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  1. I remember when FF stepped up to take that penalty in the play offs that the match after Cambridge in the league cup really had been the make or break match of the season. FFS
  2. Looked good. Optical illusion I know but made players look taller than last year.
  3. None of us have seen enough of the lad to make a proper judgement. It's always a longer settling in period for players from outside the UK so combine that with a number of lengthy periods with injuries you've a difficult time for him. He did show some enthusiasm against Fulham so maybe he realised that chasing back and competing are fundamental parts of a Championship players game. Might need to brush up on his tackling technique though. Really its up to him and the club agreeing what his best and clubs options are. Suspect we'll never know what
  4. Rangers will be looking for another warm up after last night's debacle. Although one of the Luxembourg players was down as a gas engineer and he wasn't Corgi registered so they may appeal to UEFA.
  5. Those rail tickets I gambled on Fulham away at £ 35.00 are now looking a bargain. Good old Sky.
  6. After 1966 when there was a increase interest in football programme collecting became really popular. Consequently post 66 programmes are really not worth a lot apart from the odd one. I had loads that went to charity and others that got binned. Kept one from every season, every home / away against the blades and every semi final and final since 1946. Still makes for quite a collection but for instance I only bought three last year so it's not growing out of control.
  7. You'd have thought that with six fingers Town fans could make a reight racket just by clapping.
  8. Surely gonna be more wee wee tail up than conspiracy. The ticket office have always been good to the 'top tier' fans by making sure that the big game tickets couldn't sell out before day two. This gave regulars first dibs as long as they were organised. Obviously the short turn round impacted on timescales today and there's been a miscalculation in the numbers. It's disappointing but nothing more.
  9. Looking back the last small allocation for a high profile game was Rotherham with a 2.5k allocation. That was 780 TPP so looking at 800 maybe for first dibs. Would think they'd sell out on day one. Looks like a lot of disappointed Wednesdayites including me. Still can't understand why the away allocations have been set at 2k.
  10. Played Millwall in FA Youth Cup 1991 final. The year we were promoted to the top tier. Hope it's a good omen.
  11. Ozzie and Barney Owl up front. Half time challenge lads in midfield. Rest picked in a pre-match draw.
  12. Thought it was a summer festival thread. Wondered why it was still in matchday.
  13. I know that it's this season prices but you could get a box for under £ 14k per season at the Lane. No doubt as we were they have struggled to sell Corporate hospitality in league one, but they doubled their prices they'd still be £ 14k cheaper than the equivalent at Hillsborough. Now a lot of these corporate businesses a not loyal to any one club as it's all about entertaining clients. But it seems strange that the Commercial team seem unwilling to compete in our own city. Must be banking on promotion being nailed on. Let's hope so.
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