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  1. Think he must have got a knock in the previous match, as he was man of the match even though he got taken off after 64 minutes. Funnily enough Grimsby lost, still top though
  2. But now he has been substituted after 1 minute of the second half. Hope its nothing serious
  3. Dawodu has got another assist tonight. Stalybridge are 2-0 up at half time.
  4. Weird as it looks like the whole of the owls team have viewed his linked in. Seems to have previously linked to MK Dons as well
  5. Confused, as thought we had to have 4 starters from the last match, but only got 3.
  6. Hunt and Hutchinson didn't seem to get off the bus.
  7. Are tickets the same price on the gate to advance? First game in a long time.
  8. Just got back from seeing New Order, Hot Chip (missed Working Mens Club frustratingly) was a cracker. Saw Peter Reid there as well! Next gig is Fontaines DC
  9. Straight in the team tonight and they won 2-1 against fellow strugglers Morpeth.
  10. “Fair play to Celtic and the recruitment department I know well. They identified the pair and did their homework, talking not only to me but Pulis and others. Now it will be interesting to see what the policy is." https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/celtic-talent-spotter-turned-wednesday-24453026
  11. Noticed that as well! I knew he was coaching in Azerbaijan, but didn't know it was with the national team. That goal was an absolute worldy.
  12. Makes a lot of sense. Wonder if he was the other player alongside Borner, who gave notice? Wish him luck regardless. No one deserves not to be paid.
  13. For a player who was with us for such a short time. Rare for a player to have left with pretty much the whole fanbase having such a high opinion. Personally thought it was the wrong choice to release him. Always wish his clubs well. (Except when they play us of course)
  14. Had a player sent off after 20 minutes when already 2-0 down.
  15. I am not a gambling man. However I did put a bet on us winning the league. (Only because I needed change for the parking machine and the betting shop was the only place open) but i feel it will be £2 well spent!
  16. Still the same amount. To be fair, at home you can have as many people as you want watching it. Where as the match you pay per person.
  17. https://twitter.com/swfc/status/1259099947649183744?s=19
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