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  1. No Uniform


    His goals helped keep us up last season. That's enough for me
  2. Alex Hunt if he continues in the same trajectory he has been going in the youth teams. Had his first team debut maybe a bit too soon.
  3. No Uniform

    Any live stream for tonight

    In Ibiza and Ifollow says it won't work in this region.
  4. Cost no where near 3 million. Maybe what we paid for him and Joao. https://twitter.com/DaleJohnsonESPN/status/619038929333960704?s=19
  5. No Uniform

    Rowetts right.

    I was always frustrated with him. He was technically brilliant, but for a period we couldn't change the team shape because of Carlos' refusal to ever drop him. He has become so much of a better player under Jos.
  6. https://twitter.com/JnnyG/status/341261274379866113?s=19
  7. Well I did say pretty much. should have said almost. As we were completely down and out before they joined.
  8. Ross Barkley was obviously class. But we actually looked worse with him in the team. It was not setup at all for the way he played. Wickham was so good for us. I remember when we signed Allan Johnston and Lee Bradbury, along with Proudlock. They pretty much saved us from relegation that season.
  9. Des Walker. My favourite player as a kid. Was the best defender in England, just didn't score goals.
  10. No Uniform

    What is the furthest out..

    I remember when Pembridge scored from what seemed like miles out against Chelsea
  11. No Uniform

    Adam Reach

    Really hope Kieran Lee does make a comeback. Having him and Reach in the team, it will be like having an extra man. As they both put in 150% and are everywhere.
  12. No Uniform

    BBC Radio Sheffiled

    Good luck to him.
  13. No Uniform

    Sean Clare

    Bannan will end up signing.
  14. Highly doubt it will get over turned. Studs showing foot well off the floor. Ref got it bang on