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  1. Deferred wages wouldn't help. They still have to be paid at some point.
  2. Not sure how this effects Sheffield Wednesday tbh.
  3. Didn't get a squad number. Can only assume they feel he isn't quite ready.
  4. I heard the bid we had accepted was less than a million, but Birmingham came in with their bid of £1 million and we withdrew.
  5. Yup. Felt he had the touch of FF. Just hope he scores the goals too.
  6. He will get 20 goals this season after getting a brace in the first game, which leads to a massive confidence boost. (Then I wake up)
  7. Doubt anything. The complaint against Newcastle disappeared very quickly after we signed him.
  8. Slow to get going, then after the break looked great, got injured and wasn't able to get going again sadly.
  9. We had £60 million worth of offers for our players?
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