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  1. He’s the type of manager we would benefit from…..but he’ll never come to a club whose chairman has no idea how to run a football club !!!! UTO
  2. I wonder what pearls of wisdom DM’s got lined up for his post match interview!! Can’t wait!!
  3. Again we’ve manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Turned 3 points into 0 ffs !!
  4. This is yet another game showing that we are nothing more than a mediocre L1 team. Average players and below average coaches.
  5. From dominating the game we’re now our usual awful selves. The defence is so worrying!!! UTO
  6. Apart from conceding a couple of goals couldn’t fault ‘em. Well done lads !!!! UTO
  7. Its a damning indictment of the ever continuing problems at S6. We can’t even hold on to a player who, I think you would agree, most supporters had never heard of until his arrival. UTO
  8. During 1974/75 we had a manager called Steve Burtenshaw mate - it was much worse than this believe me. Let’s keep dreaming!!
  9. Why on earth would DM want to regularly play a young dynamic attack minded player when he could potentially bring in an out of work, unattached has been. Nice one Darren!!! Total incompetence
  10. Loved Beevers when he was here before but if Peterborough are willing to let him go then that says it all !!!!!!
  11. Listening to game on RS and I don’t know about a team that’s never played together - we sound like a team that’s never played football before ffs!!
  12. Brian Laws “ Defence is one of Wednesdays weaknesses” Really Brian? !!!
  13. Ok so it’s 5-0, but there are only 3 numbers this buffoon of a manager should be thinking about and they are……….4-4-2 !!!
  14. The trouble is that even when the line up is announced its anybodys guess where they’ll be playing.
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