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  1. There's a ? in the title, covering those eventualities and more
  2. Thank you very much! If anyone is too scarred by those times to fancy it, hopefully the follow up covering 84-86 will be happier reading! (The new one is out in September). Cheers and UTO, John
  3. Brilliant - hope you enjoy the book and (both) holidays!
  4. Thank you very much! I hope that you enjoy the new one just as much as Our Lowest Ebb. And, I think you should crack on with the 83/84 one whenever you can. I felt that there was a gap in the market for books like this. There are the (excellent) official histories, there are autobiographies, but there was not so much covering things from lots of angles. Definitely room for a few more!
  5. I did consider making it a promotion then first two years back book. Soon found that it would end up way too long. Will have a rest after this one, then think about what if anything to do next. Depends (partly) on how this one does, and the reaction it gets
  6. Only in outline... Think that one and 79/80 probably deserve books of their own.
  7. Coming soon (ish). Pre-orders should be out in late August I think.
  8. Hi all, Some of you may remember my first book 'Our Lowest Ebb?' It covered the Owls' darkest days in the mid-70s. I am very grateful for the help of lots of people on here and for the positive reaction the book received. I am pleased to say that the follow up is now complete. It focuses on the first two years back in D1 under Howard Wilkinson. It features interviews with Wilkinson, coaches, players, club staff, supporters, a foreword by Alan Smith, and even Stevie Splash! I'm really proud of it, and hope that anyone who reads it enjoys it as much as I did researching and writing it. It's available in shops and via Amazon from 12 Sept. If anyone would like to pre-order a (signed/dedicated) copy - I have a few available via: https://johndyson.bigcartel.com/ They will be with you a little earlier than they reach the shops. I'll also donate a copy or two to Owlstalk to do as you see fit - and as a thank you for the help of lots of people on here. Cheers, and UTO John
  9. Just finished 'Mad Ferret'. Very enjoyable. Loads of Owls and Sheffield references. Plus, plenty of 90s nostalgia and a smart story line. Well worth a read I say
  10. Half inched off my twitter feed! I'll forgive you Genuine mid-80s blu tack there from my bedroom wall back then.
  11. Still a bit annoying. Never mind, I'm pretty sure that all the photos in the 80s one are from the period!!
  12. I hadn't seen that when I was writing it! I got sent the pic by someone who was in the supporters club - who is in the pic and who told me it was from the mid70s. Two Radio Hallam people agreed with that. As I say, I'll take it on the chin as a mistake.
  13. Thank you very much. It looks like I stand corrected on the picture. I follow a rule of thumb that I need three sources before I put something on paper. That picture was sent to me by the supporters club 'referee'. Two people from Hallam also thought it was from the mid-70s when the station was launched. I'll need to take it on the chin if not!
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