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  1. SWFC Chairman

    Given you are saying this ups the credibility more than a notch.
  2. Awful Conditioning

    We always claimed we were the biggest team in the Championship
  3. I guess stuff about Hoopers agent texts or Hutch having an argument I always go on the basis this stuff may not be 100% correct but invariably an element of it has happened. History supports this
  4. I agree that poo happens and football pales into insignificance in comparison. The fact that we get passionate and wound up by it - well that is what makes football
  5. That is where the difference lies - for many the day to day trials and tribulations of the Club are a major part of who they are what they do. I often hate myself for the influence it has on my mood and the compromises I make to fit the Club in to what I do.
  6. I am not sure there are folk in the stadium that are vehemently Carlos in. What they want is more that the focus is on supporting the team during the 90 minutes in the stadium not on external stuff like who should be manager I would never support a boycott of games I would never support an organised protest during a game Whether it turns during games due to what I am seeing is another matter entirely. We do all want the same thing but the frustration does manifest itself in different ways in different folk
  7. Think its bad now

    And if we did sell players how much would Doyen be entitled to ? Based on other arrangements that Doyen and the likes have, they loaned the money in the first place so on a sale that obviously gets repaid, plus presumably an interest charge and a hefty profit share if indeed you do make a profit. The real problem comes if you sell for a loss. The loan to buy them still has to be paid. There could be a very good cashflow reason why players are not sold. Be fascinated to see what off balance sheet financing there is as well
  8. When will he actually realise that we Aren't good enough to defend like that. A second goal would have destroyed them. That is what we used to do
  9. Slow start will be due to the players still discussing the scarf worn by Carlos
  10. Sure that has been there for years when I used to go back and forth on the train to Hull.
  11. It is very difficult to argue against his comments. We are underachieving and the football has been terrible at times.
  12. Whilst these players will improve things they have to get fit and stay fit at a match level. Be into the last quarter of the season by then and it comes with no guarantees it will work anyway
  13. I reckon there is as much chance of Wednesday getting promoted as a Brexit deal happening
  14. Well the remedial class needed some occupants