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  1. Ah nice. Gives me a club to follow locally.
  2. No. They can only charge the cheapest ticket. However they can put an offer on, or members price like we do. But would be bonkers to put one of their offer matches on a Saturday match. Punishing their fans as well as ours. Dont think they get many more than their season ticket holders though
  3. He is. But has stated he wants to come back and continue with the Owls.
  4. Plus we look sounder defensively as well. There was a reason Carvalhal brought him on to close out games.
  5. Ya seen where Scunthorpe are at the minute? Hurst definitely didnt have just one good season though. He was consistent all through the leagues. But seems to have gone into the opposite direction now.
  6. No one. Got mixed up! We loaned Bates from Hamburg.
  7. Yeah. Reckon he would sign a contract if offered though.
  8. Good move. 2 players now loaned out to teams in Hamburg.
  9. Yup, just looked slightly off. But his positioning was really good. It will come
  10. Video doesnt normally till just before kick off if I remember rightly.
  11. Exactly. Plus he was darn stubborn. Clearly pissed off two very popular characters in the dressing room. Once form dropped there was no coming back.
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