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  1. leicesterowl

    Not worthy of the name !

    I'll split it with you Neil - let me know
  2. Same old Carlos........still full of poo
  3. leicesterowl

    Jos Luhukay and shutting up shop

    You forgot............ Henergeeeee
  4. leicesterowl

    Interesting comments.

    Think we are beyond 'gently lubed' - I think 'properly rogered' fits the bill
  5. leicesterowl

    Carlos Out banner at Hillsborough

    But when these players have been available have the performances been acceptable ?
  6. leicesterowl

    Carlos Out banner at Hillsborough

    I thought the whole point of investing millions in transfer fees and wages was to ensure that we have a squad that can deal with injuries to key players The main problem is that our resources have been squandered on squad players who are too old ( and injury prone) and clearly not good enough - this poor recruitment is now coming home to roost
  7. leicesterowl

    Carlos Out banner at Hillsborough

    And your point is ? Its been the same all season - not had a real go at anyone since Leeds - with the money we have spent we should be able to cover a few injuries
  8. leicesterowl

    Well done Liam palmer

    Prefer a wing back that can defend when needed and get forward when the opportunity arises..... but more importantly has got an engine or the desire to get back to defend when the ball is lost ... i don't need my eyes painted on to see that Palmer has neither of these Hunt may not be great but at least the put a shift in
  9. leicesterowl


    Just a totally disillusioned fan base wee wee poor following from Wolves tho - thought they were a big club !!
  10. leicesterowl

    Listen to those boos Mr C

    Absolutely spot on - discussing next season with my two boys today and the consensus was that we want some direction for next season before 'investing' £1500 for next season -none of us are prepared to renew for another borefest season with hours of travelling even to home games - we will only renew at early bird prices - so if Carlos is still in charge when early bird sales close then next season we will not be season ticket holders If Carlos is replaced we will buy membership and pick and choose games at a higher price - not what any of us want to do but the whelm tank is seriously low at the moment
  11. leicesterowl

    Carlos Out banner at Hillsborough

    In what way were we unlucky to lose - 0-1 down from the 34th minute and we didn't muster a shot on target after going behind -at home Words fail me
  12. leicesterowl

    Well done Liam palmer

    Really ???
  13. leicesterowl

    Club moving into dangerous territory..

    But if we keep playing the way we are we will be totally cut adrift by Christmas - the rest of the season we be a march to mid table mediocrity if we are lucky
  14. leicesterowl

    Club moving into dangerous territory..

    Do you actually watch the games ? - we are playing like relegation candidates at present
  15. leicesterowl

    Club moving into dangerous territory..

    Not Carlos ....... I prefer to be entertained