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  1. I am happy to offer my actual expertise as an accountant Simple one Don't employ a football manager that you then permit to allow expensive wasting assets to sit at home watching Cash in the Attic instead of playing I had to drive about 200 miles around the country yesterday seeing clients to earn the money to then potentially give to you for you to then give to Almen Adbi. Sorry not playing that game anymore Run your business in an efficient, cost effective manner like I have to and then I just might assist. No one will bail out my mistakes in running a business so I ain't helping you
  2. A bad result and we only have one game left
  3. Asked for a double of a Wednesday and May victory. 1000/1 or 50/1 If I excluded Wednesday
  4. Well Luton is like being in the 70's so might as well play like that era
  5. mkowl

    Efe ambrose

    Heard he couldn't tackle the skin off a rice pudding
  6. mkowl

    Brentford rearranged

    It's alright lots of rest as it's the Monday.
  7. Hate to say I don't think our neighbours are dull and functional in their style of play. They go one up but often it's then 2 or 3 before you know it. Keep the foot on the pedal. Have we scored 3 in a league game this season
  8. mkowl


    Fair play to Hullite for dishing it out. For some of our fans if you can't take a p1sstake don't give them out. Unfortunately he is right in that some of our fans have a sense of entitlement based on our history, tradition and scale of fan base. So rather than having a pop at other fans the criticism should be held at those for the last 20 years have failed to turn all that into a successful club and allowed the likes of Bournemouth and Hull to overtake us in many ways on the pitch
  9. Totally agree on that front. That is the real frustration in that for 6 months or so under Carlos we played some decent and exciting football. We have seen some winning football sure but nothing that you come away from the ground buzzing to have watched. When that starts to become losing football is the problem. In an attacking sense the problem is a lack of team play to create chances. It relies on individuals. I will compare us to our neighbours because many of the goals they score are team generated where defenders are pulled out of position, cross ball for Sharp to put in. Opportunities we don't even create nevermind score
  10. Perhaps it wasn't 4 5 1 today but Hull forced us into this. I just want us to take the game to other teams which for starters means getting players that can do that. We play a pass and not move game that scares no one
  11. Not calling for the entire squad to go, but any squad needs a bit recycling to freshen it up, keep players on their toes. We need something different in midfield certainly more energy, more pace, someone to offer a threat to the opposition and frankly a style that I want to watch.
  12. Totally agree on needing a bit of strength and pace. But only been saying that for 3 years.