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  1. Writing up a section on the ground itself. Heard fans refer to the the "cheesecake" and "crow's nest" sections fo S6. Am I correct in assuming these were what we now call the NW Corner (Wycombe's home) and the uncovered Kop Corner (Tango's home)?
  2. Yes I guess most weeks might be pushing it - but the fans weren't averse to having a go - a few cushion throwing incidents a nd previous chairman Sir Andrew Stephen going to game via taxi as fed up of having his car scratched just two examples. Agree on the wider points about SB. Two ex players I've interviewed really rated him. So he had something. I think I'll need to acknowledge the counter argument, but accept that he basically failed when I finish writing this bit up.
  3. Which brings me back to where I started. It's 45 years ago now, so there can be a bit of objective distance. Maybe it's time to re-evaluate SB (even if only a little!)
  4. Yes, Bert McGee and Matt Sheppard swapped roles, McGee became chairman, Sheppard as vice-chairman.
  5. Only Middlesbrough, Hull, Luton and L***s I haven't been to. So will aim for a couple of them.
  6. Writing up my memorabilia section as I type - well getting a little distracted :) Anyhow, I would love to see a season ticket or two from 73-74, 74-75 or 75-76. Would anyone have one that they could take a picture of?
  7. Not necessarily disagreeing with the point, but I believe SB went before the 4-1 as that was one of Jim Macnearney's two games as caretaker manager I think.
  8. Gerry Young. It was his birthday when they sacked him and SB.
  9. Was told that there was 'sack the board' chants when he went. Though that happened most weeks I guess :) Good coach, good bloke, failed as manager I think will be the argument.
  10. Bit small, but there's the eldest on the pitch. He scored as well :) Family Fun Day last year. He has a ST on the grandstand with me. Couldn't be prouder.
  11. Not my picture, but I'm wondering if it's time to rethink Steve Burtenshaw? A couple of the ex players I've spoken to recently for my book on the period rated his coaching and enthusiasm. Set up Middlewood Rovers. And I'm told (some) fans protested about his sacking. Has anyone got any other arguments in favour? I know there are lots against :)
  12. I organised the West Mids Owls one this year. I asked whether we'd get it back. The club said that I'd probably be better getting a small one as they can't guaran tee it's return. So perhaps learned the lesson!
  13. Barging in on this thread I know. But I'm in the middle of writing a book on this period. Pop over to the thread I've linked to if anyone wants to contribute a few thoughts.
  14. Been offered a publishing deal for this - which means that, all being well, next summer thete'll be a professionally produced book on the shelves of all good retailers. Thanks to everyone's help so far on it. The book aims to reflect the experience of fans - I couldn't do that without all the comments here and elsewhere. :)
  15. The lovely people at War of the Monster Trucks have published the first fruits of my labours on this. Hope you enjoy :) http://www.wotmt.co.uk/reader_web.php?id=430&page=
  16. Love the story! I'm being g quite strict with myself - finishing at the end of 75-76 when we reached our lowest ever league position. The share issue came later in 76 than that. I might make an exception in my section on fans stories and tall tales though :) Might well give you a shout when I get to that one. Dunsby has already been a huge help, on here, via his SWFC history Facebook group and Twitter. I think even he's struggling to find a Save Our Owls sticker though!
  17. I'm currently writing up a section on memorabilia - what people kept and why. I have autograph books, silk scarfs, a north stand cushion, and programmes galore so far. I'd be really interested in seeing anything you might still have from c73-76 :)
  18. The programme occasionally featured pictures of the staff It was acceptable in the 19 70s I suppose. Anyhow, was the object of your affection this young lady?
  19. You're in. There's a link to the WhatsApp group on there as well. That seems busier than facebook nowadays.
  20. Bit out of our patch - but you'd be welcome to join up and put a shout out for lifts etc - there's certainly Owls in Ashby and Burton in the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/westmidlandsowls/
  21. I've come across this thread as I'm currently researching and writing a book on the darkest times - 1973-76. Would love to hear any stories from that time (cushion related or not!). I gather that then chairman Sir Andrew Stephen resigned after some particularly vociferous protests in late 1973 - with the odd cushion thrown. The next chairman sacked Derek Dooley on Christmas Eve, so maybe cushions have a lot to answer for! More detail on what I'm up to here:
  22. Still plugging away at this. Not my picture, though apparently from 1978. Does anyone have any memories of the club shop in the dark days?
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