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  1. Dogshitte again ….. how much more of this do we have to endure ?
  2. Advise to any NEW manager coming to Hillsborough: Do a good job and the fans are desperate to back you
  3. Bolton you miss my point - I agree with everything you say I am suggesting relieving DM of first team duties and moving him upstairs into a Director of Football role The coach I am suggesting is a new First Team Coach (or Manager) to replace him (pick the team/tactics etc) - I think on this we are on the same page
  4. Well that's cheered me right up - sat at home self isolating with covid and after watching that shower of poo yesterday - I realised that at least I don't have a big hole in my greenhouse roof !! Firstly I didn't know Jonny Vegas was a Wednesday fan Once i'd got my head around that it was just laugh out loud funny (but all true and more insightful than anything our manager said in his post match comments) - his pain is our pain Well done that man
  5. It seems that he is nice guy that all the players want to sign as he can sell a vision of the club - so why not move him upstairs as Director of Football and get in a coach with some tactical nous who can get a tune out of the players he has assembled This should provide a degree of continuity which would hopefully avoid another car crash of a season
  6. Where to start - there is so much wrong Manager - lacks a clear idea of what he is trying to achieve which is leading to constant changing of the starting 11 - seems unable to change a game with his substitutions - play players in the positions they are comfortable (Brown instead of Johnson in defence?) Tactics - L1 is not great - you don't need to play Rolls Royce football to get out of it....you do need a style of play which suits your players and which they can buy into and execute better than the opposition - lets get rid of the tippy tippy playing it out from the back the players seem uncomfortable with it and it costing points week in and week out - sort out a solid base in midfield we are constantly being overrun - institute a high press...the opposition are not that good .....so force errors higher up the pitch were turning over possession hurts them and should produce more chances than our midfield seems able to create in open play
  7. But most of the time we just look like a pub team....
  8. To pick your best 11 you need a plan .......unfortunately we have gone 10 games and are yet to see what the plan is
  9. Like lambs to the slaughter……..almost forgotten how to do an away day it seems so long ago…….
  10. Booked online - Didn't see any reference to a booking fee There were two prices of ticket on offer £27 and £30 -maybe someone has simply posted out the wrong value ticket
  11. Doesn't cause me a problem as I was happy to get tickets- I just think it is wrong
  12. No - the receipt issued by SWFC shows £91 - 3x £30 tickets + £1 postage Never been charged a booking fee by the official site for other away tickets - that I can recall
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