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  1. I will enjoy it more if we are 3 Nil up
  2. I agree we are idiots. Keep coming back for more even though we can predict what will happen. I have seen some bad defeats at home over the years. Several you just eventually appreciated the opposition were top quality, the freak one of being 5 down at HT v Everton, but yesterday is now easily in the top 10. We got done by a distinctly average side that made absolute fools of our team. So whilst I am angry I just hope the players realise that and that their professional record is blemished as a result.
  3. Said on another thread we must have played 80 odd home games since Wembley and if I have enjoyed as many as 20 I think I am being generous. Plenty of "well at least we won" moments But what a damning stat and is it any wonder folk are so fed up of it.
  4. Top post at least someone on else on here can grasp what was the key issue today.
  5. Almost as bad as watching the game, also had the joy of a 2 hour drive home stewing over it. Got me thinking how many home games I have walked away from, since Wembley, that I have actually thought that was a good game of football. I decided that 25% of them at best and even then I reckon that is generous. Serious thought now going into whether my season ticket is renewed. Too much insipid, dull and frankly boring football being served up
  6. Good point 2nd paragraph. The lack of thought from on and off the pitch on how to redress the situation before the first goal, after the sending off, at half time and throughout the 2nd half was a total indictment of all parties. Irrespective of the personnel the manager has to think on his feet to change what is going on. All we did was change who played where not how we played. That rests on his door
  7. Maguire has no credibility - he is a self proclaimed "expert" no more than that.
  8. Who knows - I suspect the evidence may get in the public domain if this did get to a legal stage.
  9. Then gave a different punishment to Macc Town. At least HMRC are consistent in being two hats Even HMRC don't approve something and then decide they were wrong - unless there was substantial new evidence
  10. Quite attractive - clearly gets that from her Mum not Dad. Saying that Dad is not giving owt away on Twitter
  11. Doesn't make sense The money is there but erm I am getting the fans to put their money in instead At least if you are going to do this let the fans buy shares in the Club not this quasi loan scheme
  12. Jeez imagine doing the due diligence and financial projections with this curve ball to factor in
  13. The fact you could sell this back adds a layer of further complexity to this in truth
  14. As I say accounting wise they will have to rewrite the technical guidance.
  15. Ironically yes I can see that If the latter then well make your own judgement. Its effectively an unsecured loan to a company that has just transferred out it's only tangible asset of value.
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