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    As someone has pointed out he is supposedly the VAR official at the League Cup Final tomorrow.
  2. Steve Bruce and Swarbrick

    I came out the ground and said that was easily in the top 5 most abject refereeing performances i have seen in 44 years of watching football. I would go as far as to say corrupt. And if Mr Swarbrick wants to take me to court good I have 24,000 witnesses to back me up
  3. Saw that there was a cabin been put up last week as went in the South. Always reminds me of our mess up when me and a couple of mates went to our first away game. Just happened to be a Cup quarter final v Burnley. Having got tickets we needed coach tickets and knew the kiosk was around the South. However we went by mistake to the Supporters Club shop and got tickets for their coach. Cue the Saturday gets on coach and a bloke near us says not seen you before when did you become members. Spent the whole trip to Burnley thinking we were going to get thrown off
  4. Low camera angle makes it feel that way unless you are S6 where it just makes the play seem slow compared to turgid higher up the stand
  5. Even got a range of specialist mags named after him
  6. Neil called for

    He wanted hair like Carlos - ok can't be greedy
  7. One of the observations of last season was exactly that - it got masked because we were able to still win games. The default answer from all the Carlos fans is where we finished in the league. How about pondering where we could have finished with -better recruitment -fitter players -more progressive tactics
  8. In answer to points above CC was officially announced on 30th June 2015 so start of pre season We also started the season poorly We got better when the players came in such as FF at the end of the transfer window Perhaps they benefitted from a proper pre season elsewhere
  9. However as football manager it is his over-riding responsibility to be aware of fitness levels even if he doesn't know the individual scores of players He must have observed with his own eyes if the levels have dropped and were negatively impacting on how instructions on the pitch were being applied If it wasn't satisfactory then it was his responsibility to change it
  10. Decent crowd expected Saturday

    Gits will be using Claywheels Lane to park em meaning my parking spot is gone
  11. Rate jos so far?

    I am guessing you are wrong. All to do with the mindset of how a manager approaches the game not his nationality
  12. Rate jos so far?

    Wrong appointment
  13. Jos post-match interview

    Would be interesting to work out the number of changes per game on average since he has been here. I will go for 5
  14. Owls 0 - 3 Burton

    Yes we were crap and we are still as crap