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  1. That was La Chambre though not the ticket office
  2. Well the company pays for this erm advertising so it disappears a bit easier on the monthly DD Plus the wife has had the credit card recently
  3. I didn't think the website was so bad Only issue I found was it wasn't 100% clear which button to press to actually confirm the order and move on to the finance bit. So I might have bought 3 in the end !
  4. Slightly important omission that it's today
  5. Just a reminder if you haven't already done it. Get in now before we get in the play offs and the price doubles
  6. It beats talking about ruddy Brexit in the Politics section though
  7. First line ok Just a bit of work required on the rest
  8. I am more interested in signing up his Dad Dr Findlay
  9. Without upsetting folk the crux is games are going to be shifted at shorter notice in the last couple of months of the season. Once Norwich and Leeds were up there then the chances of these fixtures being picked and dates or times changed were enhanced
  10. It just raises my hackles at how absolutely p1ss poor Jos was
  11. We certainly were for the first 40 - just shouting at the TV, keep it simple pass and move it as another ball missed the intended target. Then we put 2 class moves together 2 goals.
  12. We need a victory against one of the teams around us to get that real lift, certainly not lose to the others
  13. We are doing it without playing spectacularly well. So good perhaps but it leaves a nagging doubt that with the fixtures left we don't quite have the quality.
  14. The weather forecast looks awful and indeed severe gales are predicted for around kick off time. So total lottery
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