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  1. If out of contract it would be no where near £400k. That would only be if he transferred to another Scottish club
  2. John Terry you could see on TV what he pretty much said.
  3. Just a show reel to get clubs interested. Doubt he will be back here.
  4. Technically Westwood has signed. Just not a new contract, just we have used the one year extension option in his contract.
  5. Doubt we will be spending the kind of money he will cost. Signed a contract recently.
  6. If we got around £4 million. We wouldn't be making a loss on paper. As his fee is spread across his contract with ffp.
  7. Ignoring Van Aken, as we dont know whether he will ever figure again.
  8. Yeah definitely. Currently we have Lees, Iorfa and Thorniley. We need at least 2 more.
  9. As good as he is. Lee will only get offered a contract by a league one/two side after so long out. Maybe a promoted side may take a gamble. I think Bruce will ask him to train through the summer with the team with a promise of a contract if he stays fit/ looks sharp.
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