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  1. Bell Derek Brown Bobby Cameron Danny Clements Dave Coyle Roy Craig Jim Craig Tommy Cusack Dave Dowd Hugh Eustace Peter Feely Peter Ferguson Bobby Ferguson Ronnie Fox Peter Harvey Colin Henderson Willie Henson Phil Herbert David Holsgrove John Hull Gary Joicey Brian Kent Michael Knighton Ken McIver Fred McMordie Eric Mullen Jimmy Nimmo Ian O'Donnell Neil Potts Eric Prendergast Mick (R.I.P) Proudlove Andy Prudham Eddie Quinn Jimmy Ramsbottom Neil Rodrigues Peter Shaw Bernard Sissons John Springett Peter Sunley Dave Thompson Allan Walden Richard Watling Barry Wylde Rodger
  2. Hello everyone. As I've commented on here a couple of times previously. I'm researching and writing about the Owls in the mid-1970s - 1973-76 to be precise. A time of pretty abject football, but one that seems to be remembered fondly by the fans. I've had a really good response to an online survey I set up (70+ responses from fans). I've collected every Owls book I can get my hands on, and have most of the programmes from the era. The club have also been helpful and pointed me in the direction of material relating to the accounts at the time (there was no money!) I have had a little bit of interest from publishers in getting it published, And more concrete interest in getting an article or two out there. I would really like to be able to add in the opinion of a player or two from the time. I have a couple of leads there, but no success so far. I wondered therefore if anyone had any contacts for players of the period? I'd greatly appreciate it - and would communicate with them in whatever way suited best (phone, in person, by email etc). I'll put a list on the next comment of all the players who played at this time. Hope someone can help! Thanks and UTO
  3. 60+ replies to the survey now. Got an offer to publish a short article on it, and the potential to turn it into a full account/book. Going to keep working at it. Thanks for all the responses. Happy still to take more. I'm particularly interested in memories of Derek Dooley's sacking and what memorabilia people have kept :)
  4. I think away games are going to need a section all to themselves. :)
  5. Thanks everyone. Slow but sure wins the race! I've got plenty of interesting material to use now. Will keep all informed how I'm getting on.
  6. 50+ surveys completed. Really pleased with the response. Should make for a good read when I've completed it all.
  7. No Patrick in my family -sorry! Thanks for the stories though, great memories. Rubbish team :)
  8. I've had 30+ completed surveys so fare. Really interesting stuff. Plenty of room for more though. If the 70s was your era, please consider filling it in.
  9. Hi all, there's the justification to what I'm up to. I'd really apppreciate it , if any fans who remember the period could have a look at the survey that's available here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/CMNK95S Any time that anyone spends filling it in is hugely appreciated. @firth park owl @torryowl @belfast owl lad
  10. “Our Lowest Ebb – Sheffield Wednesday 1973-76” Thank you for considering my questionnaire. There are 10 questions in the survey, and I estimate it would take around 30 minutes to complete (although depending on how much detail you give it could take less time, or longer). I am very grateful for any time you give over to it. To give some context, my name is John Dyson and I have been a Sheffield Wednesday fan for as long as I can remember. I attended my first game in 1983 and am currently a season ticket holder in the Grandstand where I attend games with my two sons aged 8 and 10. I live in Solihull, West Midlands where, since 2013, I have helped organise the West Midlands Owls supporters club. My day job is as Head of History in a secondary school. I have a degree from the University of Birmingham in Economic and Social History and am qualified to Masters level in research methods. Two of my main interests in life therefore combine in this study. I am interested in what was no doubt a difficult time to be an Owls fan. As a social historian I am interested in the views of the fans – what it was like for those who were there. I am interested in how that compares to the broader history of the club at the time (management, players, results) and what links there might be with the history of South Yorkshire in the period (employment, politics). Initially this research will be for my own interest, but I will write up my findings and look to see if there is interest in publishing any of them – either on the internet or in print. I will not name anyone without their permission and will keep anyone who gives me their details informed of anything that is published. Any data I do collect is for these purposes only and I will not share personal details with any third parties. I will also be using other sources of information (newspapers, books, programmes, websites, interviews). I will follow this questionnaire with focus group(s) – and would be delighted to communicate further with anyone who would like to do so. Again, thanks for your support and Up the Owls! John Dyson westmidlandsowls@aol.co.uk March 2019
  11. Thanks both. That makes some kind of sense. I enjoy hearing these stories :) I'm going to put some kind of questionnaire together and will ask very nicely for people to fill it in. Love to hear anyone else's memories also.
  12. We lost, but Gerald Sibon for one of the greatest goals I have ever seen at S6 vs them c2002.
  13. Thank you - I think it's the fond memories that most interest me. How can it be that our worst ever period is remembered with fondness by many who were there? I'm too young - starting going in the early 80s. Interested to hear the views of those who were there 10 years earlier :)
  14. Hello all, I just wanted to float an idea... I'm starting a research project soon - possibly for a Masters in Sports History, or possibly just for my own/anyone else's interest :) I'm thinking about looking at what is often seen as a dark period in our history: c1973-76. A time that includes relegation, last minute escapes, prolonged periods of no goals, 8 goal defeats etc. I'm wondering if anyone has any memories of that era. Interesting stories. Memorable games. Experiences good or bad. Photo's. I'm interested really in what it was like to support our great club in the hardest of times. Cheers and UTO
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