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  1. How long since any of our players kicked a ball ........ but still they are collecting 100% of their wages whilst the majority of fans and the public at large are paying the price of covid19 - when can we expect a respose from the privileged few ?
  2. Not sure that any FIFA rules (can anyone actually state what the rules are ?) strict or not overreach UK employment legislation
  3. I am not sure why players are being treated as different to the rest of society Surely we can, if we wish ask those players who are out of contract in June to agree to be furloughed at 80% of their normal salary (obviously capped at £2,500 per month) - the players can of course refuse If they refuse we should then be in a position to make them redundant at the statutory minimum based on salary, age and length of employment - a pittance compared to the wages they are currently drawing for doing absolutely nothing Obviously they will not resign in these circumstances but the majority will it seems be let go anyway Surely this is economic reality in the position we and many other clubs find ourselves ......but for some reason the clubs (not only Wednesday) do not seem to see this as an option Is it perhaps that the PFA are exerting pressure to enable the protected species that are professional footballers to again be treated more favourably than the man in the street !
  4. Agreed - it seems like the players are happy to kick this into the long grass in the hope they don't need to contribute anything The EPL have managed a great job of smoke and mirrors by putting forwards the captains proposal - but there are no details of what is being contributed - only soundbites by numerous of the captains saying what a great idea it is It seems to me simply a means of taking the heat out of what was becoming an uncomfortable situation for the mega earners if the PFA were so concerned about the loss of tax to the NHS as they claimed - how about each prem player contributing 30% after tax to the NHS - win/win I have no issue with players saying it is none of our business what (if anything) they contribute - but it seems that they want the kudos of making contributions whilst firmly keeping their hands in their pockets
  5. A bit like this season then....
  6. I assume (with nothing but reading between the lines to go by) that when dropped he refused to sit on the bench - as a result Monk was left with no alternative but to disguard him ( and rightly so - if that is the case) - i which case he should be fined 2 weeks wages each week he refuses to sit on the bench and Monk should come clean and let the fan base know that this is the mentality of the senior players at the club Clearly if this is not the case then likewise the club should let the fan base know that this is the managers decision and Monk should be judged accordingly .....
  7. I normally renew for me and my two lads - upwards of £1,500 pa but enough is enough We have a 2.30 hour round trip for home games, they have other things going on in their lives and I am struggling to get buy in to go to games this season due to the apathy being created by the current regime - i have no issue with the cost of renewing but there is no value - I am and have always been a Wednesdayite - I don't expect to win every week -i just want us to be competitive so that I can enjoy a Saturday afternoon with the boys without the constant doom and gloom I agree that the club is taking the wee wee and I will really miss the Saturday afternoon banter next season but the joy has been sucked out of the match day experience and enough is enough .....
  8. I could agree with this .......if only It was clear what Monk is trying to achieve but game after game there is no structure or discenable game-plan - the players look like they have never met each other let alone trained together (apparently).....surely Monks job for the remainder of this season must be to get a structure and style of play in place with the players available to him...bad as they now seem to be
  9. We were sat in hospitality with their 1871 Club section between us and the away section and to be fair it was the most noise I have ever heard from the home fans at Reading in 4 visits I assume they have 'sold ' the Club 1871 as their singing section and it really seemed to work - from where we were the 1871 Section and the away section were both noisy but we seemed to be out sung until we scored (maybe we should try something similar at Hillsbro)- after that they seemed to give up - the rest of the ground was silent and more than half empty !! Such a shame that the trend these days seems to be to restrict away fans rather than encourage them for the atmosphere - just because the clubs claim they don't need the revenue but really don't like being 'owned' by the big city clubs with large away support
  10. or you take the realistic view that you have made a large wedge from your god given talent ....thank your lucky stars that you have avoided the need to do a day job for 15+ years and having been paid handsomely for it ....and if you do not have sufficient funds - do what the rest of us have done for the whole of our adult life and get a job in the real world to provide for yourself and your family ! you can probably tell that I do not subscribe to the 'short career' b... s... - there is nothing special about professional footballers which states that once they can no longer play football they can no longer work !......if they are fortunate to be ablate retire at the end of a very lucrative career then good luck to them ..but if not then retrain and get a proper job !
  11. Ours are in the North -they are in the Brian Clough stand but as you can see from the link they could be almost anywhere 1 x u17 1 x u11 (I see that I have overpriced the Forest tickets by £10) https://www.nottinghamforest.co.uk/news/2018/february/forest-announce-2018-19-season-card-prices/ https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2018/february/season-ticket-prices-frozen/
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