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  1. mkowl


    We would finish higher with me in charge
  2. Needs to sort the algorithms out on chockablock The answer was Ron Atkinson
  3. mkowl

    The Big Issue.

    I said that when we got relegated from the Premier League, that turned out well
  4. mkowl

    The Big Issue.

    My young uns team play better football and their coach does it for nowt
  5. mkowl

    The Big Issue.

    Take that as a no then
  6. mkowl

    The Big Issue.

    Would you be happy if that rebuild was being done in League one ?
  7. mkowl

    Its got to be done

    The simple answer is that football is always about today not tomorrow. So 1 defeat in 9 becomes irrelevant when it's then 1 point from 15. Thinking about how we will line up next season when we are hurtling in the wrong direction in the league Thinking the next game will see us concede 3 goals quite easily but we are blooding some academy prospects will never be deemed acceptable
  8. mkowl

    Bannan last niight

    Tbf Lee always was
  9. mkowl

    The City Is Theirs

    Just to clarify the early 90's we were so far superior it was the fact we struggled to beat them that was frustrating. Then we had the semi final, even then we should have mullered them. We barely played them in the 80's. Indeed at school, fair enough that was in north Sheffield, the rivalry was more with the Dingle fans
  10. mkowl

    The City Is Theirs

    In the 70's it was like that, Boxing Day changed that. In the early 80's we were the dominant force and indeed rarely played them. Found the early 90's worse because we were by far the superior squad but they kept beating us. Until the semi final. But we declined and they have been in the Premier League more recent than us. So I reckon over my 44 years of watching we are at 50 50
  11. mkowl

    The City Is Theirs

    Form is temporary class is permanent
  12. If the rumours are true he is banned from Hillsborough on match days so not sure why he would go to an away game
  13. mkowl

    Fernando and Marco

    I think putting them on the subs bench would be no bad thing though. Sends a bit of a message to the opposition
  14. mkowl

    Jos Luhukay - In or out?

    The more I hear about his style off the pitch the more you appreciate why we are a mess
  15. mkowl

    Fernando and Marco

    I wouldn't trust Jos to tell me what day it is