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  1. I think only if you get it via erm indirect means. Laptop / HDMI cable has worked OK for me. Paid me tenner lets hope it works 🙏
  2. He's no longer at the Club, so like Fox, Fletcher, Nuhiu, Lee and FF I frankly do not care what they do in the future. Concentrate on the present
  3. I have the least whelm for a season starting in all my years of watching Wednesday. Partly due to where we find ourselves but more that with the restrictions it all seems a bit false, unreal.
  4. The Sky contract is as before so will select a couple of games a week to show. These will be available to home season ticket holders on ifollow as part of any club arrangement - but not sure if the £10 match pass is available I have a sneaky suspicion that ifollow is being downplayed for tomorrow because there is a lot of games at 3pm including League 1 and 2 for the first time.
  5. First team to start on -12 and still finish champions * * yes it is a bit early to be drinking
  6. True, this is very akin to how tax cases work though. There is a tribunal system and on occasions you get seemingly strange outcomes. HMRC will appeal purely to try and stop a precedent being formed. This amortisation point was an interesting interpretation. I keep looking out to see if any technical gurus pick up on it, not purely on simply football contracts but other similar assets. Not seen owt but it is re-defining standard thinking
  7. I think this appeal is more about ensuring that other clubs don't try and follow suit in future on the amortisation method. It was a very technical accounting discussion and a couple of people I have spoken to it about were not convinced by the panel decision argument that it was acceptable.
  8. A commensurate professional but time for him to move on if we want to on the pitch
  9. The difference with Derby - they actually got the legal transfer completed before the year end. No whataboutery with heads of terms etc
  10. I love the comment "the fact that Professor Pope's background is firmly in academia compared to the one of Mr Delve as a practising chartered accountant". Guess who they trusted more. The relevance is that Pope was the EFL expert on our case as well
  11. Yep I am glad this has been picked up. The value was called Messenger, I reckon Melinda would have been more credible The independent panel reckoned it could have been 2m higher than Derby actually used
  12. Yep - I think the term is false economy. OK there would be no guarantees but there would have been more credence
  13. It was quite fundamental though, well a fundamental lack of credible contractural evidence to justify including the transaction in the accounts in the year to 31st July 18. If a bit more care and attention had been paid - well paid 30k in advisors fees perhaps - then this would have been waterproof
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