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  1. mkowl

    Midweek game pass?

    Just cut the movies and got an 18 month package for 65 quid but does include multi Room. Probably could have haggled a bit more
  2. mkowl

    Midweek game pass?

    Got Sky Q but the red button quality is nothing like as good as the HD channel. Not quite sure why if it's ok for other folk. Does make you appreciate the main coverage but be fine for tomorrow's game
  3. mkowl

    Todays attendance

    Cheers I sometimes go that way either pre or post match on the way home just to break the journey from the motorway. Guessed you could get round but clearly not encouraging it from the MK side
  4. mkowl

    Todays attendance

    What's with the A5 being shut through Towcester. Says it's until November
  5. Can't fault the chap today. Did nothing wrong
  6. He isn't wrong on this
  7. If you normally park on Claywheels Lane think again the Stoke fan coaches are being parked there. Well I say the Stoke fans it could well have been a tramps convention state of em.
  8. mkowl

    Bored at work

    Dedication to the cause Hoots. I have never done shift work and could never do a job that was at the behest of the clock so much.
  9. mkowl

    'i dont wear red'

    Great thread and just about tick every box on the list. My Mrs never really bought the kids red clothes either when they were younger. When it comes to cars though I don't do blue either. That probably has more to the fact i once "parked" my blue Ford Escort into the back of a lorry outside Chaucer. And I don't wear blue pants on home match days as even I would admit is a bizarre superstition
  10. Not quite the case in point but my Mum wouldn't let me go to the Boxing Day Massacre game.
  11. The posters where this applies are back at school, hence why it's sensible on here
  12. mkowl

    Away Days 1993 - 2002

    Good question given that for most of that era we were in the Premier League. Whether actual attendances were lower at away games not actually sure the stats will be available. I know personally I went to less but that was just circumstance and age. The latter being that the lads I grew up with started getting sensible, married etc. Perhaps it was just as prices started to increase, travel costs went up, all seater stadiums came in, heavy police presence and a level of gentrification.
  13. mkowl

    Chelsea Away

    Well perhaps Boxing Day 79
  14. mkowl

    Chelsea Away

    Yes definitely an 80's era pic. The fact they are smiling - no Wednesday fan smiled in the 70's
  15. Would you want them that close