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  1. Ah Pet Sounds was my 1966 choice I had listened to Velvet Underground before so couldn't choose that.
  2. During phase 1 of the pandemic I chose an album to listen to that I hadn't before from 1966 onwards - taken from best of type lists. That was the 2nd one I chose.
  3. That really is a great album. Recommend it to anyone My first listen was only last year even if the album is older than me by a year
  4. Glad I dipped into this thread Not seen that the Bicep album was out or another Mogwai track Be sounding them out I can try and pretend I am still young
  5. He's the next door neighbour of an old mate of mine - well certainly was a couple of years back
  6. I understand what the OP was saying, was watching the game with my lads and was making similar comments. So none of it was the game itself, that sort of played out as expected. It was more the commentary referencing the games of my youth v Everton. They themselves were a top side, we had games against them where we matched them if never quite overcome them (like Arsenal) They all say how nice it would be if we were back at that level. Then you look where we are, on and off the pitch and how far we are from it. Its the fact we have gone backwards over the l
  7. I think it tells us that perhaps some players are possibly not right after the Covid outbreak
  8. Well I won't argue that other than its your own expectations not being met rather than those raised by others I didn’t have much confidence we would get it right anyway
  9. I am no big fan of DC but I can't see where he has raised the expectation level since Pulis left and not now matching those expectations
  10. I would suggest it suggests we have little money. Even organising a loan usually comprises an arrangement fee, notwithstanding the wages to be paid If you are struggling to pay current wages on time you really shouldn't be adding more overhead costs
  11. Spot on My issue is that he changed the style to one that did not suit the existing players, he did not even attempt to integrate many of the new signings, he overplayed players leading to long term injuries. So its not about what he did but what he could have achieved with the resources to hand.
  12. My first away game Me and a couple of school mates went on the coach, thinking we had booked the ICO. In fact booked on the Supporters Club coach and you were supposed to be a member. Thought we would get kicked off before we got there. In the away end and like everybody said it was packed. Then they put more in. Ended up stood next to one of the deputy heads from our school as well. Fearsome bloke so we kept quiet. Saying that was only 15 and of course you think you are streetwise but you suddenly realise this was proper mesters stuff. Rememb
  13. The thing about night matches is that in the 70s and 80s they were actually quite rare. 42 match seasons, no international breaks. Games over Christmas and Easter, so unlike now none were really scheduled for midweek. So they were either cup replays or re-arranged games after postponed ones. So often hastily arranged. But when you were a kid it was magical. Remember going on the Kop for the first time when we played Everton in the League Cup in 77. Totally mesmerised
  14. That is the ones I am talking about We haven't filed the ones ended July 19. Tbf I haven't filed any July 20 yet
  15. This question of which year the stadium sale goes in. The EFL are not the regulatory authority when it comes to filing accounts. So even if they have judged it to be incorrect that is solely for their purposes. The actual arbiter is the Financial Reporting Council
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