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  1. Fake news!!! He wants to stay. Nobody’s gonna buy him with leg, hamstring, back, neck and knee injuries. UTO
  2. How much more criticism do Dawson and Wildsmith need for the club to realise they are not good enough keepers at this level. They might be nice blokes and train hard but in reality they are just not up to it. We need a goalkeeper to stop the ball going in the net. PERIOD!!! UTO
  3. I can visualise him now sprinting out of the tunnel like in front of the team like a man possessed in his ‘Crosby Kitchens’ sponsored shirt. Great player, Great Shirt (not so sure about the sponsor though) UTO
  4. Even I’m getting slightly excited with this signing - and I’ve never heard of him either!! Must be Euro Euphoria
  5. Sounds like another classy possibility for DM - ‘Last season on loan at ROCHDALE’ Can’t wait for the season to start!!
  6. I’ve heard there’s a company called ‘Elev8’ interested in buying us for a knockdown price. Not sure what kind of business they’re in though.
  7. Waddle is a legend. He should be a club ambassador. He should also be in charge of the bar, karaoke (remember he had a HUGE hit with Hoddle) and the pie stall. ‘WERE LIVIN’ IN A WADDLE WONDERLAND’ !!! UTO
  8. Have I missed something? I thought we were under a transfer embargo so he can’t come anyway - or is he coming for nowt!
  9. Moore won’t leave! He’ll be fired by the Tunaman after the first 5 games with us sat at the foot of L1 probably on -12 points. Poor old Darren - you’ve got to feel for him! UTO
  10. Will we have anybody to put in the shirts this season!!! UTO
  11. How much is Bannan on a month?? Doesn’t sound like a too bad place to be to me when it’s pi$$in’ down and I’m waiting for the bus every morning !!!!!! UTO
  12. Totally agree! Is this one of Darren Moores young exciting players he’s so ‘famous’ for spotting and recruiting? Pleade stop the ride and let me geddoff!!! UTO
  13. Chansiri just f@ck off you tw@t!!!!!!! (Yes I know I’m a pottymouth). You have poisoned our club!!!!!! UTO
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