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  1. He used real Gold in the Golden Delicious
  2. I think unfortunately there are enough people making decent money within the regulators and indeed media - hasten to add all legitimately as salary etc - but not wanting to put that at risk by tunneling too deeply.
  3. Perhaps it is needed although there will be casualties along the way, ourselves potentially included. The fact is fans are blind to it IF it means their club ends up with an advantage on the pitch.
  4. I am sure many will object. The fundamental difference is the timescale here 4 weeks. You can't help thinking that Wigan have literally been a pawn in a game here. So no it's not fair on the other clubs but if you ring fence Wigan from the shrouding mystery of its ownership then it doesn't seem fair on them either. For someone like me that as long argued that football needs radical change this is just further evidence.
  5. Can't argue with him on that. The fact is Parry at the EFL is aware of the conjecture surrounding this. He has repeated it I think brushing this away is the wrong approach. Tbh I think it might - my gut feeling is if you tap away you would find a lot more murky transactions and arrangements
  6. I think I have to agree on the points front. This is very different to Bury or Bolton where this mismanagement was deliberate and sustained. There is an empathy for the EFL because there would have been "proof of funds". Not sure many of you will have followed the Wirecard story - but that proves a fraud is not that difficult on that front
  7. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow belongs to me - well apart from 1/6th in VAT - 45% in tax and 2% class 4 NI
  8. See if you were trained in the Boardroom section on here back in the day you know the key is waiting for the fat lass to be in full verse
  9. From previous reading of the site. Due to its prejudice against Wednesday like many I have basically ignored it beyond the negative slant headlines you get. And why would I trust the sanity of local media who think Keiran Maguire is an expert
  10. Tbh I know more people would agree with me than disagree. I won't know what Joe has written because The Star website like all local media makes my eyes bleed so ignore it
  11. Can I suggest the reports in The Star do not have a deliberate negative stance against the Club. It is blindingly obvious how you report Wednesday in an half empty way compared to United in a half full way. Stop that or at least be consistent and you might find the publication is taken seriously again by Wednesday fans
  12. I think the bets at play here are not readily available to the public. More let's call them private arrangements where there is little or no audit trail
  13. Yep that is a point what does "fit and proper" mean in a practical sense. I have to do this to a fashion every time I take on a new client. So I do basic checks etc but in reality its then a continual assessment based on how it works out or new information comes to light. There is a limit to what you can do if said person ticks the right boxes. And usually they know how to achieve that
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