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  1. I was lucky enough to interview him recently for my upcoming book on the Owls in the mid-80s. Great guy. Lots of interesting stories from that period. He was gutted not to play in the semi-final in 86 though.
  2. Sat near Pete McKee in the Grandstand a couple of times If Roy Hattersley is famous, I saw him at Notts County in 1991. Not a huge amount of famous people in nearly 40 years of watching!
  3. I've said it before, and I'll say it again... There's a ? in the title for a number of reasons
  4. Yes, you are right my mistake (as the original Tweeter). He returned on loan and then signed full time soon afterwards.
  5. Great stuff - thank you. It is certainly on Amazon's UK site - so I guess for Canada also. I'd happily send you one from here also - signed/dedicated if you like. Downside is it's a few quid in postage Cheers and UTO - John
  6. Steve Burtenshaw was involved in the linking of Middlewood Rovers to SWFC. This of course came to fruition later in the 70s/early 80s with Mel Sterland, Mark Smith and all. He was fined as a result of the investigations into the so-called 'bungs' scandal in the 90s. I spoke to lots of people in regards to my book 'Our Lowest Ebb?' (available at all good bookshops now!) - Steve Burtenshaw intitially agreed to meet, but pulled out. The reason being that he found it a bit upsetting and too depressing to think about. I didn't push it - as the guy's in his 80s now.
  7. There are definitely ways and means that wouldn't necessarily mean the club needed to refund people. How about: Free tickets for Cup Games One game a season in the executive area/restaurants Free/discounted merchandise Bring a friend for free once or twice each season? Just needs some thought putting into it.
  8. Not my picture that one, but I think it's Colin Harvey?
  9. I'm assuming there are flares here, given the size of the collars and ties.
  10. Maybe there should be another thread for 70s Owls in flares with musicians? Here's John Holsgrove with the Barron Knights.
  11. The fantastic club open day at Easter 2018 (I think). All free, we saw everywhere and my lad got to play on the pitch. It was brilliant.
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