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  1. drkrankle

    Megson or MacLaren?

    Please tell me it won’t come down to this
  2. drkrankle

    1 ticket for sale block 541

    Sorry guys gone to first respondent. Cheers
  3. Hi all I have one ticket for block 541 for sale at cost price (£52). Booked before my mates' managed to get us seats together in general sale. I live in London so will have to be collection only today or tomorrow. Cheers
  4. I'm mixed race (Arab/white) and used to have a season ticket, going with a group of mates including an Iraqi. Do I win?
  5. drkrankle

    What happened?

    Onyewu was v shaky first half. Seems to want to pass out from the back but is so casual about it. Seems to forget that llera and palmer aren't AC Milan class yet! Sure he'll improve though.
  6. drkrankle

    What happened?

    True about scoring from the free kick too. Pretty sure big Atdhe blocked a goal bound effort. Would have been hilarious and sent the mongy millwall fans in that corner into meltdown.
  7. drkrankle

    What happened?

    Coke got pushed over in the corner and got a soft free kick, which sent the millwall player crazy. He stepped on coke's calf while he was down, coke got up and ragged him about a bit, everyone piled in with pushing and shoving, someone booted the ball (lee?) into the middle of it. Millwall fans launched a couple of beer bottles in the middle, Kirkland ran the length of the pitch to get involved and Tango nearly fell off his crutches. Think that about sums it up.