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  1. Used to go a lot as a kid. My dad was a rotherham supporter. Absolutely loved it, despite it being rough around the edges. Got to see the chuckle brothers, who as a kid I loved watching. Even saw them play a match there once. Their pies were always great as well. Pukka pies owner Twigg foods, were/are big miller's fans as well.
  2. There was talks about us going to contract discussions with him, but Moore said there was not much priority as we had a year option. Similar with Beharino
  3. He was doing the lights. No red lights in sight
  4. So he should, as a former manager. Top bloke! Saw him at New Order when they played at Heaton Park.
  5. Tbf there were only about 10 of them.
  6. He looked decent yesterday and was a handful at time. But lets be honest, miscommunication between Palmer and Hutch gifted him his goal yesterday. Not having a go at either player, but it was a gift.
  7. Clever player. Likes to attack the defence on and off the ball. Doesn't wait for opportunities to come to him. He doesn't play like a 33 year old either. Like Bannan, I wouldn't be shocked if both are playing up to 38+
  8. Seems to be walking absolutely fine in this video. https://twitter.com/swfc/status/1519055613849972736?t=Wu1mcX6piy5npnH-I_BQ5g&s=19
  9. He looked fine. Was playing deep, never needed to get out of second gear. He will be back to his number 10 position on Sat
  10. Dunkley defensively is as good as anyone. However he isn't as good a passer of the ball.
  11. Even had time to take the mickey out of Moore's crouching.
  12. Bannan would still be a standout player in the Championship. Maybe 1 or 2 on that list would do the same. We are lucky to have him.
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