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  1. Every club has got a Bullen and their loyalty doesn’t come into question. But how many Premier league clubs would appoint a member of the coaching staff to be the full time manager. Lower league maybe but not top flight. Love Bully but we need experience and a comprehensive knowledge of the Championship. UP THE OWLS!!!!!
  2. Awful tactics Awful passing Awful defending Awful attacking Awful Ref Awful half time pie AWFUL!!!! UP THE OWLS
  3. I know how you must feel mate. My dad passed away 3 weeks ago and I’ll be wearing his little blue enamel supporters club badge that he got in the 1940’s. Miss him like mad too. UP THE OWLS!!!
  4. Definitely 2 points dropped. Listening to game on Rad Sheff, 30 seconds left so confidently nipped into kitchen for a fondant fancy and a glass of sherry, came back and FU&K ME RIGID we concede again!!!!! BOLL@CKS!!!!!!! UP THE OWLS !!
  5. Funny, informative and a great insight into one our most successful eras. Brill. UP THE OWLS !!
  6. Here’s a very sensible suggestion. Why not have in t’Oasis at Meadowhell- then when it all kicks off I can sneak out and finish me Christmas shopping!!
  7. In answer to all your points above that’s why my choice would be Delia Smith for our next manager. 1. She’s the chief (not chef) at Norwich. 2. Watch the way she carefully plans then produces a lovely steak and kidney pudding. 3. Hard work - the woman’s a phenomena. Ever watched the effort she puts into chopping an onion (Unbelievable) 4. She’s done 6,329 cooking shows on tv for God’s sake. 5. Is there anyone more charismatic than Delia when she’s in full flow gently caressing a Christmas pudding. 6. She kept her dignity intact when threatened on numerous occasions by Fanny Craddock. 7. On your final point I would like to replace the word ‘signings’ with ‘ingredients’ and Delia always operates within a tight budget and very little wastage. (Check out her fondant fancy recepies) I think you’ll have to agree she has all the right ingredients. Come on Big D!!!! UP THE OWLS!!!
  8. He’s definitely not a Championship standard player (so he’s a dead cert to be signed !) but he’s been decent in the lower leagues. Apparently he’s got discipline issues too - which make him an even more of a cert. Is this really the level of player we are trying to attract - if so were doomed!!!! UP THE OWLS!!
  9. Just seen the team news. Don’t know whether to go to the game or go to the pictures or just stay in the shed reading my old copies of the Beezer. It’s sad I know!
  10. I think we should appoint all 6 of them plus another 5 (Any ideas?). They could all then ‘pull on the shirt’ and replace the useless bugg@rs we’ve got. Imagine Holloway sprinting up and down the flanks with Megson (surgical support in place) commanding a midfield of Waddle, Sheridan and CC. If only...... UP THE OWLS
  11. Another good analogy would be to think of Jos as the organ-grinder without a f@@kin organ. He’s got the monkeys on the dance floor but he’s not providing any f@@kin music for them to dance to !!!! Let’s get shut and bring Len Goodman in. UP THE OWLS!!!!
  12. At half time I’d take off Penney, Thorniley, Baker, Pelupessy and Nuhiu and play a 3-1-1-1 formation. It can’t be any worse than watching this shower. Absolute garbage!!!
  13. I’ve said this time and time again but this time I mean it : No more John West tuna for me!!! I shall, from tomorrow (as I still have a couple of tins left), resort to purchasing Aldi pilchards in a reduced salt and tomato dressing. TAKE THAT DC !!! Up the Owls !!
  14. Mi Lord I honestly feel if you could provide Stubbs with suitable encouragement to engage in a regime of revitalisation he could once again proudly don his Jim McCalliog shirt and maybe, just maybe, impress the powers that be at S6. UP THE OWLS!!!
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