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  1. No one. Got mixed up! We loaned Bates from Hamburg.
  2. Yeah. Reckon he would sign a contract if offered though.
  3. Good move. 2 players now loaned out to teams in Hamburg.
  4. Yup, just looked slightly off. But his positioning was really good. It will come
  5. Video doesnt normally till just before kick off if I remember rightly.
  6. Exactly. Plus he was darn stubborn. Clearly pissed off two very popular characters in the dressing room. Once form dropped there was no coming back.
  7. Yeah it was. They chose this season to close it before the first premier match.
  8. I wish we could. But no way that can happen. Window is slammed shut till January.
  9. But for a player by that point wont have played for 6 months and is near the end of their contract? Bonkers if so. Fulham's transfer window is distinctly average.
  10. Yup because these embargoes are brilliant.
  11. So they are gonna pre-agree a £5 million transfer when he will only have a few months left. Weird move if true.
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