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  1. https://www.swfc.co.uk/fans/supporter-groups/ SWFC has put a supporters group link back on the official site. Might interest a few exiled fans. (London, East Mids, West Mids, South West/South Wales and American Owls all on there at the minute)
  2. Bearwood Owl1

    clubs you have a 'soft spot' for

    My other major leisure activity is travelling up to S6 to watch the mighty Owls...
  3. Bearwood Owl1

    clubs you have a 'soft spot' for

    Fleetwood, been there on holiday a few times and taken in the games. Good set up, decent football, good value tickets at a ground where you are right be the pitch. All good stuff. They've also got an FA Cup story this weekend as Jamie Carry returns there. Hope Fleetwood stuff 'em!
  4. If I pause it at just the right place then I can see me and my lad on the tellybox. I enjoyed that :)
  5. Bearwood Owl1

    I need a standing ticket for Brentford

    Still looking...
  6. I kind of promised my lad we'd go to Brentford at Christmas... Trouble is I've only managed to get one standing ticket for myself. So I'm after another standing ticket, don't mind if it's a kids or an adults one to be honest. Can anyone help?!
  7. Bearwood Owl1

    COMPLAINT : Bad Language in family stand

    It's only the couple of blocks at the Kop End that are designated as the family stand. Plenty of space inthe rest of the Grandstand with all those benefits you describe.
  8. Bearwood Owl1

    COMPLAINT : Bad Language in family stand

    Me and my two lads sit in there. It's usually pretty sensible, but I have noticed the occasional group of older (40s/50s) blokes up there. Not heard too much in the way of swearing, but I have wondered why people would pick there if they have no kids. There's plenty left of the grandstand that is not the family zone, so why pick the blocks that are?!
  9. Not sure about kids in the Brew Dog. Wetherspoons is fine for kids though. We've met there before other games. Decent spot.
  10. 12ish. Just time to see all of Brum's finest sites, and then make the pub :)
  11. West Midlands Owls meeting spot is the BrewDog just outside New Street Station. Quick train ride then up to Villa Park.
  12. Bearwood Owl1

    Sheffield Wednesday Steering Meeting

    About 30 minutes for me!
  13. Bearwood Owl1

    Sheffield Wednesday Steering Meeting

    Backing the team I think was his specific point. He did say that any issues at the club are his responsibility (the buck stops with him I guess). I'm going to follow up with a few questions in an email/letter as he suggested. I sit in the grandstand with my lads, so not too much singing and chanting up there! Nevertheless, I'll do my best to support the team on Saturday. As for the Adidas/boxes thing I'm not a good enough businessman to judge!
  14. Bearwood Owl1

    Sheffield Wednesday Steering Meeting

    Some of this of course is me scribbling notes during a meeting where DC talked rapidly and at length. I might therefore have got the wrong end of the stick, or misinterpreted some things. I'm going to support the team best I can on Saturday and going forward. I'm also going to email my follow up questions to the club. I might even write a letter!