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  1. Pretty much the conclusion I came to in the book. Good coach, generous with his time for supporters, not always a good man manager and dreadful results on the pitch in the most part.
  2. I tried to contact him through that nursing home when researching my book on the mid-70s (Our Lowest Ebb). After initially agreeing to meet me, I was told that he found thinking about his time at Hillsborough too upsetting. A shame, as I would have liked to hear about his version of events. He had a good career in football and was clearly a good coach. Not too many positive memories about his teams at S6, but several of him as a good bloke. Glad to hear he's still going.
  3. I know that one of Coventry's club historians is writing Dave Bennett's autobiography with him. Might make an Interesting read I watched the Zenith Data Systems game against the Blunts back a while ago. The one with Sheridan's wonder goal. Anyhow, Bennett also had an excellent game.
  4. Bit of a last plea for help from me on this I've got plenty on ballboys, football practice in the sports hall and badges, autograph books and membership cards. I'd love to include a memory or two from the Christmas parties. Held at the City Hall, fancy dress competition, chance to meet the players. Did anyone go, and have a memory or two to share?
  5. It was Steve who ran them. Got a few good stories in the book next year
  6. I lived out in Penistone growing up. The Green Un used to reach us out in the sticks after 7pm. Wonder if there was anywhere even further out than us?
  7. The Sheffield local studies library has them on microfiche. It's in the building opposite to the Winter Gardens. I could spend days in there getting lost in the past. It was a wonderful thing. Really enjoyed looking at the ones on the original post here also. Brilliant stuff
  8. More in my upcoming book on the Young Owls football teams But, yes they did play at a decent standard and had some good players especially in the early 90s. Nicky Weaver as a striker for example!
  9. Brilliant. Thank you. Hope you enjoy the book. The new one is due out Sept/Oct next year.
  10. Brilliant! I'm sure it's a bit wrong of me to be so excited at Des Hazel's autograph
  11. I went to that. A grim game even among a few years of horrors it stood out as uniquely awful
  12. There will be plenty on that Forest game in the book. Howard Wilkinson's programme notes were often very interesting. The coach in the pic below is Mick/Michael Hennigan. I was lucky enough to speak to him over the summer. 'Howard Wilkinson knew how to win football matches' he told me. He wasn't wrong
  13. Brilliant stories. Thank you. It's not the first time someone has mentioned Mike Lyons doing things like that. Top, top bloke.
  14. These are fantastic! Thank you. Any famous names in the autograph book?
  15. Steve Woodhead... Son of Dennis. Had a chat with him about it all a few weeks back. Lovely guy.
  16. Hello all, As some of you might remember, I'm currently researching and writing a foow up of sorts to my first book 'Our Lowest Ebb?' This time I'm focusing on happier times on the pitch - specifically the first two years back in D1 under Howard Wilkinson - so 84/5 and 85/6. I'm now starting a section about fans memories. I'd love to hear about all things related to those years - specifically at the minute though -about the Young Owls Club. Has anyone got clear memories of badges, autograph books, Christmas discos, ball boy/girl opportunities, football in the sports hall or anything else? I've added a few pictures to jog memories :). Cheers and UTO, John Dyson
  17. I know that they are like rocking horse poo but if there's one going spare anywhere, I'd appreciate it. I have one for myself, looking for an extra one for my lad. Could pick up round Sheffield on Friday, or before the game on Saturday.
  18. I dont think you'll regret it. The book is based on s tremendous amount of research. It is very thorough and full of interesting life stories. If at times a little depressing with what black players faced not too long ago.
  19. This one I think. I stIll find it stunning what he said and did.
  20. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2021/september/obituary---len-ashurst/
  21. https://mobile.twitter.com/swfc/status/1441676669085904900
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