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  1. I'm assuming there are flares here, given the size of the collars and ties.
  2. Maybe there should be another thread for 70s Owls in flares with musicians? Here's John Holsgrove with the Barron Knights.
  3. The fantastic club open day at Easter 2018 (I think). All free, we saw everywhere and my lad got to play on the pitch. It was brilliant.
  4. Great picture. One reason I put a ? in the title of my book about the period 'Our Lowest Ebb?' is that although the club hit the lowest league position (to date) - there was behind the scenes by that stage a plan. Bert McGee as chairman was beginning to sort the finances. Len Ashurst and Tony Toms were beginning to make the team more of a fighting unit. It did of course take Big Jack and another year or two for it all to come good afterwards. There's also a good amount of nostalgia/fondness for the time from (some) of the fans who stuck it out.
  5. I believe this to be Colin West's goal. I think I was there, certainly have the programme. I can't remember a thing about it though. Looks a cracking header
  6. Picture from 1973 featured in a 1985 programme.
  7. . I've been reading through interviews and programmes from the time recently. Another thing also stood out - what an impressive figure Howard Wilkinson was. Would love someone even now with his clarity of thought, modern ideas and desire to succeed.
  8. Wednesday's first black player according to the book I read recently 'Football's Black Pioneers' telling the story of the first black player(s) at each league club. I remember Tony Cunningham winning the penalty against Palace in 84 that sealed promotion. He went down quite easily for that one for such a strong bloke!
  9. He didn't quite tell me that, but putting 2+2 together, that's what I got from it. I didn't put it in the write up, but he did tell me that Len Ashurst came to see him when he was boss at Stockport which AT thought was a bit strange given how it ended at SWFC.
  10. https://ourlowestebb.blogspot.com/2020/11/aninterview-with-allan-thompson.html I was lucky enough to be put in touch with Allan Thompson late last year. He had lots of interesting thoughts, including memories of that Mansfield game. Written up on the link.
  11. Lots of rearranged games as that season drew to a close. This one was because of the FA Cup semi being held at S6 on the original date for the game.
  12. A few bits. Prendergast's goal then Whitworth and Len Ashurst's reactions after the game. I still find Ashurst's article stunning.
  13. There was a book out about this era last year
  14. Yes, a spot of double vision there. As for the other point about the SAG and the stadium - it's a good point I think, but we don't know the answer until the question has been asked.
  15. Someone needs to have a word with Father Christmas if he didn't sort you out with a copy of Our Lowest Ebb! Hope you enjoy it if and when you do get hold of a copy. Plan currently for this one is to have it out for Spring 2022. Fair bit to do first, but it is a great era. We had a top, top team for a while then
  16. Hello everyone, As you may know or remember - I was fortunate enough last year to have my first book published "Our Lowest Ebb?" - focusing on the Owls in the mid-70s. I got plenty of help from people on here - for which I am grateful. I am also very appreciative of the support from OwlsTalk when the book was released. I think that I've caught the writing and researching bug - as I've agreed to write and publish a follow up. This time looking at happier times on the field as the Owls go 'Back in the Big Time, 1984-86'. So, looking at the team's assault on Division One
  17. I remember being really pleased when Jonk signed. He'd had an excellent World Cup in 98. Top player it seemed.
  18. A few years back when he'd just broken into the Owls team, the club had Clare, Jack Stobbs and Jordan Thorniley signing autographs and taking pictures in the Megastore. Anyhow, I took me and the lad in and they were all very personable and friendly. Until the slightly knowing comment from one of Stobbs or Thorniley on the lines of 'you better get his quick - he's going to be a superstar'. He's got a way to go to reach that level.
  19. Some David Sunley pictures... Just because
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