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  1. Not the clearest picture - but here's something I found showing Hillsborough in its early 70s finery. And EWT on the phone :)
  2. Hahaha - it's currently a succint 90,000 words. Funnily enough there are plenty of fans who remember the time with some fondness :)
  3. My book on the Owls darkest times ofor 1973-76 will be out in the spring. Eric Taylor is mentioned in there - generally positively though with mention that there were 'Taylor Out' chants and protests. The stadium remained a world class one into the 70s - with plenty of FA Cup semi-finals and even a Northern Ireland international held there. I can understand the frustration of fans who remember the early/mid 70s as they witnessed a decline from the fantastic 60/61 team to near relegation to D4. I do think that Eric Taylor was/is the wrong target for that frustration though.
  4. I know the fella who owns that. Not sure if he's on here. Real good bloke though. And great plate :)
  5. I wonder if that quote's available somewhere? Interesting if so.
  6. I agree. Tommy Craig had left by Christmas, Eric McMordie couldn't be persuaded to stay. Joicey and particularly Prendergast were injured. Only signings really were Colin Harvey and Phil Henson. Lots of youth. Regardless of SB's skills as a manager (or not) - surely anyone would have struggled in those circumstances?
  7. Hope you like it when it's out. Published next Spring via Vertical Editions - same people who did Lee Bullen and Carlton Palmer's books. Should be available in the megastore and in all good bookshops! It aims to reflect the fond memories that some have of the time, while not skirting over how truly dreadful some of it was. Couple of interviews to complete - one of which is hopefully with Steve Burtenshaw if his health is up to it - then lots of editing and proofreading before it's fit for the world to see!
  8. I've got a book coming out on the period next year - hence me keeping popping up on here asking questions! The conclusions to the book are proving one of the most difficult sections to write. Behind the scenes, there were changes which eventually bore fruit. On the pitch it was often horrendous. SB's time in charge saw the worst of all that. And yet... there's a certain fondness for the time from some at least. I'm stewing on it all for a while before writing it up :)
  9. I think Ron Atkinson tells the story. Maybe a little exaggerated for effect?
  10. The reasons for our failures were multiple under Dooley, Burtenshaw then Ashurst in the mid 70s. Ashurst was wily but still only just kept us in D3 for example. I'm not necessarily defending SB but there are common factors across the period of decline - money, declining g attendances, boardroom squabbles, sale of key players, injuries and illness. All those troubled SB's team. Excellent coach, not so good manager, working in hugely difficult circumstances is my general conclusion. Several tales of him being a nice guy as well (not that would help his management of course).
  11. I was at Kirby's game for Macc at Blackpool. He looked a bit lightweight but with some obvious skill. When he wasn't knocked off the ball he pinged a couple of Bannan-esque diagonal cross field balls about. The highlights are worth looking up for Macc's stonking second goal and for how casually their goalkeeper (!) scores the winning penalty :)
  12. I have SB's address and have written to him. Into his 80s now, but I'd be very interested to hear what his views of his time at S6 are. Fingers crossed.
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