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  1. We hate it when our friends get successful
  2. mkowl


    What did Jos actually say or not as the case may be
  3. The EFL accountants peesumably. They have the rules, they are supplied the information they will ask further questions if required. This information is simply not in the public domain, no way of knowing the true figure. We can but hypothesize
  4. mkowl

    Feel a bit sorry for Mr Chansiri

    And a Supporter acquisition of the Club that was mooted in 2010 was really only ever about a Plan Z in the event of us going into admin and prevent the sharks that were circling getting us on the cheap to asset strip. I think it is viable if the plan sticks to pure ownership of the club and appoints a CEO to run day to day operations
  5. mkowl

    Feel a bit sorry for Mr Chansiri

    A successful businessman who wanted to keep the money he had already earned would not buy a football club
  6. mkowl

    Questions regarding Financial Fair Play

    I think that may be a compliment but edging my bets
  7. mkowl

    Questions regarding Financial Fair Play

    Yes but I am not telling anyone as I usually charge fees for discussing this
  8. Would stiffen the defence
  9. Not this forthcoming season but from 2019 Sky have the rights to stream these midweek games as well
  10. I will just bring the spare Merc instead.
  11. Decent intelligent argument. On that basis it is confusing you support Leeds
  12. mkowl

    FFP and all that.

    Top post Rodger Football is such a ridiculous business really where you are reliant on rich benefactors splurging huge sums of money in the hope of getting into a league where they can get a shed load of more money to splurge even bigger sums to stay there but with the inherent risk of losing it all. Your only out is finding a richer more gullible idiot than you are I can understand investing large sums investing in a business that will make huge profits for years to come but there Isn't enough profit for it to work for everyone. Will it change ? This implosion has been talked about for years and not yet happened so probably not
  13. mkowl

    Things To Moan About

    Anyone would think the players and managers are on holiday or summat.