on this page. Hopefully it'll be something that many of you find interesting and enjoyable https://ourlowestebb.bigcartel.com/
  10. There's something in the players seeming more "real" I think also. Lots of stories of people knowing them in some way, players lodging with families etc. Great stories - thank you :)
  11. Had confirmation of my place at Owls in the Park. The book will be launched that day - 28th June. I'll be there and happy to chat and sign a copy if that helps :) It'll be in all good bookshops, on Amazon and other retailers soon afterwards. More details to follow. Thanks for the positive words and support I've had on here. It is genuinely appreciated.
  12. Dave Sunley's debut was vs Birmi gham City. First goal Vs Tottenham in the cup - scoring past Pat Jennings.
  13. Come in a 'top 10' of fans favourites in my upcoming book of the real dark years 73-76. General feeling was that he was a whole hearted trier in difficult times.
  14. I think that nails it, it was there. It happened. If you went to football, especially away, there was a chance of getting caught up in it - like it or not
  15. Had an ongoing hip injury that led to his retirement. Everton fans weren't happy for him to go - but never really at his best at Hillsborough
  16. I think you're point there about not needing to be directly involved to witness plenty of it is key. It was a different world in the 70s in some ways. This being one of them. So no major judgements from me (though I can't understand looking for trouble). More my attempt to report the sort of things you describe
  17. https://twitter.com/Ourlowestebb1/media If you fancy killing a bit more time back in the 70s - I've got 100's of pictures up on the twitter feed!
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