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  1. Hum hum hum hum hum hum hum You must recognize it now
  2. Don't know but there is a credit of about £5.5m slated to be hitting the P & L account for that accounting period And yes it can be included even if not received for months from Newcastle - as I doubt this will be an immediate cash transfer
  3. So if it has never been officially announced we are in one then why would it be announced we are out of one I know we want to hear everything but some business discussions are best heard behind closed doors Why there is no point getting involved in the Bruce compensation aspect. Its in the hands of lawyers and this will be ringed with NDA' by the time it is settled
  4. I would say more the consistency behind the throne I don't know perhaps as you grow older you accept where you are and happy with it - that the top job comes with potential rewards but a huge risk. But enough about myself
  5. I am sure he has ambitions like we all do, but perhaps he just enjoys the world as it is right now. Within the football world, get the day to day vibe of the dressing room but no real pressure on you if it goes wrong.
  6. Prats like Ian Dennis excusing this. These correspondents on the BBC not wanting to upset the EPL in any way. Say they support the football pyramid but they really don't
  7. Yep salient subject in my world but it would be very very unusual for the manager not to be on the payroll. Absolutely use the company for his outside work and any image rights, he could get a fortune from here from that !
  8. Simple answer we will never know. It's a legal matter and 100% guarantee there will be non disclosure agreements included as standard.
  9. We will know how it is gone when it is announced Ashley has done a Captain Bob and is found floating face down in the ocean after some unfortunate accident with a tuna trawler
  10. Well being an horse race trainer could be useful for one member of the squad
  11. I don't think he would be paid for his football manager work via a limited company. HMRC would be all over that. Maybe used for commercial stuff he does outside his main contract
  12. Anyone think Ashley has deeper pockets to fight this. Don't you think the Chansiri family - that come from a culture where honour and respect is paramount - would not assist if need be.
  13. Although some form of deal has had to be negotiated - for him to be employed by another club
  14. Perhaps we should recruit Mr Babbage from FC St Cauli
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