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  1. Love the story! I'm being g quite strict with myself - finishing at the end of 75-76 when we reached our lowest ever league position. The share issue came later in 76 than that. I might make an exception in my section on fans stories and tall tales though :) Might well give you a shout when I get to that one. Dunsby has already been a huge help, on here, via his SWFC history Facebook group and Twitter. I think even he's struggling to find a Save Our Owls sticker though!
  2. I'm currently writing up a section on memorabilia - what people kept and why. I have autograph books, silk scarfs, a north stand cushion, and programmes galore so far. I'd be really interested in seeing anything you might still have from c73-76 :)
  3. The programme occasionally featured pictures of the staff It was acceptable in the 19 70s I suppose. Anyhow, was the object of your affection this young lady?
  4. You're in. There's a link to the WhatsApp group on there as well. That seems busier than facebook nowadays.
  5. Bit out of our patch - but you'd be welcome to join up and put a shout out for lifts etc - there's certainly Owls in Ashby and Burton in the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/westmidlandsowls/
  6. I've come across this thread as I'm currently researching and writing a book on the darkest times - 1973-76. Would love to hear any stories from that time (cushion related or not!). I gather that then chairman Sir Andrew Stephen resigned after some particularly vociferous protests in late 1973 - with the odd cushion thrown. The next chairman sacked Derek Dooley on Christmas Eve, so maybe cushions have a lot to answer for! More detail on what I'm up to here:
  7. Still plugging away at this. Not my picture, though apparently from 1978. Does anyone have any memories of the club shop in the dark days?
  8. I'm normally large, but needed XL for mine.
  9. Good memory that. Crouch is certainly the tallest player I've ever seen at Hillsborough as I was reminded in his little cameo for Stoke last season.
  10. I liked this season's one. Even bought myself one in the half price sale. First home shirt I've had since the 2011-12 promotion one. So maybe they are the best two :)
  11. I went to Wembley a few years back 2014?? So me and the lad could see a game there - 2nd division play off Southend v Wycombe. Anyhow, Wycombe were winning in extra time and as I wasn't really bothered who won, we left five minutes early to get the tube back. So did lots of Southend fans. Then of course Saathend equalise - and I have never seen such a mass of dejected looking people who couldn't get back to see the equaliser and the penalty shootout. Thought then, I'm never doing that at S6!
  12. There is a picture of that - but given the guy's apparent mental health issues, it would seem a bit mean to put it up.
  13. This West Mids based Owls, loves the fact that he turned town Aston Villa to sign for us.
  14. Eric McMordie's goal is here. One of only a handfulof games I can find on YouTube. This goal is a cracker :)
  15. I'm going to head up to Sheffield Archives over the next few weeks and have a look through what they've got for the Star at the time. It was that York game. Going into the looong period without a goal. So, I can understand the cold sweat! Heard a story or two of good times in York with lots of Owls though.
  16. Got some good stuff back about the chicken in a basket, steak and chips, chicken and chips menu in the restaurant. Height if sophistication in the mid 70s mind.
  17. More negatively... I'd love to hear any memories, or see any memorabilia that people might have on the Save Our Owls campaign in the Star. Picture below is the only one I have :(
  18. Cheers @REDOWL I've put a note out on Twitter and will on Facebook as well asking what people remember. In a way, it's these stories I'm after - it's what you remember as much as the team/games/players etc. So thank you :)
  19. Seems like Ozzie had a proper empire going on at the time :)
  20. I've got my arm round the big man. Make of that what you will. :)
  21. I'm also hugely impressed by the stories and knowledge that people have. I'll have enough material for a book - and will try my best to do it all justice. Aim will be to reclaim the era - yes the team struggled, but that doesn't mean that there aren't goodoing things to remember about it all
  22. It seemed logical to stop in 1976 after the Southend game - literally the 'lowest ebb' - clubs lowest ever league position from which the only way was up. Reading some of this, it might be worth me moving on a year or so. Some more great stories, and as you show above - we were srill crap!
  23. I'm loving these stories! Currently neatly 30,000 words into writing up the project. I'm doing the easy stuff first - games, management, key players etc. Over the summer I'm going to write up the fans' experiences and I think away days will have a chapter all to themselves :)
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