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  1. Team for Tuesday

    CBA - parked the season tickets and saving the petrol ( and hassle on M1 ) on 3 hour round trips until we have a club that care as much as we do
  2. our team bores me

    Taking my daughter to Uni in Lancaster on Sunday - was angling to get back in time for the game but after tonight I don't think its worth the hassle
  3. Exactly - the problem is that we have been crap for so long that most of our supporters accept this - in reality we are now good enough to impose ourselves on the opposites but Carlos seems unwilling to let the players do this. This is what is frustrating the majority of supporters- most of whom would love Carlos to succeed but now feel that he is unwilling or unable to go for it . Would love to go up with Carlos at the helm - just can't see it happening and at the end of the day I am a Wednesday fan rather than a Carlos fan - UTO
  4. Keep clapping- it might never happen
  5. Wish peole would stop defending these wholly negative tactics we have employed for 12 months now. the players do not pick the team set themselves up or choose the tactics. As a group of fans we have been more than supportive of Carlos but enough is enough - we had a chance ( not a given by any means ) against Hull thwarted by a negative approach We had a much better chance last season again blown by a tactically inept manager and this season will go the same way unless there is a change. I like many others would love that change to be Carlos playing the players he has in a formation which suits them and adopting a more positive approach - unfortunately I think that the setup this afternoon tells us that he has learned nothing from the last two seasons To give it some perspective ( but maybe somewhat tongue in cheek) Big Ron would get this squad promoted by Christmas - and more to the point we would see some properly entertaining football rather than the dirge served up last year
  6. Great support let down by a manager who is too scared to let his team play - time to bobbar or get off the pot Carlos
  7. £10m down the pan

    We need to play to our strengths .. at present we look like 11 individuals with no real game plan ...if we do not change system we will not reach the play offs ..performances have been awful for ages but masked by grinding out results but once the results go against us there is nothing to fall back on ..and Rhodes confidence is being eroded every game
  8. Baffling substitutions

    lost the plot .........
  9. JR

    Can't remember him missing a chance in the three games he's played so 100% conversion rate - criminal that we have only generated one chance for him in three games