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  1. Yes, I do realise all that. I was somewhat flippant about not caring about Derby's guilt or innocence. My problem is the incompetent way it's policed/judged. The EFLs handling of both Derby and our cases was nothing short of abysmal. Having made a pig's ear of charging Derby - they now have the brassneck to appeal. The championship season starts on Saturday, but again the league table is a fiction until the various cases are settled. To me, it is clear that the clubs (EFL) cannot regulate themselves, and an independent regulator must be the way forward. I know other views are available though!
  2. I don't really care about whatever it is Derby were charged with, or their guilt or innocence. It is simply ludicrous that the Championship is 'governed' in this way. The EFL is not capable of what it needs to be capable of, it should be replaced with an independent regulator.
  3. It's just over (the equivalent of) three games per goal in terms of minutes played. I'll see if I can find the link. I remember if being better than Marcus Tudgay, the last player to score 50 goals for the club.
  4. I'd have him back in a heartbeat. #kosovanpele
  5. I think his efforts as coach, assistant and for seven games in 1974 - caretaker - should not be overlooked. A man who stood up to be counted when the club needed him I feel.
  6. Can I have a trip on your prize of the massive yacht when it gets sorted please?
  7. 13 minutes before I need to go to meeting. Hope I don't miss it!;
  8. 29 left .. I'm on a break at work if it happens in the next 20 minutes I'll try and screenshot it 🙂
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