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  1. Spot on - it is the hike in price and that it's a shock you might have to pay for it yourself to go. But you are right that is the age group that we have lost or have better things to do which drive the atmosphere.
  2. I am not sure there are the groups of 14 - 17 year olds who turn up together any more. The fun of going to the game was often the 30 minutes on the bus getting there, meeting other mates on the Kop in your section. Being prats. I am sure there are still some but seems less prevalent. My young un was much more interested in that YouTube boxing match
  3. Of which only about 8000 of the 16000 could have been legitimately filled by home fans. I do think the ticket pricing strategy has been wrong saying that
  4. Nope - I think that's a fair assessment. I could see the flaws early on in Year 2 of the recruitment and the change to the more pragmatic style. That killed a lot of the positivity around the stadium
  5. A more youthful 51 but I moved to the South because the blokes I sit with did as one of em was struggling with his eyesight. He regrets it as he can now see how rubbish we are. But conscious of some younger kids nearby and my criticism of Bullen earlier in the season was loudly tutted. So I tend to stay quiet and concentrate more on the tactical nuances of the game. Saying that I can have tourette's most the walk back to the car. I was surprisingly calm yesterday
  6. I think we remember the positive outcome big games where i concur it was good. But not consistent.
  7. Tbh that would get me thrown out insulting the over rated incoherent transfer fee wasteful clueless tactical imbecile
  8. Not sure that works - those bigger attendance games that are just run of the mill I don't recall the atmosphere being better. If anything you hear moaning that we are rubbish and 15 quid was too much to watch that poo.
  9. Be interesting what the average age of the crowd is these days. Younger age group generally gets things going and us old two hats might join in
  10. Just loading my torpedoes in case they do Anyone know where the SAG office is as I might keep a couple spare
  11. If it's a rubbish match I am going to expect at least one jar of chutney to be thrown on the pitch like the cushions used to
  12. Cheers the good news is the traffic wardens won't be able to see any yellow lines
  13. From what I am hearing about the weather up there is there anywhere to moor my submarine on Saturday
  14. I could go to the gym before and do some shopping after and still be home in time to turn Strictly off
  15. Is it someone now in prison having been found guilty of stalking
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