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  1. Dreadful for both. The only one of the 3 penalties that was clear was the handball. But anyway its all subjective.
  2. On a different day we wouldn't have had Shaw sent off. The ref was terrible across the board. Coulda woulda shoulda are irrelevant.
  3. The ref had decided it was a red straightaway. A different ref may have given a yellow. It was terrible tackle, studs showing off the ground, the fact the foot was no where near the player is the issue for me. We won't appeal.
  4. I am actually not in any of those groups. Pulis isn't the manager I wanted, but also know he will do whats needed. I don't count staying up as succeeding. I gave monk a second chance this season, but definitely thought it was the right time to go. Pulis for now has my full support, I want him to succeed. But don't think he can do much more than he is now, with out a couple of signings.
  5. He got three promotions. With 2 clubs that were in a massive mess at the time and then solidified Wigan. I don't want him either anymore as he and windass don't get on and he is the only striker we have who actually looks like scoring.
  6. Forgot that Windass and Cook didn't get on. Reckon that actually lessens the chances of Cook coming.
  7. Might be wrong but thought cutoff was midday the day prior, for new signings.
  8. Yes he would, as he has a British passport. Who he plays for internationally is irrelevant
  9. He was born in Manchester. He only qualified internationally Ireland because of his Grandmother
  10. I reckon he will stay and if we stay up he will sign a new contract.
  11. I struggle to get to Hillsborough living in Manchester and having a little one. It being on PPV means I can now watch the majority of games.
  12. He as good as admits it here. https://www.efl.com/news/2020/october/efl-statement-project-big-picture/ plus absolutely disses Huddersfield here as well. He is a disgrace.
  13. These proposals have been brought by Rick Parry. The one who is meant to be working towards the EFL's best interests. But he is a massive weapon. Look how many teams have gone bust since he has come into the role.
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