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  1. No Uniform

    Forestieri Red Card

    Why would it?
  2. No Uniform

    Sam Winnall & Gary Hooper

    Although Lees and Lee were not technically free. We paid a fee for Lees and Oee was under 24 when he joined us.
  3. No Uniform

    Rhodes goals

    Carlos didn't want him. Ruined his confidence.
  4. Of course we are hoping he comes back. He is one of the best players we have. Our downturn in form hit when he got Injured. Why would anyone not want him to comeback to fitness
  5. Carvalhal had too much.
  6. No Uniform

    Chelsea - V - Wednesday FA Cup OMDT

    Haha. We must have posted that at the same time!
  7. No Uniform

    Madine the Pig

    Why is that funny? Has matured into a decent championship striker. Complete ballbag, but is a good signing for them sadly.
  8. No Uniform


    No way will his pay be anywhere near that. More like half that.
  9. No Uniform


    A lot of the time when he was on the sidelines, he wasn't as injured as made out. Definitely didn't get on with Carlos at all.
  10. No Uniform

    FF in miscommunication with the courts

    Also it's a magistrates court not crown court. Storm in a tea cup.
  11. No Uniform

    FF in miscommunication with the courts

    Will come to nothing. https://www.askthe.police.uk/content/Q52.htm
  12. No Uniform

    Joey and Foxy

    Foxy ok. But bit harsh seeing as he is called Joey.
  13. No Uniform

    Kieran Lee

    We played hoofball before he was moved to midfield. His transition literally changed the way We played. He made average players around him look better, because he would run around the pitch twice as much as anyone else and gill the gap. The biggest miss we have had and the slide whilst he has been injured isn't coincidental.