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  1. I am not sure that works with football fans. No one is ever given time to build a project, not in the Championship. What works for Lincoln could easily not work here or at this level.
  2. Perhaps just drink the white spirit and not care
  3. See my other post, they all were Carlos was a vibrant pink, Jos a very bland grey. There wasn't much of a colour range tbf
  4. There was no names on the list that would have done that, that was the problem. The Cowleys would have raised intrigue but no guarantee. I simply want us to play in a positive manner. Not gung ho, but take the game to the opposition, let them worry about us, bit more action in and around the penalty area
  5. Like I have said on another forum, probably take until post the next international break to see the impact of Monk on selection, tactics, the game plan. That was my issue with Bullen what was our identity as a team. The key for Monk, get our midfield working more effectively.
  6. In home decorating terms it's a magnolia appointment. But it will do what it says on the tin.
  7. Only DC knows and DC won't be telling us. It's a forum, fair topic to discuss, but we ain't going to get any solution to the question
  8. Would cost compensation as well. Does FFP come into this - I know there is a view that the manager / coaches don't count in that calc but I have never seen that for the Championship
  9. Like a potential reason we ain't gone for the Cowleys. The cost of compensation, plus if you have a legal case v Newcastle still outstanding it is not good if you then do exactly the same
  10. Derby's valuation went from 40m to 80m. Indeed the fact that these other valuations give credence to what we did, comparable evidence being something a RICS surveyor will consider. How much do you think Hillsborough would cost to rebuild "as new" based on current construction contract prices. Because that is the starting point
  11. Notwithstanding the termination payment for unfair dismissal Folk forget he is an employee and can't just be got rid of without compensation being paid if he is under contract
  12. For the umpteenth time that is not how an "in use" stadium valuation is prepared. A different basis, probably depreciated replacement cost, is used
  13. SAG have made the press walk round from Penistone Road
  14. Better Watch out for the ghosts (see Dressing Room section for more information)
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