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  1. Good to see the singer get some success. Working hard on it for years! Remember him selling out Plug under his Jay Mya guise.
  2. They targeted him. Everytime he got the ball 2-3 players were around him.
  3. Thought Shaw was off tonight. Kept over hitting the ball. Paterson was continously calling him out for it. Urgohide was great first half, but second half was ran ragged for the first 15 minutes.
  4. Think you are being too generous for this ref. Absolutely dreadful. I know commentators are going to have a bit of biased. But the Stoke guy literally cannot see past the end of his nose.
  5. Bloody hell. Ravenjetbyrne. He caused a stir once upon a time.
  6. Tbf he does say they never break down (assuming this means get injured)
  7. Weird that when he actually gets a proper run in the team he starts scoring. Who would have thought it?
  8. We signed him last year? That passed me by!
  9. Aye that legendary manager Big Rob... (probably works better than Big Ron tbf)
  10. Even Carlton Palmer returned on loan. Where as it was the reverse for Cooke and weaver. Jon Newsome was the last player who was permanent both times.
  11. Nicky Weaver. Then before that Terry Cooke. Both initial loans but later signed permanently. Wickham otherwise, but both times was a loan.
  12. Yup. Always seemed popular with other players and is a leader.
  13. Well seeing as he never managed Blackburn, I think it would have limited him even further.
  14. You have to have a bt sport subscription frustratingly
  15. He had a good relationship with Dunkley
  16. Must have mistaken shareholder as owner. They were put on the stockmarket back at the start of last year. So realistically any one could be a shareholder in Bali UTD.
  17. Definitely. Leader on and off the pitch, always seemed very popular with other players. Will never play every game, but I assure there is deeper thinking in terms of coaching as a part of the reason.
  18. Looks a different player. Seems to have gone back to the player who looked a decent prospect when we first signed him.
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