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  1. So sad. Another true Owls legend taken. Saw him play many times as a youngster. He will always be The Mighty Quinn!!! RIP Johnny - one of the best. UP THE OWLS !!!!
  2. Beef stew and Hendo’s for tea. Summat to look forward to !!! UP THE OWLS!!!!
  3. Gerry was part of that magical 60’s team that I remember so well. Brings back so many happy childhood memories of going to Hillsborough with my late dad watching them all play - my favourite being John Fantham. RIP Gerry and thanks -you will not be forgotten. UP THE OWLS !!!!!
  4. Rumours abound regarding Pogba’s unhappiness at Man U........You never know 😂 UP THE OWLS !!!!
  5. I was a teen Owl when Big Jack came to Hillsborough. So many great memories. Thanks Wor Jack !!! RIP big man UP THE OWLS !!!!!
  6. Just put my spotted ******** and custard back in the fridge for tomorrow night. Can’t eat it I’m that disgusted!!!! Monk OUT Pelupessy OUT Da Cruz ZOUT Nuhiu OUT Odubago OUT T*ts OUT!! UP THE OWLS!!!!
  7. Me and some fellow Owls are at the Cheltenham festival today and it’s lovely to be in a big crowd of people who are actually having a good time and even laughing!! Nobody’s mentioned Monk, Chansiri, Hutch or Westwood.........yet. Soon be Saturday though!!!! UP THE OWLS !!!
  8. To succeed at Hillsborough the manager has to have the prefix ‘Big’. That’s why the others have failed - they just don’t sound right: Big Jos Big Carlos Big Stu Big Brian ...... and as for Big Tricky Trev and Big Bully.... I rest my case your Honour. UP THE OWLS!!!!
  9. To quote a well known 12th Century Owls fan Edmund ‘The Owl’ Blackadder: ’Wickham looks as fit as an asthmatic ant carrying 15 heavy bags of shopping’!! 🤭 UP THE OWLS!!!!
  10. Man of Match??? Didn't see any MEN in blue and white stripes today!!! Awful performance.
  11. ........Or deaf or just plain daft !!
  12. Like many others I’ve not renewed my ST either. I feel quite sad and found it a difficult thing to do but, as a matter of principle, I think it’s the right thing to do. Like everyone I just want us to do well but it just not going to happen with the players we’ve got. I’m not abandoning us all together I’ll just be more selective as to which games I attend next season- whether or not we’re still in the Championship. UP THE OWLS!!!
  13. I too was one of those who said give the guy a chance but I feel he’s had that chance and not performed. A few good saves over a few matches is not the consistency required of a top level keeper. He’s a poor reader of the game and makes too many unnecessary mistakes. Will he improve? I hope so. UP THE OWLS!!!!
  14. Lovely piece of psycho analysis M’Lord and I loved the inclusion of John William Waterhouse’s Echo and Narcissus (even though Echo seems to have disappeared). May I suggest more Caravaggio in the next OMDT (He does a lovely Narcissus too !!) UP THE OWLS!!!!
  15. Nice to see GM announcing a team of players ‘ who deserve the shirt’. Looks pretty much like the one that’s been sh!te the past few weeks to me. We’ve got a better attacking line up on the friggin’ bench!!!!! Permission to return to my darkened room lie down and have another sherry. UP THE OWLS !!
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