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  1. Puppet Master Story about a con man, has a bit of Sheffield in it Absolutely mental
  2. We have two threads running to discuss covid and vaccines, I don’t think detailing this one with vaccine scepticism is the right way to go. Discuss this in one of those threads and you will get the answers you need. Incidentally, we have a yearly flu vaccine.
  3. The various posts referring to genocide were unnecessary, but please leave out the conspiracy anti-vax rubbish please.
  4. Not for a long time. I think I might have ‘fessed up when I turned 40
  5. Worrying lack of violence in my story, but I had only just turned 15 so… Me and my mate decided we would do our first away game, it happened to be Crystal Palace 1991/92 season. Met at Hillsborough to get match and ICO tickets. My mate arrived and said that his parents wouldn’t let him go as he had to revise for his mock GCSE’s. I decided to be brave and got my tickets and told my parents he had got his. Got to the ground early-ish and I had no money and no idea so just stood on the terrace waiting for kick off. Bright scored a late equaliser for Palace. I left the ground and headed towards the coaches. I was first on, found my seat, sat down and relaxed. A high pitched cockney voice from the door said “Sheffield nearly won today didn’t they, dad?” A gruff cockney voice responded “But they didn’t, did they son?” Obviously I’d got on a Palace coach, sh@t myself and legged it. Had to ask a copper where the Wednesday coaches were. Never saw any trouble at any other away games so that was officially my scariest experience.
  6. As I mentioned in the Covid thread, this looks from the outside like Tennis Australia deciding who can enter the country and not immigration. That can’t ever be right. In any event he’s clearly an idiot, probably a liar and definitely a risk to public health. Can he be removed on those grounds? He needs to have an example made of him.
  7. 16 cuunts and an angry lion trying to escape from a test1cle
  8. Especially when we appear to have given up on being able to catch
  9. Got round to watching Parasite yesterday. Quite funny, a bit crackers and it takes a turn. Enjoyed it.
  10. The scheduling of AFCON is a matter for the African football authorities and nobody else. If the scheduling should be adjusted for anyone it is the African public, not the Europeans. It appears it was due to be held in June (I assume as it because it is a covid-delayed tournament?) , but the Cameroonian authorities moved it to January to avoid the rainy season. Fair enough. I seem to remember it is usually held around this time anyway? European clubs have been aware for decades that they are likely to have African players called up for the tournament and they take that risk when they sign them.
  11. With your entire squad out with covid and a bit of luck with the weather there’s an outside chance we could sneak a draw
  12. That one passed me by. Bloody hell.
  13. Geoff Thomas, Dennis Wise, Barry Venison
  14. I’m just glad that they had a long hard chat with themselves after the last defeat and talked positively about how they were going to stop doing the things that made them shiit from now on
  15. You have to say, we do keep beating expectations Sadly those expectations are that this is as shiit as we’ll ever be
  16. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard Palmer was one of the finest box to box midfielders of the early premier league era. Whatever poll says he was the 2nd worst player to play for England is complete b0110cks.
  17. Can you shut the borders again and keep the useless cuunts there please?
  18. Well, there’s a few things that could help here Reduce the PL to 18 or 16 teams. Higher quality, fewer games. PL clubs can utilise the huge squads they have accumulated by hoovering up lower league talent on the cheap Adapt to different styles of play that conserve energy rather than playing flat out for 90 minutes because fixture congestion isn’t a new phenomenon But none of those would ever be acceptable to them. So while fixture congestion can occasionally be a very real welfare concern - fuuck ‘em.
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