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  1. They seem to manage reasonably well in the NFL to try and keep it competitive. Whilst the FFP rules are not popular it does seem a ludicrous business football where making huge losses is advocated
  2. Just change the ro for a u But I will probably be accused of some outrageous PC crime My comedy is unfortunately very much 1970s
  3. I am wondering whether your name on here is a subtle clue
  4. I blame the EPL for not bringing in better regulations and letting clubs spend the Sky money foolishly
  5. The problem I can see is 2 straight men and no funny one
  6. Irrelevant the valuation is based on it's in use not location or what the land could be sold for. Indeed Boro show the value at 49m. Which is the net figure of replacement cost of 86m (how much it would cost today to build the same stadium which seems plausible) less depreciation ie it is what 20 years old now
  7. Boro spent 65m on new signings They sold quite a lot, so made a 15m profit on players which offset the 20m loss made on day to day operations
  8. Which is in the EFL rules, the non commercial part of any transaction would be disregarded for FFP purposes. However a point is that the auditors have signed off on the Derby accounts. They would have had to consider the valuation used and hence for accounting reasons be satisfied with it. Once that has happened what can the EFL realistically do especially if it is not set out in the actual regulations
  9. Boro increased the value of their stadium by 6.8m in their last accounts to June 18. That won't be considered in the FFP calculations as boring technical point it does not go through the Profit and loss account whereas actually selling the stadium even to a connected company does The net value of the stadium and training pitch was 49m after the valuation. Compare that to the 80m Pride Park was sold for, quite similar stadiums.
  10. Not sure on precise dates but its nearer junction 10 by all accounts so can avoid Luton
  11. If they wreck the outside of the ground it would cause a million pounds worth of improvement to that area
  12. Isn't it more next season for the basic monies with the updated deal. These get pre-announced ages in advance but I think it kicks off next year with those 3 full rounds of games on Amazon. Might finally get some worth out of the Amazon Prime subscription that costs me a fortune via the wifes shopping trips thereon I know the big 6 wanted the international TV monies to be league place related not shared but not sure if that got through
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