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  1. One of the ground regulations was that you could not take photographic equipment in to stadiums - all about copyright of course
  2. Forgot where I saw the article but there have been a significant number of tax investigations into players, agents and clubs. The question of image rights is paramount, it is perfectly legit to set up a company to do that, they are personal after all. What HMRC are doing is contesting the worth of that compared to regular salary. Even if the player is from overseas they will invoke other legislation. The sting in the tail if the Govt choose. Wack up employers NI to 30%, increase top rates of tax to 75% levy on transfer fees or TV subscription fees. Probably overlooked but the Digital Sales Tax starts today so even hi tech entrants for EPL rights could be hit. I think a Govt could get its revenge if it was so minded
  3. They do have limited companies for the personal image rights - but HMRC have been all over this recently where this has been deemed excessive element of regular pay They have also been investigating the agents. I suspect there will be a sting in the tail for the EPL once normality returns
  4. Those under contract have a re-sale value which would be lost if they could just walk away They do not have to accept the furlough either, only other alternative would be making them redundant and then it would depend on the contract as to how much that would cost. But yep football clubs that pay such high salaries to a few but then seek Govt cash for the minions is a bit obscene.
  5. Cheat still posts on an alternative forum
  6. The club is a legal entity in it's own right so basically that we had breached the FFP rules
  7. Yep I can go with that argument Presumably there will be an EFL statement in due course which may give their view
  8. Bit unclear as to whether it is still at that stage - just the last sentence saying about the charges against the Club will proceed
  9. So as the arbitration process been concluded so that the EFL can take forward the charges or do we think that is still ongoing
  10. Yep that latest advice would seem to dispel any notion - well it will be behind closed doors at best
  11. In relation to the point above perhaps on of the issues in Italy and Spain is that there is a lot of flats / apartments as a fairly standard way of living - so more communal areas that as heavy traffic from people. Just a thought - certainly not immune out here in the sticks but you see less people and easier to avoid day to day contact.
  12. Both parents and step parents are over 80. Dad had a kidney transplant 10 plus years ago and is frankly wearing out all round. Over 50 so raises the game a bit I guess
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