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    WEB Design help

    It's a firm of solicitors - add your own punchline........
  2. Because if you ever park outside my house, I'll slash your tyres.
  3. He sounds like David Bellamy
  4. Mr Cruickshank. Brilliant.It's when my GCSE's disappeared down the bottom as well.....
  5. The only people who like Titanic are women, gayers, and middle aged people who get erections at CGI.....
  6. Just thought I'd throw this in - Titanic has won the most Oscars ever.It's still a big steaming pile of poo poo. Really, really steaming.
  7. Fanboys? Is this the under-7's section?
  8. Don't you mean "A super sexy hour glass figure that the women of Britain would just DIE for, darling"?
  9. I watched 'Gremlins' at the weekend. That tosshound that presents this excuse of a programme looks remakably like some of the evil gremlins in the aforementioned film. Just thought I'd mention it. PS The women are still bloaters.
  10. Spot on.I'm no adonis - but I recognise and accept the fact and either attempt to do something about it or stop whining about it. Telling fat munters that they're "gorgeous" in a sad attempt to cup their fat, saggy boobies is bordering on the sexual deviant IMO. Fair enough, you don't expect them to slaughter fatties on TV, but FFS, don't look at some blubber mountain and say "She's got great legs" No she hasn't. She's got fat legs, and they mould together like she's only got one massive fat leg. She hasn't got great boobies, she's got fat boobies that hang down to her fat gut if she doesn't wear a bra. Tell her to eat healthier and do some exercise, not that she looks fabulous because she doesn't. *breathe in, breathe out*
  11. You can't get bottom than a thick Rick Witter.Classic.
  12. I went with some manz from work, really enjoyed it. I don't like these 14+ nights though.....
  13. Absolutely LOVE Prison Break. I hope there isn't a series 4.
  14. Controversial tv, but well worth a watch..........
  15. Big Malc


    My grandad's in it
  16. More importantly - why the **** have you let someone change your avatar.Seriously, that's the gayest thing I've ever seen.
  17. You can't get bottom than a thick Rick Witter
  18. The only solution is to KILL THEM ALL. It's the kindest thing to do.
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