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  1. I think this is my favourite thread yet :) Amazing what memories something like this can provoke.
  2. http://www.homeoffootball.net/ There are some great ideas from these guys - who seem to have the support of the council and the football clubs. I hope it comes to something.
  3. Just been flicking through his biography again. He was promised first team football at S6 by Big Jack. Picked up a hamstring injury and was replaced by Peter Shirtcliffe. Couldn't get in the team and after a move to Preston fell through - decided to retire to move into the pub trade A great story in the book of how, after a fall-out in training at Cov - Garry Thompson challenged him to a fight outside. GT who was not a small fella backing down when he realised what size 'Big' Jim was. :)
  4. Some of this material is just amazing. There really ought to be a museum of SWFC at Hillsborough or nearby. So much history.
  5. I can see where this thread is going :) Steve Adams
  6. There was an interesting biography published of him last year https://www.amazon.co.uk/Six-Foot-Two-Eyes-Blue/dp/1909360635 Starts with a description of his leg break in the 4-4 at Hillsborough between the Owls and Manchester United in 1974.
  7. Here's my 'Lowest Ebb' XI (73-76). I think that, fit and firing, this team would have given D2 a decent run for its money. At very least, it wouldn't have been scrabbling around trying to avoid D4! Springett Rodrigues Dowd Mullen Clements Potts Craig Knighton Henderson Joicey Prendergast Subs Fox Harvey Holsgrove Wylde Sunley Walden Nimmo (if I can't have McMordie) Manager Ashurst, Trainer Toms.
  8. Funny you should say that.... In the meantime, is there room for loan ranger Eric McMordie on the bench I wonder?
  9. Curly hair and 'tache makes me think Allan Thompson - bottom left of the team photo :)
  10. Here's the chairman at the time answering a few difficult questions.
  11. He never made the first team at Hillsborough, but did play regularly for the reserves. Returned to Northern Ireland after two years at Wellington City New Zealand. Played for 15 years in the Irish league.
  12. He's a multi millionaire in Australia now. Feely, not Blakey I mean :)
  13. Thank you :) Out in June, at Owls in the Park if, by some miracle it's still on. Or released anyway as people will need something to read if still locked down :) Francis Smith there has fond memories of his time at S6 - less so of his release though.
  14. There's more from Francis Smith in my upcoming book The Peter Feely one is interesting. Len Ashurst went to great lengths to sign him from Gillingham who were not keen to let him go. By the end of 75/76 though Ashurst was already quoted as saying that Feely had 'let him down'. Owls fans from the time might have stronger words to say about him.
  15. I can count at least 8 there who are still here - and have had first team outings this season.
  16. Brian Joicey watching the time on the South Stand clock, mid-70s.
  17. Plans for the Kop roof - from "The Owl" magazine.
  18. Letter from Eric Taylor asking fans to invest in the new Cantilever stand - along with an artists' impression of what it was to look like.
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