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  1. 27 so yep full price - or I could have paid for his membership and saved myself a fiver
  2. Does that include "free board" or just the amounts actually spent on him. I might be on par. Wouldn't mind but he works full time, certainly has more disposable income in the sense of his leisure capability and still end up paying for stuff. He has got some new lass on the go so apparently it's all being spent wooing her this month. I told him I never did that for his mother
  3. Any way one more sold as my step lad can now make it - that's 42 quid I will never get back from him though despite assurances
  4. Increased capacity

    The one thing that will have changed are regulations, the interpretation thereof and how they are applied. Simple truth is that the world constantly changes and stuff that was acceptable 5 years ago isn't necessarily now. It is a pain I know I have compliance visits every 12 months and you think you are up to standard but the time she turns up there will be a raft of things I should now be doing. If it happens in the mundane world of accountancy I can bet when it comes to H & S it's twice as draconian.
  5. Are the rumours true?

    I could happily never see us play against them - as long as we are in a division higher than them
  6. If it doesn't what is the problem. I suspect many won't pay the price, many won't want to go if there is a perceived risk of trouble and it's on Sky so a lot that would travel from London / South East or elsewhere will go to the pub instead.
  7. Are the rumours true?

    You know what they exist. I Don't like them or their fans but they exist. When I first went they were above us in the table, they have been in the Premier League more recently than us. We won't smash them in all probability. Let's keep the arrogance away because the one thing history tells you it usually ends up costing us.
  8. Increased capacity

    There is one reason why SAG are overly cautious in their interpretation of the regulations because the eyes of the country would be on them if anything safety related should happen ever again. And as someone who did frequent the ground in that era and could easily have ended up in a similar event when the then safety advisors were aware of issues and didn't deal with it then perhaps I am grateful the safety of fans is now paramount
  9. Are the rumours true?

    Strange thread most of us realised this when we lost to Huddersfield and then it was confirmed when the fixture list came out.
  10. Shouldn't be any issues with the game being shown as there is no Premier League game in competition
  11. Wednesday frontrunners soon

    The next stage for me is becoming a team that can win 2-0. That way we give less chance or ambition to the opposition in the last 10. Nearly threw away on Tuesday, lost a couple of points yesterday. Compare those games with the Forest game which we saw out quite easily
  12. I am going on the basis the lads from the north will have this under control on behalf of us wusses on the Kop
  13. M5 Shut between 14-15 ...

    Depends how far you are but an alternative though a long detour would be to keep going east, then A34 north via Oxford, M40 to M42
  14. Probably The Gate and Travellers pubs just showing and Fletchers before it burnt down
  15. After the trams there were the football special buses that for a time ran from there and later on from the back of the Kop