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  1. No Uniform

    Clare rejected us??

    I said realistically. He has played a couple of games. One of which was stand out. The others anonymous.
  2. No Uniform

    Clare rejected us??

    Probably this guy
  3. No Uniform

    Clare rejected us??

    Your every post relates to Clare, each post you like or dislike is about Clare You are either him/family member or agent. That or you are thoroughly obsessed with the lad. How many league one players get more than £1500 a week? Because realistically that is the only level he has been tested at.
  4. No Uniform

    Reece Burke

  5. No Uniform

    Joey P - Elliot Anderson?

    Underappreciated post in a very bizarre thread!
  6. Haha. Very different situation
  7. His loan finishes. Doesn't mean we won't still sign him.
  8. No Uniform

    Support For Rob Staton

    Negative, but also highly critical of the then regime in charge. Was a good poster.
  9. Mentions om here abour them having no option https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/derby-county-loanee-sam-winnall-451501
  10. There was no option to buy as part of the deal. However we do have the option for Butterfield
  11. No Uniform

    Adam Reach

    Imagine the midfield when we have Lee alongside him.
  12. Brum must be lieing here then
  13. He signed for Birmingham on loan today.
  14. No Uniform

    Keegan to Newcastle

    But it was the first win in ages and we had been playing awful football.