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  1. Hi all, I was lucky enough recently to be put in contact with Allan Thompson - Owls captain for some of the Lowest Ebb period. My interview with him is available here for a short while: https://ourlowestebb.blogspot.com/2020/11/aninterview-with-allan-thompson.html?m=1 If anyone still fancies a copy of the book. Until next Sunday it's reduced to £9.99 including P&P from me at: https://ourlowestebb.bigcartel.com/product/our-lowest-ebb-a-new-history-of-sheffield-wednesday-s-darkest-times-1973-76 Use the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout.
  2. @sexpistol@rickygoo You may be right. Take out the working class bit and we still have a solid, experienced manager with a more than decent track record. And I'm still buzzing. The interview above suggests to me at least that we've made the right choice.
  3. I really enjoyed that. I'm genuinely buzzing that he's taken over. A solid, working class, experienced manager. He'll get the fans and the team. Good luck Tony Pulis.
  4. There you go. April next year. It's a great book
  5. That's the Fred Spiksley book. They are doing a paperback edition in the spring if you can wait a bit. (May 2021 from memory)
  6. You should maybe try 'Our Lowest Ebb' and read up on when times really were tough
  7. Agree with this entirely. Len Ashurst was only 36 when he took over at S6 but had already proved his worth at Hartlepool and Gillingham. He also had Tony Toms with him to work on fitness. I often wonder how his methods would go down today.
  8. I always wondered who it was stood at the very top of the Kop on this picture
  9. Yes, absolutely this. I was told (after the book was published) by a respected journalist of the time that the story was very likely a 'plant' by Clough. I think there was more in the Owls being linked with Ron Atkinson. Cambridge turned down an approach from an 'unnamed club' just before Steve Burtenshaw was sacked. Don Megson also talks of being 'tapped up' for the job in his autobiography. The Liverpool press even reported that SWFC asked Bill Shankley if he'd come out of retirement. He wouldn't! How much is truth and how much rumour out of
  10. Mick Prendergast helping save us from the abyss in 1976.
  11. Was it this one? Sorry the quality isn't great... There was a pound waiting for the lucky few if they turned up at the Star's offices. Picture from a friendly game against Burnley during the Save Our Owls era of early 1975.
  12. Clough himself (or his ghost writer) wrote in the Nottingham Post of being approached for the Owls job. I'm not sure how accurate his version of events was though. He effectively said that he was asked to apply - and that he didn't apply for jobs but waited to be offered them.
  13. Another picture I like. Fewer than 8,000 in Vs Oxford I think in 1973.
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