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  1. No Uniform

    Hunt the 1st to go - more to follow

    I didn't think it was even that low.
  2. No Uniform

    New Scholars

    Wonder if he is related to ex united/millers player Febian
  3. No he wasn't. Hunt played pretty much every game when he was fit. The only game he didn't play whilst fit was the last game of the season and he was replaced by Baker
  4. Alex hunt is definitely one of them
  5. No Uniform

    Sean Clare

    He is with SEG
  6. No Uniform

    Sean Clare

    Clare doesn't have the same agent as Hirst.
  7. No Uniform

    Weaver as new GK coach?

    Oops didn't mean to make a bold statement.
  8. No Uniform

    Weaver as new GK coach?

    was a top keeper and a proper Wednesdayite. Good luck to him
  9. No Uniform

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Intriguing what the aftermath will be. A club owned by another that clearly previously wanted the player. Surely will be taken to court.
  10. No Uniform

    Acne Bard

    Has to be fake. Same day as Tramlines
  11. No Uniform

    Clare rejected us??

    I said realistically. He has played a couple of games. One of which was stand out. The others anonymous.
  12. No Uniform

    Clare rejected us??

    Probably this guy
  13. No Uniform

    Clare rejected us??

    Your every post relates to Clare, each post you like or dislike is about Clare You are either him/family member or agent. That or you are thoroughly obsessed with the lad. How many league one players get more than £1500 a week? Because realistically that is the only level he has been tested at.
  14. No Uniform

    Reece Burke