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  1. Ours are in the North -they are in the Brian Clough stand but as you can see from the link they could be almost anywhere 1 x u17 1 x u11 (I see that I have overpriced the Forest tickets by £10) https://www.nottinghamforest.co.uk/news/2018/february/forest-announce-2018-19-season-card-prices/ https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2018/february/season-ticket-prices-frozen/
  2. are you hard of thinking ? or have you not read the previous posts which include the maths - just doesn't make for good reading !!
  3. Call it what you want - we are alienating the current generation of fans by our pricing policy I am fortunate that iI can afford to pay for season tickets for myself and both sons (£1500 + per season) - i am also astute enough to understand that many can't afford this meaning that the club will lose the next generation of supporters as a result of this short sighted and greedy approach to pricing
  4. No agenda - just the prices being paid by friends at Forest who are gobsmacked at the prices we are paying
  5. so you don't think it is a birth right to support your chosen club ??
  6. Not saying that it makes economic sense - just that it shows how far out of step with reality we are
  7. Okay I can be arsed cos you are so bottom SWFC 2x Full U25 season ticket £870 2x Full junior season ticket £225 = £ 1,095 Forest 2 Full U23 season ticket £ 200 2x full junior season ticket £70 = £ 270 That looks sooooo much better Care to press your agenda further Mr Chansiri ??
  8. Didn't really need too did i ? It is so disproportionate giving Wednesday the benefit of full against half season tickets that I can't be arsed to compare the full against full ticket prices which will undoubtedly be even furtherfar in favour of Forest but you clearly enjoy paying through the nose for an inferior product so good luck - whilst I am able to pay the extortionate prices I expect value for money - i also feel for those supporters who are being priced out of their birth right by the current regime
  9. Okay .... Forest 2 x FULL u23 season tickets @ £100 each + 2 x junior FULL season tickets @ £ 35 each = £270 Wednesday 2x HALF u25 season tickets @ £250 each + 2 x junior HALF season tickets @ £ 105 each = £710 Suddenly seems like much better value unless you have some sort of agenda !!!
  10. It seems not - these tickets are u23 but still (£100) somewhat better value than ours !!
  11. Not talking about their current offerings - but full season tickets to existing season ticket holders at the start of the season
  12. May be but at least they are being inclusive - the more I hear about Chansiri the more I think he doesn't have a pot - if he did there would be more infrastructure investment rather than hiding behind P & S ( the hand written signs at the concessions just shout lack of investment)
  13. Just to give this some perspective - spoke to some Forest fans on Saturday 2 x adult season tickets 2x junior season tickets £270 - that is 4 FULL season tickets for less than one HALF season ticket - just let that sink in !! Chansiri is taking the pissssss
  14. Must admit the club /EFL are making the decision harder - I have 2 lads both just finished Uni and started work and mad keen despite the on field offerings ......both are now adult Season tickets in the North which I pay for as I can afford it and want to keep our lads day out...... but the killer is that we live in Leicestershire and despite every match being an ‘away’ game we get some sort of value from a ST ....however it is becoming increasingly difficult (and frustrating) to get to midweek and Friday night home games due to the ongoing roadworks/volume of traffic on the M1 After a day at work a couple of pints followed by the red button is more appealing than bumper to bumper traffic for between 2-3 hours, no beer and a return journey incorporating a detour through the centre of Nottingham because the M1 is closed or limited to one lane - not sure from the comments on here that many of the Sheffield based supporters appreciate these issues Could never envisage a time when we would not get Season Tickets especially after the boys kept the faith despite the flack they took from their mates as Leicester won the league .....but membership plus POTG is surprisingly looking more attractive for next season
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